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Contact Adu/Phone Travel Wiz/Aduable OÜ

At this point in time, I am currently not accepting new collaboration (affiliate, sponsorship, or review) requests with eSIM providers while I am evaluating my current selection & have a massive backlog that needs to be cleared.

Do you need to get in touch with me (for updates, broken sections, suggestions, compliments, partnerships, or the Phone Travel Wiz mediakit)? Shoot me an email at adu @ aduable . ee (yes, .ee (not .com) and also not @ – sending an email to [email protected] or [email protected] should result in a bounce because those mailboxes do not exist.

But here are some things to be aware of before emailing me:

  • Unfortunately, I cannot provided “custom/personal” SIM card/eSIM inquiries anymore
  • For brands, I am only interested in working with SIM card, eSIM, or phone travel related companies/services currently on hold
  • I am not interested in switching to any other ad management companies (or worse, ad networks)
  • I will and cannot purchase local SIM cards in bulk so that you can resell them
  • Nor do I want to resell your SIM cards
  • I do not want to give away/sell the SIM cards I tested… they are for my collection 🤓

Emails not meeting these criteria will unfortunately be ignored.