Airtel Sri Lanka SIM Card Video Review: The Worst Operator in Sri Lanka?

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Looking for a SIM card in Sri Lanka that has super fast speeds and great coverage for your Sri Lanka adventures? Then Airtel Sri Lanka is NOT for you! Why? Well, let's explore in this video.

Airtel Sri Lanka is the smallest operator in Sri Lanka. They also have the slowest speeds and the “worst” coverage.

On the other hand, they are the cheapest operator. The downside to this is that they are the only Sri Lankan operator without nationwide 4G/LTE access. Airtel Sri Lanka is launching 4G/LTE in May 2020, but they are years behind on their competition, and it will take years before they reach nationwide coverage.

Airtel Sri Lanka primarily targets the Sri Lankan youth, mainly because they are the cheapest operator out there.

When I was in Sri Lanka, I decided to test the 4 operators: Mobitel, Hutch, Dialog, and, of course, Airtel Sri Lanka. In this video, I will tell you more about Airtel Sri Lanka and show you a speed test I did while I was in Sri Lanka. The result may surprise you.

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0:43: SIM card regulations in Sri Lanka
1:07: A note about Airtel Sri Lanka
2:10: More about Airtel Sri Lanka
4:24: Speed test with Airtel Sri Lanka in Colombo
6:17: Final thoughts

Ernest Adu

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