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Local & Travel/International SIM Card Reviews

Update: many reviews will be written in 2022 after taking a break for a while. Stay tuned!

As you know, buying a local SIM card is almost always cheaper than roaming with your provider when traveling around the world. Roaming can be expensive in many cases, which are bills you would not want to pay.

A local SIM card is a SIM card from the destination you are at. For example, if I am in Estonia, I would rather pay €1 for 1 GB for data with Super, an Estonian operator, instead of whatever fee my home operator would charge me.

In almost all countries in the world, travelers can buy local SIM cards. In many places, you have to register your passport for legal reasons, but it is still fairly straightforward to buy SIM cards around the world.

In my local SIM card buying guides, I go in-depth about what type of network each operator has in a country, the prices for SIM cards, and the prices for the data packages. I often do not go in detail about my experiences with the operators in those countries.

That is because each operator deserves a proper, lengthy review. If I would include that in the buying guides, the articles would be way too long.

Below are my SIM card reviews from when I started this blog in 2019, but most reviews have been written from 2020 on. Here, you will read reviews of (almost) all operators in a country, comparing (almost) all operators with several speed tests, and reviews of international SIM cards so that you do not have to do so.

This page is always being updated, so be sure to come back every now and then!



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