Estonia Data-Driven Prepaid SIM Card Plans Video Comparison

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To find the best Estonian SIM card, you have to compare a lot of elements to find the best. This video is a follow up to the first comparison, taking a closer look at the data presented by us. Worry not, it will be a fun and insightful video!

Finding the best SIM card in a country is always a challenge, even in Estonia. Even though there are three operators, Elisa Estonia, Telia Estonia, and Tele2 Estonia, each of these operators have sub-brands (Elisa: Zen; Telia: Super & Simpel, Tele2: Smart), which doubles the SIM card number from 3 to 6. Additionally, Tele2 has a data-only SIM card. As a result, you can choose from 7 different SIM cards. So much choice and so much to analyze!

Going through the perks each specific SIM card offers will take a lot of time, especially when the websites of the operators are in Estonian and Russian. If you do not understand those languages… well, good luck. Luckily, Google Translate can help, but it will add unnecessary additional time to your research process. Well, you are in luck. I have done the research for you.

In my first Estonian comparison video, you briefly got introduced to the telecom situation in Estonia. I also did a speed test with the three operators to see which one was the fastest. That is one piece of the analysis.

In this video, I will go over several scenarios to find out which Estonian SIM card is the best for the said scenario AND which Estonian SIM card is the best overall.

Some of the scenarios I will go through are: wanting to spend 5 EUR on data, finding out which operator has the fastest speeds, based on the 5 speed tests I have done with each operator in Tallinn, and which SIM card is the best for EU roaming.

Based on all this information, you will learn which Estonian SIM card is REALLY the best. The result may differ from the speed test comparison video. To see the in-depth analysis of the Estonian operators, make sure to check out

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