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SIM Cards in Niue: The Best Prepaid Plans | 2024 Guide

Niue – the country with the second smallest population in Oceania ahead of Tokelau.

It is also known for being the largest upraised coral atoll in the world.

Most who visit Niue are doing so to wind down. Relaxing at the beach, chilling at the resort, or sleep all day.

Well, the latter would be some expensive sleep because Niue is not a cheap travel destination.

With plenty of things to see and do, there is a lot to share with your friends and online.

However, it is not possible to roam internationally in Niue – the local operator, Telecom Niue, has no roaming agreements with foreign operators.

Yes, that also applies to mobile operators from New Zealand.

And you should be happy with that. International roaming can be expensive in many cases, so Telecom Niue is doing you a favor to some extent.

In many cases, local SIM cards, like a Niuean one, are affordable and cost nothing compared to standard roaming rates.

So how much do SIM cards cost in Niue?

You can get a regular and a Visitor SIM Telecom Niue SIM card for 10 NZD (5.90 USD) in their store in Alofi South or Niue/Hanan International Airport. 1 GB valid for 60 days will cost you 12 NZD (7.10 USD).

Those prices are not too bad – it could be worse in the region. Especially because Telecom Niue has a monopoly on telecommunications on the island.

Even then, there are many things to explore about SIM cards in Niue.

In this guide, I will go over everything you need to know about buying a SIM card in Niue. Let's do this.

Buying a SIM Card in Niue Guide (logo of Telecom Niue)

Original publication: 20th of January 2020. Last updated: 14th of January 2024.

Table of Contents

What is the Best SIM Card in Niue?

If you want to buy the best SIM card in Niue, Niue Telecom is your only option (it is the only mobile operator in the country).

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Niue has only one mobile operator offering prepaid services easily accessible to travelers:

  • Telecom Niue
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Anyone, including tourists and visitors, can buy a Niuean SIM card without restrictions.

  • Find out which countries have SIM card registration regulations and what is required from you (lookup tool)
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Where Can You Buy a Niuean SIM Card (+Prices)?

You can get a Niuean SIM card in Telecom Niue stores. They can be found in Alofi South (Commercial Centre – open daily). Some airports may sell (tourist) SIM cards (at higher prices).

You can expect to pay the following for Niuean SIM cards:

  • Niue Telecom: 10 NZD

The following Niuean mobile operators also have SIM cards targeting tourists:

  • Niue Telecom: 10 NZD

Be aware that SIM cards sold at airports can be more expensive than the prices mentioned earlier.

Use the Wise Currency Converter tool (free) for up-to-date NZD (New Zealand Dollar) to your currency (let's say AUD – Australian Dollar) exchange rates.

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For reference, below are some exchange rates between NZD and USD (US Dollars):

  • 1 NZD = 0.60 USD
  • 10 NZD = 5.90 USD
  • 100 NZD = 59.20 USD

For any other currency, use the Wise Currency Converter tool.

Niuean Prepaid SIM Cards Explored

Below, I will guide you through Niue Telecom and go through:

  • Background information
  • Mobile coverage
  • SIM card types, prices, and availability
  • Recharge/top-up information
  • Combo plans, data plans, and special packs (such as social media packs) 

Let's see what Niuean mobile operator can offer us.

Telecom Niue

Telecom Niue Logo Small
© Telecom Niue

Telecom Niue is the sole operator of Niue in terms of mobile, landline, and broadband services.

Although the operator became a private company in 2016, the government is the sole shareholder.

Telecom Niue uses the following frequencies:

  • 2G: 900 MHz
  • 3G: N/A
  • 4G/LTE: 700 MHz (Band 28)

This is what you will learn about Telecom Niue:

* Coverage
* How to Get a Telecom Niue SIM Card & SIM Card Price
* Topping Up Options & Methods + Balance Check
* Plans & Packages
* APN/Internet Settings

Coverage – Telecom Niue

Telecom Niue has decent coverage throughout the island.

You will have great reception around the roads.

Go more inland, and you will have to deal with 2G, which you cannot browse the web on, or have no coverage at all.

Below is Telecom's coverage map produced by Speedtest:

SIM Card Price – Telecom Niue

You can get a Telecom Niue SIM card for 10 NZD in the Telecom Niue store in the Commercial Centre in Alofi South or at Niue International Airports (Hanan International Airport).

Short-term visitors and tourists can also get a Telecom Niue Visitor Travel SIM card for 50 NZD.

This SIM card has a short validity, and there is a high probability Telecom Niue will only sell you this SIM card and not one of their regular SIM cards.

The Visitor SIM has a validity of up to 30 days and cannot be extended. However, it is often only valid for 14 days.

Suppose you are staying in Niue for a prolonged period. In that case, you may be able to convince the staff to sell you a regular SIM card with longer validity.

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Top-Up, Recharge & Balance Check – Telecom Niue

You can recharge your Telecom Niue SIM card in the Telecom Niue store (Commercial Centre, South Alofi) or the airport booth (if it is a Plane Day – a day when an Air New Zealand arrives in Niue). It is also possible to top-up online, on the phone by calling 015, or with the Telecom Niue app (Android/iOS).

Telecom Niue App
© Telecom Niue

Each top-up is valid for 30 days.

You can check your balance by calling 015.

Packages, Plans, Bundles & Offers – Telecom Niue

Telecom has three data-featured prepaid plans:

All Niue Telecom plans can be activated in the Telecom Niue store/booth, online, on the phone (call 015), or on the app.

I will list all the prices in NZD (New Zealand Dollar).

To convert NZD to your currency (let's say GBP – British Pound Sterling) with up-to-date exchange rates, use the Wise Currency Converter tool.

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Click on the links above to jump to the plan you are interested in.

Mixed Bundles – Telecom Niue

The Mixed Bundles are combo plans with data (without 5G NR access), minutes, & SMS.

Mixed Bundles can be activated by dialing *888#:

PricePlanDataLocal MinutesLocal SMSValidity
10 NZDWeekend Bundle2 GBN/AN/Asaturday – sunday
21 NZDLite512 MB200 minutes100 SMS 60 days 
52 NZDClassic3 GB500 minutes250 SMS60 days 
104 NZDHeavy10 GB UnlimitedUnlimited60 days 
Niue Telecom Niue Mixed Bundles
Visitor Plans – Telecom Niue

The Visitor Plans are combo bundles with data (without 5G NR access) and minutes. Which are exclusive to the Visitor SIM.

The following Visitor Plans are available:

PricePlanDataLocal MinutesInternational Minutes 1Validity
32 NZDVisitor Data16 GBN/AN/A7 days
50 NZDVisitor Package 16 GB100 minutes30 minutes14 days

1 local use and to Australia & New Zealand

Niue Telecom Niue Visitor Plans
Mobile Data Plans – Telecom Niue

The Mobile Data Plans are, as the name implies, data bundles (without 5G NR access).

The following Mobile Data Plans are available:

8 NZDMobile Quick Bytes 21.5 GB6 day 
10 NZDNight Surfer 10 GB10 GB 7 night (between 22:00 – 6:00)
16 NZDMobile Data 1 2 GB30 days 
30 NZDNight Surfer UnlimitedUnlimited7 night (between 22:00 – 6:00)
32 NZDMobile Data 2 6 GB30 days 
50 NZDMobile Data 312 GB30 days 
55 NZDMobile Data 615 GB28 days
75 NZDMobile Data 420 GB 30 days 
105 NZDMobile Data 530 GB30 days 
Niue Telecom Niue Mobile Data Plans

APN/Internet Settings – Telecom Niue

  • Name: Telecom Niue-INTERNET
  • APN: internet

Note: leave anything not mentioned above untouched.

Jump back to the Table of Contents.

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The Preferred Way to Stay Connected When Traveling in Niue

Getting a SIM card from Telecom Niue would be your only when considering a SIM card in Niue

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