M1 Video Review: Secretly the Best SIM Card in Singapore?

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When in Singapore, you want to share your awesome Singapore experiences online. You better get a Singaporean SIM card, like an M1 SIM card, so that you can enjoy local rates. Is M1 actually great? Let's find out!

Singapore has 3 telecom providers: Singtel, StarHub, and M1. All of these operators have good coverage throughout the country because Singapore is not that large.

M1 is the smallest operator in Singapore, with a little more than 2 million subscribers, but does that mean that they are bad? Perhaps not.

Tourists visiting Singapore can get 100 GB of data for as little as 12 SGD (8.50 USD/7.80 EUR/6.80 GBP/13.15 AUD/15 NZD), which is crazy cheap! In addition to so much local data, you also get other perks like international minutes, roaming data, local calls & SMS, and much more.

What if you are not a tourist or want a card with a prolonged validity because the tourist SIM cards are valid for max 2 weeks? Then the M1 Prepaid SIM card is for you.

M1 offers attractive data packages that can also be used in other (South)East Asian countries.

In this video, I will tell you more about M1 and show you a speed test I did while in Singapore.

The result may surprise you. To see the in-depth review of M1, make sure to check out https://phonetravelwiz.com/m1

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