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Roaming with Virgin Mobile KSA: What You Need to Know

Sometimes, it is just fun to visit Dubai for a few days. The same can be said for Europe, the United States, Canada: Buying Guide”>Canada, Singapore, Australia, or New Zealand. You have probably found the attractions you want to visit in your selected destination, but you are wondering whether you can roam with Virgin Mobile Saudi Arabia or not. If you can, what are the options and the roaming rates? Let’s find out today.

Can I roam with Virgin Mobile KSA?

Virgin Mobile KSA (Saudi Arabia) customers can roam on standard international roaming rates in 85 destinations such as Jordan, Yemen, and the UK. Data roaming is available in Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain, with the roaming data bundles starting at 25 SAR a day.

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What do I need to know about roaming with Virgin Mobile KSA?

Virgin Mobile KSA does not have roaming bundles that include voice, text, and data. Instead, it only offers data roaming bundles for 5 destinations, which are Saudi Arabia‘s neighboring countries. For all the other destinations, you can roam on select operators at Pay As You Go roaming rates, which differ by the type of calling action (local call, call to KSA, receiving a call, or calling a 3rd destination). Sending SMS is not possible.

The standard roaming rates range from:

  • 1.1 SAR to 14.4 SAR for local calls
  • 2.7 SAR to 24 SAR for calls to Saudi Arabia
  • 0.55 SAR to 5.25 SAR for incoming calls
  • 8.4 SAR to 274 SAR for calls to other destinations (neither the destination you are in nor Saudi Arabia)

Your Virgin phone should automatically connect with a roaming partner once you are abroad. If not, then you can manually select one of the preferred roaming providers on the network selector on your phone’s settings.

Data Roaming Bundles

Virgin Mobile KSA has 2 types of roaming bundles.

  • 1-day data roaming bundle for 25 SAR
  • 3-day data roaming bundle for 50 SAR

The 1-day bundle gets you 100 MB that is valid for 1 day. The 3-day bundle gets you 300 MB to be used within 3 days.

The data bundles can be used in the following 5 destinations:


Where can I roam with Virgin Mobile KSA?

You can roam in 85 destinations on standard roaming rates, such as the United States, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. Below you can find a table with all the roaming destinations, including the roaming partners and rates.

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1. L. Call stands for Local Call
2. Call to KSA stands for Call to Saudi Arabia
3. Inc. Call stands for Incoming Call
4. Call ROW stands for Call to the Rest of the World
5. All calls are rounded to the nearest minute and are priced in Saudi Riyal
6. You can only roam on the listed networks
7. Data roaming is possible with an active data roaming bundle in Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain
8. The table is best viewed in landscape mode or desktop view (when on mobile)

DestinationOperator(s)L. CallCall to KSAInc. CallCall ROW
Afghanistan  AWCC, Etisalat 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 0.55 SAR 12 SAR
Albania Vodafone 3.1 SAR 11.6 SAR 2.65 SAR 45 SAR
Algeria  Wataniya, Mobilis, Djezzy 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Australia Vodafone, Telstra 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 2.05 SAR 12 SAR
Austria Orange 4.4 SAR 15.3 SAR 5.25 SAR 60 SAR
Bahrain  VIVA , Batelco 1.1 SAR 2.7 SAR 0.79 SAR 8.4 SAR
Bangladesh  Grameenphone, Banglalink 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 0.55 SAR 12 SAR
Belarus MDC 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 2.05 SAR 12 SAR
Belgium Belgacom Proximus, Telenet Group 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Bosnia & Herzegovina BH Telecom, PE Croatian Telecom JSC 4.4 SAR 15.3 SAR 2.05 SAR 60 SAR
Brunei  DST, Progresif Cellular 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 2.05 SAR 12 SAR
Cambodia CAMGSM 8 SAR 8.7 SAR 5.25 SAR 105 SAR
Canada Rogers Wireless, TELUS 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Congo VodaCom 4.4 SAR 15.3 SAR 3.55 SAR 60 SAR
Cyprus MTN 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Czech Republic Vodafone 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 2.05 SAR 12 SAR
Denmark Telia, TDC 3.1 SAR 11.6 SAR 2.05 SAR 45 SAR
Egypt Vodafone, Orange 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 0.55 SAR 12 SAR
Estonia Elisa 14.4 SAR 36.5 SAR 2.65 SAR 274 SAR
France Orange,BOUYGUES TELECOM, SFR 5 SAR 21 SAR 5.25 SAR 61 SAR
Gabon  Libertis Telecom 14.4 SAR 36.5 SAR 5.25 SAR 274 SAR
Georgia  Magticom 5 SAR 21 SAR 2.3 SAR 61 SAR
Germany Vodafone, E-Plus Mobilfunk 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Ghana Vodafone, AIRTEL 3.1 SAR 11.6 SAR 4.05 SAR 45 SAR
Greece Vodafone, Wind 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Guinea Orange 5 SAR 21 SAR 2.3 SAR 61 SAR
Hong Kong Hutchison, HKT 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Hungary Telenor (ex Pannon) 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Iceland Simminn 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 2.65 SAR 12 SAR
India Bharti Airtel, Vodafone 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 0.55 SAR 12 SAR
Indonesia Indosat 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 0.55 SAR 12 SAR
Iraq Korek Telecom, Zain 8 SAR 8.7 SAR 1.35 SAR 105 SAR
Ireland Vodafone,Meteor 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Italy Telecom Italia,Vodafone 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Japan NTT Docomo 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Jordan  Orange 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 0.55 SAR 12 SAR
Kazakhstan  K-Cell 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 2.05 SAR 12 SAR
Kenya Telecom Kenya 4.4 SAR 15.3 SAR 3.55 SAR 60 SAR
Kuwait  VIVA, MTC Zain 1.1 SAR 2.7 SAR 0.79 SAR 8.4 SAR
Kyrgyzstan  Megacom (Alfa) 4.4 SAR 15.3 SAR 5.25 SAR 60 SAR
Lebanon MTC Touch, MIC 1 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 0.55 SAR 12 SAR
Luxembourg Tango 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 2.05 SAR 12 SAR
Malaysia Celcom,Maxis 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 0.55 SAR 12 SAR
Maldives Dhiraagu 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 2.05 SAR 12 SAR
Malta Vodafone, GO Mobile 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 2.05 SAR 12 SAR
Mauritania Chinguitel (Espresso), Mattel 5 SAR 21 SAR 5.25 SAR 61 SAR
Mauritius  Telecom, Emtel Mauritius 3.1 SAR 11.6 SAR 2.65 SAR 45 SAR
Morocco  Maroc Telecom, Wana Corporate 4.4 SAR 15.3 SAR 1.35 SAR 60 SAR
Nepal  NPLM2 5 SAR 21 SAR 2.05 SAR 61 SAR
Netherlands Vodafone,KPN 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 2.05 SAR 12 SAR
New Zealand Vodafone 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 2.05 SAR 12 SAR
Niger Orange 3.1 SAR 11.6 SAR 2.3 SAR 45 SAR
Nigeria Airtel 4.4 SAR 15.3 SAR 1.35 SAR 60 SAR
Norway NetCom TeliaSonera Norge, AeroMobile 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Oman  Omantel, Ooredoo 1.1 SAR 2.7 SAR 0.79 SAR 8.4 SAR
Pakistan  Jazz (Warid) ,Paktel Ltd 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 0.55 SAR 12 SAR
Palestine Wataniya 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Philippines Globe, Smart 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 0.55 SAR 12 SAR
Portugal Vodafone 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Qatar Vodafone 1.1 SAR 2.7 SAR 0.79 SAR 8.4 SAR
Romania Vodafone 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 2.05 SAR 12 SAR
Russia  Tele2 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 2.05 SAR 12 SAR
Senegal Sentel 7.8 SAR 24 SAR 2.5 SAR 75 SAR
Serbia Srbija Telecom 5 SAR 21 SAR 5.25 SAR 61 SAR
Singapore M1 Limited,SingTel 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Slovakia O2 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 2.65 SAR 12 SAR
South Africa Cell C, Vodacom 4.4 SAR 15.3 SAR 1.35 SAR 60 SAR
South Korea LG Uplus, SK Telecom 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 2.05 SAR 12 SAR
Spain Vodafone, Xfera Moviles (Yoigo) 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Sri Lanka Mobitel,Hutchison,Dialog, Etisalat 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 0.55 SAR 12 SAR
Sudan Sudatel, MTN 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 0.55 SAR 12 SAR
Switzerland Swisscom 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Tajikistan  Babilon Mobile, Indigo 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 2.05 SAR 12 SAR
Tanzania Vodafone 5 SAR 21 SAR 5.25 SAR 61 SAR
Thailand AIS 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Tunisia Tunisie Telecom (Tuniscell) 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Turkey Turkcell,Vodafone 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 0.55 SAR 12 SAR
Turkmenistan ES-MTS 5 SAR 21 SAR 2.05 SAR 61 SAR
Ukraine  Kyivstar 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 2.05 SAR 12 SAR
United Arab Emirates (UAE) DU,Etisalat 1.1 SAR 2.7 SAR 0.79 SAR 8.4 SAR
United Kingdom (UK) O2,Vodafone 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
United States (USA) AT&T Mobility,T-Mobile 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 1.35 SAR 12 SAR
Uzbekistan  Unitel/Beeline 14.4 SAR 36.5 SAR 2.05 SAR 274 SAR
Yemen Sabafon, MTN 2.1 SAR 4.2 SAR 0.55 SAR 12 SAR

Can I roam on planes with Virgin Mobile KSA?

According to AeroMobile, in-flight roaming is possible with Virgin Mobile KSA. However, the rates are nowhere to be found. I have reached out to Virgin to inquire about the rates and will update this section as soon as I have more information.

Can I roam on cruise ships with Virgin Mobile KSA?

Maritime roaming is not possible with Virgin Mobile KSA.

Is roaming with Virgin Mobile KSA worth it?

Now that we have analyzed all the roaming options, it is time to determine whether you should roam with Virgin Mobile KSA or not.

I am not a fan of Pay As You Go roaming rates, as the prices can be all over the place. For example, you will pay 1.1 SAR when making a call within Oman, but 14.4 SAR in Uzbekistan.

Unfortunately, you cannot send SMS while you are roaming, which forces you to either get a local sim, an international sim, or use WIFI hotspots to use internet-based apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, or Skype to chat with your friends and family. Moreover, data roaming is available in only 5 destinations, limiting your choice even more.

I do like the fact that Virgin has some roaming bundles, but they are limited to data roaming and only for a handful of destinations. It would be nice if they would support more destinations and offer voice and text bundles too so that their customers have more choice when traveling abroad.

I believe that the roaming bundles are worth it, as they are quite cheap. Sure, they do not give you so much data (max 300 MB for 50 SAR), but it is better than nothing. I would not recommend getting the 3-day bundle more than two times, as you can often get a local sim if you purchase the 3-day plan three times or more for much less and for more benefits.

In short, I would avoid roaming on standard roaming rates with Virgin Mobile KSA, but would consider purchasing the data bundles if I wanted to be online in Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Qatar, or Bahrain. I would limit the purchase to max two times, as you probably can get a local sim for less than 150 SAR that would get you more options.

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Enjoy your trip!


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