About Ernest Adu

Ernest Adu from Phone Travel Wiz

Ernest Adu, going by Adu, is an avid traveler and the founder of Aduable OÜ. His website has been viewed ten thousands of times.

My Personal Story

Raised and born in the Netherlands in a city called Breda, I have always been interested in exploring more of the world. Of course, when small and young, you do not have the fund and resources to go traveling, so it was mainly an unrealized dream.

The movie Coming to America was a long favorite of mine where Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, wealthy individuals from Zamunda, go to the United States for the first time to celebrate Akeem Joffer’s, Eddie Murphy, birthday. You probably have seen the movie plenty of times (so have I), and I was just amazed about how cool New York looked like – much different than Breda!

But there was an issue… I was scared of flying. Like, really afraid – terrified. I know, I know, flying is the safest mode of transportation, but I always argued that the chance of surviving a car crash is higher than a plane falling down from the sky. Yes – I was that irrational kid.

Together with two peers of mine in primary school, I was selected to take part in a television show called Energy Survival, which would take place in Norway. Yes, I was going to be famous! But… we would go by plane because driving from the Netherlands to Norway would take ages, and the ferry was too expensive. So, we had an issue.

Two weeks before departing, I was so excited about this trip but also terrified. Exciting about being filmed. Terrified of flying. In fact, I did not sleep well for those two weeks – embarrassing!

The day came, and… the flight was fine! No turbulence, clear skies, and no problems in general. I thought taking off was the most fun part. Landing, however, was a bit scarier, but I managed. My first flight with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) was a success!

SAS Airbus
An Airbus from SAS

But this did not start the traveler in me. I was a HUGE Call of Duty fan back in high school. I met a lovely guy, Sam, over Xbox. After playing games with him for more than a year, I decided to visit him in the UK (do not worry – he was a kid himself, and his mom approved of me visiting them). This would be my FIRST SOLO FLIGHT ever – at the age of 16 back in 2014!

Just like with Norway, I was terrified. I barely slept two weeks before departing. The day came, I checked in, waited for my EasyJet flight, hopped on and… it was actually fun! Seriously, I thought flying was fun for once. Now I knew that I could go visiting more exotic places around the world.

In 2015, I made it a goal to be abroad at least once a month. Greece, UK, France, Germany, Sweden – nothing was too crazy for me now. In June 2015, it finally happened. I set foot in New York. The first destination of my two-month trip of exploring North America. I can tell you that New York was exactly as I expected it to be. I loved it!

Me holding a bunch of Australian SIM Cards

Late that year in October, I set foot in Asia for the first time – the Philippines. This trip, however, was for work, but I still enjoyed the country. A year later, however, I decided to go to Singapore. I LOVED it. Seriously. Such an amazing city-state. From there on, I knew I loved Asia and decided to visit an Asian destination once a year.

Anyway, (already a) long story short, I have been an avid traveler for more than five years now. I have finally decided to share some of my travel tips on this blog, Phone Travel Wiz, with you by sharing my knowledge about what SIM cards you should buy in certain countries, whether roaming with your provider is worth it or not, and everything about international SIM cards and mobile hotspots.

I started this blog in August 2019 and founded Aduable OÜ in Estonia in November 2019. Aduable stands for Adu, my surname, and the word ‘able'. Since then, I have helped thousands of people making sound decisions about everything related to traveling with your phone abroad.

I hope the content I write is helpful and valuable, and I hope to meet you in your country one day. Shoot me a message at adu A T phonetravelwiz D O T com when you feel like it. A simple hello would do!

Well, that was me. It is a pleasure to meet you!

Me with the Danish and Dutch flag. I studied full-time in Denmark for 3.5 years!

My bucket list

  • Visit New York (COMPLETE! My personal story explained it all)
  • Become a drummer (COMPLETE! After YEARS of waiting, I finally decided to get drumming lessons in 2015. I stopped playing in late 2019 when I moved to Australia with my partner. Flying with a whole drumkit is heavy and expensive!
  • Become a trainspotter (COMPLETE! I really LOVE trains (yes, I know all about the song), so I decided to photograph trains in my free time)
  • Fly business class (COMPLETE! I flew business class a few times – loved it. Next business class flights will be with both KLM and Aeroflot from Amsterdam to Colombo via Moscow)
  • Travel at least once a month in a year (COMPLETE! In 2015, I went to Greece, the UK, France, Sweden, Germany, the US, Canada, and the Philippines. I visited the UK multiple times, which is why you do not see 12 destinations in this list)
  • Meet the love of my life (COMPLETE! After being single most of my life, I met my partner, Michael, in Los Angeles 2019 via Tinder. The mad man actually booked a ticket from Alabama to meet me in Los Angeles – a true keeper!)
  • Build my own computer (COMPLETE! I built my first computer back in 2015. It is still working well to this day, but I left it with my dad because it is too bulky to travel with. Now I have a Microsoft Surface Book 2, which is AMAZING)
  • Go on a holiday with my dad and pay for it (COMPLETE! In 2017, my dad and I went to Bangkok, Thailand, which was a destination he wanted to see again and where I had not been to before. We loved it)
  • Start a business (COMPLETE! The desire to start my own company started in 2019. Well, I took action that year with Aduable OÜ!)
  • Be on TV (COMPLETE! The TV show Energy Survival helped me with that)
  • Obtain a working holiday visa (COMPLETE! I am currently on a working holiday in Australia)
Michael, my partner, and I in front of the Hollywood sign
Michael and I in front of the Hollywood sign (well, far away, but you can still somewhat see it)

To Complete

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree (Almost complete. I SHOULD be graduating on the 1st of February 2020!
  • Stay in each Southeast Asian and East Asian country for more than two weeks
  • Explore multiple African countries with my dad
  • Meet Tom Holland
  • Drive a train
  • Get married
  • Have a three-month-long honeymoon
  • Have a skunk as a pet
  • Get on a hot air balloon
  • Fly first class
  • Publish a(n) (e)book
  • Go to an Afrobeat concert
  • Become a mayor
  • Generate one million euros
  • Learn the human flag
  • Buy a house with cash
  • Adopt a child in need
  • Get a new agency to write about me
  • See a tornado
  • Explore a jungle
  • Go on a Safari in Africa
Me in front of a Danish Train (DSB MF/IC3) on a ferry to Germany. I told you I love trains!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fund your travels? I was fortunate enough to have two remote jobs while starting my travel journey. With low monthly expenses (while living in expensive Denmark), I was able to travel more often than your average student.

What was your favorite travel destination? Singapore, no doubt. I just loved the country. Modern, clean, and safe. Sure, it is more expensive than other countries in Southeast Asia, but you get a different experience in Singapore. I will be visiting Singapore again and will write and record SIM card reviews for you!

What excites you about traveling with your phone? I like to stay connected while traveling so that I can show off… I mean share my travel experience with my friends and followers. Data roaming is straight-up too expensive, and using WIFI hotspots simply will not cut it in every destination. So I looked for the best local SIM cards, tried them, and made a mental note in case I would visit a destination again. In 2019, I decided to share my experiences with the world!

Have you visited every country you have written a local SIM card buying guide about? I wish I had, but no (but I am working on it). Most of the destinations I have written about are places I have been to. If not, I ask my local contacts for advice or ask the community. I do use online resources to keep my articles up-to-date so that you do not accidentally get a “bad” SIM card.

Will Phone Travel Wiz ever turn into a travel blog? Maybe, I will see. I will not be traveling full-time until at least 2021. In 2020, I just want to explore Australia on my working holiday and see a bit of Oceania while already there.

What is your goal for Phone Travel Wiz/Aduable OÜ for 2020? I strive to make enough so that I can travel full-time for a few years. That would be so cool!

That is it! Thanks for getting to know me better!