Buying a SIM Card in St Kitts and Nevis: Free SIM Cards!?

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Going to Saint Kitts and Nevis and are in need of a local prepaid SIM card to share your island experiences with the world? Then you are lucky because I will tell you everything about SIM cards from Flow and Digicel St Kitts and Nevis!

What do you need to know about SIM cards in St Kitts & Nevis? Coverage with both Flow and Digicel is good on both islands. Many locals have a SIM card from both operators, even though they both include off-net minutes in their plans. I assume that was not the case in the past, which would result in paying a surcharge for calling a Digicel number while being a Flow customer and vice versa.

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0:00 – Start
0:35 – Buying a SIM Card on Saint Kitts or Nevis?
0:45 – Operators in Saint Kitts and Nevis
1:14 – Currency used in Saint Kitts and Nevis (East Caribbean Dollars – XCD)
1:57 – Flow
4:18 – Digicel
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6:38 – Best SIM card(s) in St Kitts and Nevis

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