International SIM Card & Travel SIM Card Reviews

Even though I am a big fan of local SIM cards, that does not mean I try out other ways to stay connected when traveling around the world.

As you may know, besides roaming with your provider, which can be expensive but convenient, you can also:

  • Buy a local SIM card of the destination you are at (which is often the cheapest option)
  • Rent a mobile hotspot (which is the best for those traveling as a family or large groups)
  • Use WIFI hotspots (which is free, but can be unreliable)
  • Use an international SIM card

Each method has pros and costs related to costs and convenience. The same applies to international SIM cards. Depending on where you are going to, they can be expensive. Some charge you crazy fees per MB, have speeds so slow that you wish you had 2G speeds, or are unreliable.

However, international SIM cards can be a blessing. Sometimes, they can:

  • Be cheaper than buying a local SIM card
  • Have data packages are generous and affordable
  • Take advantage of 4G/LTE speeds of local networks
  • Allow you to use one SIM card with one phone number or multiple numbers so that friends and family can easily reach out to you
  • From having to switch SIM cards in every destination you go to

There are many international SIM cards out there, and I do not pay attention to many of them because they tick most of all the boxes of being a bad international SIM card. However, I have tried some that made me regret buying a local SIM card because their value was SO good.

On this page, you can read all my international SIM card reviews. These are, mostly, the good ones. Sometimes, I like to try out the bad ones to show you that they are bad or to be proven wrong (for example, they have become better over a period of time). It can be good to get your opinion challenged.