Buying a SIM Card in Gibraltar: To Roam Or Not To Roam?

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Going to Gibraltar and are considering on roaming in Gibraltar, because they are one of the Roam Like at Home countries (EU) or getting a local prepaid SIM card? In this video, I will tell you everything related to using SIM cards in Gibraltar!

This video is useful for tourists/travelers visiting Gibraltar who are from the EU/EEA or those from everywhere else around the world and are planning on buying a Gibraltarian SIM card.

What do you need to know about using SIM card in Gibraltar? Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory. This means that it is not a country, nor is it part of the United Kingdom. However, Gibraltar does fall in the legal jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, which makes it, until the end of 2020, part of the European Union.

As of June 2017, a new regulation has been enforced, which is known as roam like at home, meaning that those with a European Union (or EEA) SIM card should be allowed to use (some) of their data allowance in other EU/EEA countries without a surcharge.

Until the transitional period expires on the 1st of January, 2021, those with an EU/EEA SIM card can Roam Like at Home in Gibraltar. After that, things can change drastically. The same can be said for using your Gibtelecom SIM card in the EU/EEA. Once there is more information about this issue, this section will be updated, but it is something to be aware of.

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0:34 ā€“ Is Gibraltar a country or part of the UK?
1:07 ā€“ Roaming for free with an EU/EEA SIM Card in Gibraltar
2:02 ā€“ Roaming for free with a Gibraltarian SIM card in the EU/EEA
2:23 ā€“ Gibtelecom
3:35 ā€“ Final thoughts

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