Denmark SIM Card Video Comparison: Which One Is The Best?

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Looking for the best Danish prepaid SIM card for your travels throughout Denmark? You have 3 options: Lycamobile, Lebara, and OiSTER. Which one should you get? Let's find out!

Denmark has 4 telecom providers: TDC, Telenor Denmark, Telia Denmark, and 3 (Tre) Denmark.

The issue is that none of these operators offer prepaid SIM cards anymore. They used to, but they stopped offering them over the years. Luckily, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) exist, so travelers can buy Danish SIM cards. But there is still a catch.

Many of the Danish prepaid SIM cards need to be activated with a Danish Personal Number (CPR Number), which you will not get as a traveler. As a result, your selection of Danish prepaid SIM card is limited: Lycamobile Denmark, Lebara Denmark, and OiSTER.

Lebara and Lycamobile are known internationally for offering cheap rates for international calls and texting. They are, however, also associated with being cheap, as in cheap quality of service, which is often not a good thing.

However, both Lebara and Lycamobile can be good in some countries, like Denmark, where the quality of service for mobile data is impressive, even for MVNOs.

In this video, I will tell you more about Lycamobile Denmark, Lebara Denmark, and OiSTER. At the end, I will be doing a speed test as well with only Lycamobile Denmark and Lebara Denmark.

What about OiSTER? I could not find an OiSTER SIM card when in Denmark for this trip. Worry not, I will try them out in the future!

To see the in-depth comparison of the Danish operators, make sure to check out


0:43: Operators in Denmark
2:22: A note about OiSTER
3:11: Lycamobile Denmark and Lebara Denmark
4:16: Speedtest
5:29: Final thoughts

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