Estonia SIM Card Comparison Video: Which One Is The Best?

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Looking for an Estonian SIM card when exploring Estonia? Which operator is the best? Tele2? Elisa? Or Telia? Let's find out in this comparison video.

Note that this video primarily focuses on operator speed, while the Best SIM Card in Estonia: Ultimate Comparison article and video take multiple factors into consideration.

Estonia has 3 telecom providers: Telia Estonia, Elisa Estonia, and Tele2 Estonia. Coverage and speeds are about the same with all operators. Of course, one operator may be a bit faster than the other in certain places, but you do not have to worry about coverage unless you go to extremely rural Estonia.

Also, each operator has 2 prepaid brands. The differences between the two are usually the price of the SIM card and the prices you pay for the packages.

Telia Estonia has Smart and Simpel. Tele2 Estonia has just Tele2 (+ a data-only SIM card) and Smart, and Elisa Estonia is just Elisa and Zen – their youth-focused brand.

With 7 different SIM cards to choose from, which one should you pick? I took the 3 operators to the test.

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