Hutch SIM Card Video Review: Disappointing Results & Too Many Data Plans

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Looking for a Sri Lankan operator that offers A LOT of data packages, including unlimited internet ones, for reasonable prices, but with OK speeds? Then Hutch may be for you? Why? Let's find out in this video!

Hutch is the third-largest operator in Sri Lanka. Behind Dialog and Mobitel, but in front of Airtel Sri Lanka. Hutch prides themselves on having blazing-fast 4G/LTE speeds. However, the issue is that Hutch throttles all its plans to 3 Mbps for some mysterious reasons.

Dialog and Mobitel both have 4G/LTE networks, and they do not throttle their speeds. Compared to them, Hutch is extremely slow, and it makes you wonder whether their claim is false advertising (which it is, in my eyes).

However, it is not all doom and gloom with Hutch. They have competitive pricing compared to the other operators, and their offering can be good. However, I believe too much choice can be an issue, and Hutch is a prime example of that.

When I was in Sri Lanka, I decided to test the 4 operators: Airtel Sri Lanka, Mobitel, Dialog, and, of course, Hutch.

In this video, I will tell you more about Hutch and show you a speed test I did while I was in Sri Lanka. The result may surprise you. To see the in-depth review of Hutch, make sure to check out


0:32: Where to buy a Hutch SIM Card
0:52: SIM card regulations in Sri Lanka
1:20: SIM card selection
1:50: SIM card showcase
2:47: Hutch data packages
4:38: Hutch speed test
5:53: Final thoughts

Ernest Adu

Ernest Adu, going by just Adu, is the founder and editor at Phone Travel Wiz. He has been a traveler for 7 years. Although from Europe, the Netherlands, Adu's favorite region is Asia. In particular, East and Southeast Asia. He currently is in the Netherlands.

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