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Greece SIM Card Reviews by Phone Travel Wiz

Greece is one of the more popular travel destinations in Europe.

With fantastic beaches, stunning islands & thrilling nightlife, the country is also popular with the youth.

What will not be as fun is dealing with all the ATM fees when withdrawing money in Greece and international roaming rates, which can be expensive.

You can choose from eight SIM cards in Greece:

  • COSMOTE Greece
  • Vodafone Greece
  • WIND Greece
  • Frog Mobile (COSMOTE Greece MVNO)
  • Q Greece (WIND Greece sub-brand)
  • Tazamobile Greece (Vodafone Greece MVNO)
  • Vodafone CU (Vodafone Greece sub-brand)
  • What's Up (COSMOTE Greece sub-brand)
Buying a SIM Card in Greece Guide (lofos of Vodafone, Vodafone CU, COSMOTE, Q, WIND, What's Up & Frog Mobile)

Depending on the stock the stores have, they may give you a SIM card from a sub-brand (like What's Up by COSMOTE Greece), which has slightly cheaper plans than COSMOTE itself.

In March 2022, I did a big tour around Europe, where I (re-)tested SIM cards of the big players in 13/14 countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy (+Vatican City), Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia & Spain.

I stuck with COSMOTE Greece, Vodafone CU Greece & WIND Greece in Greece.

COSMOTE Greece, What's Up Greece, Vodafone (CU) Greece & WIND Greece SIM Cards Held by Adu from Phone Travel Wiz

Well, I say stuck with, but I did not have any choice with COSMOTE and Vodafone because they were out of COSMOTE and regular Vodafone SIM cards (there was a SIM card shortage back then).

One mobile operator is outright the best option in Greece.

The others are fine, but you should not buy one specific SIM card on a weekend if you value fast speeds because 4G/LTE is activated on the next business day.

Which can result in you having awful reception until Monday… like me 🥲.

Click on the links above or (the images) to read the review of the mobile operator you are interested in.

Soon I will write a comparison post between the three Greek SIM cards.

So stay tuned for that 😏.