Singaporean SIM Card Video Comparison: A Closer and Data-Driven Look

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It can be a challenge to compare the 3 Singaporean operators because each operator offers multiple SIM cards. Which one is the best? Singtel? StarHub? Or M1? This video is a follow up to the first comparison video while taking a closer look at the data given by us. Worry not, it will be a fun and insightful video!

It is quite difficult to figure out which Singaporean SIM card is the best for you. Some travelers care about speeds, while others are more interested in coverage. Some may be interested in getting the most data per dollar spent, while others are more interested in special perks, like international minutes.

It takes time to get all the perks in an overview. It takes a lot of time to compare this type of data. Luckily for you, I have done this research for you.

In my first Singaporean comparison video, I briefly introduced you to the telecom situation in Australia and did a speed test with the three operators, Singtel, StarHub, and M1. That is just one piece of the puzzle.

In this video, I go over several scenarios to find out which SIM card is the best for the said scenario AND which Singaporean SIM card is the best overall.

Some of the scenarios I will go over are like if you want to spend 30 SGD on data, which operator has the best speed (taking 4-5 speed test into account), which operator has the best tourist SIM card, and which operator has the best international calls and SMS plan.

After all of this, you will learn which Singaporean SIM card is actually the best. The result may differ from the speed test comparison video.

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