Taiwanese SIM Card Reviews

Taiwan is a gem in East Asia. Not only is it a remarkable travel destination, but they are also one of the few countries that offer real unlimited data with their unlimited data packs.

You heard that right, no silly fair-use policies. Want to download 1000 GB of data? You can! And be sure to mail me when you do because I would be impressed!

If you have read my Buying a SIM Card in Taiwan Guide, then you know that Taiwan has 5 operators: Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, FarEasTone, Taiwan Star (T Star), and APGT Mobile (known as simply GT Mobile).

There is also one Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) called Ibon mobile that is available to travelers.

What about those unlimited data plans? Each operator, except Ibon Mobile, has something they call airport plans, which are tourist plans sold at international airports (not all of them – Chunghwa Telecom and Taiwan Mobile sell them at smaller international airports, while FarEasTone Taiwan Star (T Star), and APGT Mobile sell them at Taiwan International Airport/Taoyuan International Airport only).

These airport plans will last you from anywhere from 3 days to 30 days and come with credit. Lovely!

Click on any of the logos to read my review of the said operator. If you cannot click on the image, then the review of the operator is on its way – stay tuned!

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