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Roaming with Banglalink: What You Need to Know

Interested in visiting Thailand, Qatar, Singapore, or Europe? Arranging your travel plans already, but are unsure whether you would need a local sim because you do not know if you can roam with your Banglalink phone? Worry not, those questions will be answered in this article today.

Can I roam with Banglalink?

Banglalink Postpaid customers can roam in 158 destinations around the world, while Prepaid customers can roam in 17 destinations. For select destinations, Banglalink has Postpaid roaming offers, meaning that you will be paying less when taking the offer than without it.

No idea how roaming works? I made this comprehensive guide about what roaming is and how it works. It is worth the read – promised!

What do I need to know about roaming with Banglalink?

Roaming rates, destinations, and options differ between Prepaid and Postpaid customers. The differences are laid out below.

Banglalink Prepaid roaming

Banglalink Prepaid customers with a valid subscription and an international credit card with 3 months’ validity can take advantage of the roaming service. To activate roaming, one needs to visit the nearest Banglalink Customer Care Center to fill in the International Roaming Form.

Once your application has been approved, you are ready to roam in 17 destinations abroad.

In 11 destinations, Banglalink Prepaid customers can purchase data roaming packs:

Data roaming is not possible in destinations not mentioned in the list.

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Prepaid customers can purchase one of the following 5 data roaming packs:

50MB291.25 TK5.83 TK7 Days
100MB570.85 TK5.71 TK 7 Days
300MB1677.6 TK5.59 TK 7 Days
500MB2737.75 TK5.48 TK 15 Days
1GB5368.32 TK5.24 TK 30 Days

Banglalink has been contacted to retrieve information about the standard roaming rates for Prepaid customers.

Banglalink Postpaid roaming

Banglalink Postpaid customers can roam in 158 destinations and can take advantage of several offers to enjoy lower roaming rates in select destinations.

The following roaming offers are available at the moment:

  • Hajj
  • Worry-free Roaming
  • Top Destinations
  • Rest of the World Roaming

Before you can roam, you have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have an active Banglalink postpaid subscription
  • Have an international credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express) with 3 months validity to pay the security deposit and roaming bills
  • A photocopy of both sides of the credit card in question

A security deposit needs to be paid to enable roaming:

  • Individuals with auto-debit: Tk7000
  • Individuals without auto-debit: Tk10000
  • High-value individuals: None
  • Corporate customers: None
Woman making phone call

Banglalink Hajj Roaming offer

Every year, more than 100000 Bangladeshis go to Mecca to perform the Hajj. During this period, Postpaid customers can take advantage of the following roaming rates:

  • Tk20 for all types of calls (local, to Bangladesh, and international)
  • Tk5 per SMS
  • Tk5 per MB

This offer can be activated during Hajj by following the instructions after dialing 2200.

When you subscribe to the Hajj offer, you get:

  • Relevant information on Hajj and Umrah
  • Hajj-related announcements and updates from the Hajj office
  • Hajj-related tutorials
  • Information on important places at Mecca and Medinah

The subscription charge is Taka 10/30 days.

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Banglalink Worry-free Roaming

Banglalink Postpaid customers who visit Thailand, India, Malaysia, the United States, China, or Singapore can enjoy lower roaming rates compared to the standard rates.


1. Prices are in Bangladeshi Taka per minute, SMS, or MB
2. Calls refer to every type of outgoing call, meaning local calls, calls to Bangladesh, and international calls
3. The table is best viewed in landscape mode or desktop view (when on mobile)

United States3055

Banglalink Roaming in Top Destinations

Banglalink customers love to visit the following 18 destinations:


For these destinations, Banglalink has special roaming rates compared to standard roaming rates. The destinations can be grouped into zones:

United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Zone 1
United Kingdom (UK) – Zone 2
Sri Lanka – Zone 3
Zone 4
Zone 5

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Below are the roaming rates for each zone.


1. Prices are in Bangladeshi Taka per minute, SMS, or MB
2. Calls refer to every type of outgoing call, meaning local calls, calls to Bangladesh, and international calls
3. Inc. Call stands for Incoming Call
4. The table is best viewed in landscape mode or desktop view (when on mobile)

ZoneCallsInc. CallSMSData
Zone 125181816
Zone 2301855
Zone 355181020
Zone 4181855
Zone 5552055

Banglalink Roaming (Rest of the World)

In the remaining 134 destinations, Banglalink Postpaid customers can roam at standard rates. Luckily, the roaming tariffs are fixed for all destinations, meaning you do not have to worry about the charges when visiting multiple destinations in one trip.

Rate in TkUnit
Any type of Incoming call50per min
Any type of Outgoing call100per min
Data Per MB5per MB

Where can I roam with Banglalink?

Banglalink customers can roam in 158 destinations. The destinations have been grouped by the availability for Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers.

Banglalink Prepaid roaming destinations and partners

AustriaHutchison 3G
CambodiaMetfone Cambodia
CanadaFido Solutions Inc.
CanadaRogers Wireless Partnership
EgyptTelecom Egypt
GhanaGhana Telecommunications Co. L
IndiaBharti AIRTEL
JerseyJersey Telecoms UK
MalaysiaMaxis Mobile Services Sdn Bhd
Russian FederationOJSC VIMPELCOM
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Telecom Company (STC)
Saudi ArabiaEtihad Etisalat Company – Mobily
Saudi ArabiaZain
SingaporeMobileOne Ltd.
ThailandTrue Move
United Arab Emirates (UAE)Etisalat
United States (USA)Cingular Genesis
Singapore at night

Banglalink Postpaid roaming destinations

1 Hajj offer
2 Worry-free offer
3 Top destination offer

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Can I roam on planes with Banglalink?

In-flight roaming is available to Banglalink Postpaid customers on select airlines like Emirates. The in-flight roaming rates are not available publicly, so I have reached out to Banglalink to get this information for you.

Can I roam on cruise ships with Banglalink?

Maritime roaming is available to Banglalink Postpaid subscribers on more than 250 cruise ships worldwide. Banglalink has been contacted to gather information about the cruise ship partners and maritime roaming rates.

Is roaming with Banglalink worth it?

Banglalink is one of the cheapest providers, in terms of roaming, I have analyzed so far.

The most expensive thing you can do with Banglalink is to make a call when roaming in one of the Rest of the World destinations, which is charged at Tk100/min, which is a great price.

I like the fact that Banglalink has roaming packs for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers. The prices for those offers are reasonable as well.

The only downside of roaming with Banglalink as a Postpaid customer is that you have to pay a hefty deposit of at least Tk7000. Sure, you will get it back, but it is still a high barrier of entry. I would love to see the deposit getting lowered in the future.

I cannot give a review for Prepaid, in-flight, and maritime roaming because they are not publicly available, but I have reached out to Banglalink to get this information.

Besides that, there is not much more to say. I believe that roaming with Banglalink is worth it because of the low roaming rates across the broad. You can also consider getting a local sim or an international sim in case you do not want to risk it.

What is next?

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Enjoy your trip!


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