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Best Local Prepaid SIM Cards Worldwide (Lookup Tool)

What are the best local prepaid SIM cards in every country worldwide?

That, of course, depends on the country.

Let's talk about Digicel – a mobile operator active in the Caribbean, Central America & (Pacific) Oceania.

In most English-speaking nations in the Caribbean, it is the best.

However, that cannot always be said about Central America or Oceania – even though it is all by the same company.

So it can be a challenge to determine which SIM card is the best in country B, even if you had an amazing experience in country A with a SIM card from the same company (Digicel for this example).

Luckily for you, I am crazy enough to buy every SIM card available in the countries I visit so that you do not have to.

Based on my research, testing & findings, I can tell you which SIM card is the best without you wasting your money or being disappointed because you accidentally bought the worst SIM card available.

Instead, I am the one wasting my money 🤪.

That is why you are always free to buy me a coffee (or tea), which does not get spent on tea but on SIM cards instead (I do not get them for free, unfortunately).

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Adu's collection of local prepaid SIM cards in 2020
Just a bunch of local SIM cards I have – and I have many more!

While I have in-depth SIM card buying guides, you may want to get a quick overview of the options in the country you are visiting.

That is what this page is for – and the lookup tool.

Here, you can easily see the best SIM card(s) in every country with the cost of a basic SIM card (so it excludes data-only and tourist SIM cards), and how much 1 GB of data will cost you.

Be sure to check the notes in the last column for additional information applicable to the country.

TIP: use this tool combined with the SIM card prices worldwide lookup tool.

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For up-to-date currency exchange rates (let's say Euro to US Dollars), use the Wise Currency Converter tool.

For convenience, I will also list the best SIM card of each country below.

Sometimes, there is a cheaper option or an option that may be better for your purpose (let's say better coverage or speed than the one mentioned in the table below).

Therefore, you should use the lookup tool above for more information.

If you are confused about all the symbols, those are the currency symbols.

For up-to-date currency exchange rates (let's say Euro to US Dollars), use the Wise Currency Converter tool.

(Note – I update multiple individual country guides every week, but this page and the tool get updated every now and then. Click on the country name to read the SIM card buying guide of that country and for up-to-date information)

Last updated (table): 12th of February 2022.

CountryBest SIM CardReasonSIM Card PricePrice for Plan Featuring 1 GBNotes
AbkhaziaAquafonBest overall 50 RUB600 RUBN/A
AfghanistanUnknownUnknownUnknownAfter the fall of the previous Afghan government, things have changed a lot. I have no plans on visiting the country any time soon, and my contacts left the country
Åland IslandsÅlcomOnly choice – monopoly30 EUR 25 EURElisa Finland and DNA offer free roaming in the Aland Islands – using their SIM cards will be much cheaper than getting an Aland Islands SIM card
AlbaniaVodafone Albania Best coverage 500 ALL300 ALL N/A
AlgeriaDjezzyBest coverage 300 DZD300 DZDBuying your SIM card at the airport will not cost you more than buying it in town 
American SamoaBlueSky American Samoa Only choice – monopolyFree!20 USDN/A
AndorraAndorra TelecomOnly option – monopoly15/30 EUR 9 EUR As Andorra is not part of the EU or the EEA, you may not roam for free in Andorra. You can get a French SIM card and use it to roam for free Andorra. Do not get a Spanish one, as you cannot roam for free (with prepaid SIM cards) in Andorra
AngolaUnitel AngolaBest overall 900 AOA1500 AOAAngolans believe that mobile data is expensive and that the quality of service is bad. Coverage is indeed lacking, but speeds are decent for regional standards
AnguillaDigicel AnguillaBest plans (with dedicated data allowances for TikTok and YouTube (up to 30 GB))25 XCD40 XCDN/A
Antigua and BarbudaDigicel Antigua and Barbuda Best plans (with dedicated data allowances for TikTok and YouTube (up to 30 GB))20 XCD40 XCDN/A
ArgentinaPersonal ArgentinaBest overall50 ARS210 ARSN/A
ArmeniaVivaCell MTSBest overall 1000 AMD1800 AMDN/A
ArubaSETARBest overall 37 AWG15 AWGN/A
Ascension Island Sure Ascension Island Only option – monopoly32.50 SHP/GBPSee notesMobile data is CRAZY EXPENSIVE in Ascension Island because they use a satellite connection. The standard rate is 0.14 GBP per MB or 144 GBP per GB
AustraliaTelstraBest coverage, fastest speeeds, and the best for in the Outback (but they are expensive)2 AUD10 AUDSIM-only MVNOs will automatically renew your plan. They can be terminated at any time without extra costs. Sometimes, you may have to contact the company (like with Belong Mobile)
AustriaA1 AustriaBest coverage 10 EUR 9 EUR N/A
AzerbaijanAzercellBest overall 5 AZNN/A
BahamasAlivGreat overall. Gives a bit more data than BTC for the same price. SIM is “expensive”, but you get great starter perks (Liberty 30)30 BSD12 BSDN/A
BahrainSTC Bahrain (VIVA Bahrain)Best coverage and the fastest7 BHD7 BHDAll operators have good coverage. Speeds are FAST
BangladeshGrameenphoneBest coverage 200 BDT77 BDTN/A
BarbadosDigicel Barbados Great coverage like Flow Barbados. Lmany plans to choose from 10 BBD25 BBDN/A
BelarusComing soonComing soonComing soonComing soon N/A
BelgiumProximus Best overall 10 EUR 12 EURThe Main Operators, Proximus, BASE & Orange offer top-up bonuses with data
BelizeDigi Belize (formerly DiGiCell)Best overall 22.50 BZD12 BZDBad reception in rural Belize
BeninMTN BeninEqually as good (or bad) as Moov Benin200 CFA2500 CFAN/A
BermudaDigicelBest overall and much cheaper than One (the only other mobile operator)20 BMD30 BMDN/A
BhutanB-Mobile Best overall 200 BTNComing soonN/A
BoliviaEntel BoliviaBest overall10 BOB15 BOBN/A
BonaireFlow/Chippie Bonaire (formerly UTS Bonaire)Good coverage like Digicel Bonaire and comes with free roaming in Chippieland (countries Flow is active in with the Chippie brand) 16 USD10 USDN/A
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBH TelecomBest overall 5 BAM 3 BAM N/A
BotswanaMascow WirelessBest 3G coverage 10 BWP39 BWPN/A
BrazilClaro Brazil (including former Nextel Brazil)Best overall10 BRL10 BLRN/A
British Virgin Islands (BVI)Digicel BVIBest plans (with dedicated data allowances for TikTok and YouTube (up to 30 GB))10 USD35 USDN/A
BruneiDST Communications Best overall30 BND10 BNDN/A
BulgariaA1 BulgariaBest overall 6 BGN 10 BGN N/A
Burkina FasoOrange Burkina FasoGood coverage 250 CFA2000 CFASpeeds can be slow in Burkina Faso 
BurundiLumitelWidest 4G/LTE coverage 500 BIF1000 BIFEconet Leo may sell their SIM cards for 500 BIF during certain promotions 
CambodiaCellcardBest price: quality ratio. Not recommended for rural Cambodia1 USD2 USDN/A
CameroonMTN CameroonBest coverage 500 CFA2700 CFA4G/LTE is on 2500 MHz on Band 41, which is uncommon. Need a high-end phone for that. Speeds are slow in Cameroon.
CanadaTelusBest overall – consider Flanker Brands too (Koodo & Public Mobile)20 CAD45 CADData is EXPENSIVE in Canada. Criminally expenisve… Consider a travel SIM card or travel eSIM – ironically cheaper than a local SIM card for once (see:
Cape VerdeCV MóvelBest coverage 200 CVE500 CVE4G/LTE is still being rolled out in Cape Verde
Cayman IslandsDigicel CaymanGreat overall10 KYD15 KYDN/A
Central African RepublicTBATBATBATBAN/A
ChadTigo ChadBest coverage and the fastest1000 CFA2500 CFACoverage throughout Chad is bad
Channel Islands (Jersey & Guernsey)Sure Channel Islands Best overall 5 GBP5 GBPN/A
ChileEntel ChileBest overall 3990 CLP2000 CLPN/A
ChinaChina UnicomBest for non-Chinese phones VariableVariable A lot of bureaucracy to get a Chinese SIM card – be aware of that 
ColombiaClaro ColombiaBest overall5000 COP7000 COPN/A
ComorosTelmaAmbitious operator2000 KMF7000 KMFHuri, the other operator, blocks VoIP apps
Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville)Airtel Congo Best overall and the cheapest 300 XAF4500 XAFN/A
Cook IslandsVodafone Cook Islands (formerly BlueSky Cook Islands)Only choice – monopoly25 NZD10 NZDPrices have dropped significantly since the Cook Islands have been connected to a submarine cable. Speeds have improved too.
Costa RicaKölbiBest coverage and fastest speeds 1000 CRC2500 CRCN/A
Côte d'Ivoire/Ivory CoastOrange Ivory CoastBest coverage500 CFA2500 CFAN/A
Crimea Win Mobile Best overall Variable Variable N/A
CroatiaHrvatski Telekom Best coverage and fastest speeds, but it throttles speeds for prepaid customers (75 Mbps)20 HRK20 HRKBoth Hrvatski Telecom and A1 Croatia throttle prepaid speeds to 75 Mbps, which is still (incredibly) fast, but there is more potential if the restriction ever gets lifted 
CubaCubacel (by ETESCA)Only option for travelers 1000 CUP or rent for 75 CUP/day100 CUPThe tourist SIM card, Cubacel Tur, costs 25 USD with 2.5 GB, 25 local minutes & 25 local SMS (30 day)
Curacao/CuraçaoDigicel CuraçaoBest coverage and the fastest speeds25 ANG25 ANGN/A
CyprusCytamobile (Vodafone)Best coverage 2 EUR 10 EUR Speeds have significantly improved in Cyprus – thanks to 5G. The cost of data has gone down as well.
Czech RepublicT-Mobile Czech Great coverage200 CZK 200 CZK N/A
Democratic Republic of the CongoTBATBATBATBAN/A
DenmarkLebara DenmarkGreat overall together with Lycamobile Denmark 49 DKK19 DKKThese are your only two prepaid SIM card options in Denmark if you are not a resident – the Main Operators stopped selling prepaid SIM cards
DjiboutiDjibouti TelecomOnly choice – monopoly1000 DJF1000 DJFCoverage outside the cities is poor
DominicaFlow DominicaGood coverage like Digicel Dominica20 XCD29 XCDN/A
Dominican RepublicClaro DominicanaBest overall150 DOP400 DOPN/A
East Timor / Timor-LesteTelemor Best overall 1 USD5 USDN/A
EcuadorClaro EcuadorBest coverage 4.48 USD5 USDN/A
EgyptVodafone EgyptGood coverage and packages 25 EGP20 EGPSpeeds are quite slow in Egypt. All the tariff plans offered by the operators can be confusing 
El SalvadorClaro El SalvadorBest overall1 USD2 USDN/A
Equatorial GuineaGetesaBest in general 2000 CFA 9000 CFAN/A
EritreaNoneSIM cards are not available to travelers. And they do not even have mobile dataExpats can get a SIM card in the country. However, the process is lengthy. Still, no mobile data. 
EstoniaSuper by Telia Estonia Cheapest1 EUR 1 EURAll operators in Estonia are good in some way. The other operator, Elisa Estonia, is the fastest operator 
Eswatini (Swaziland)MTN EswatiniBest coverage 10 SZL70 SZLEswatini is expensive compared to South Africa. Best operator is also cheaper than the other option (Eswatini Mobile) for some reason 
EthiopiaEthio TelecomOnly choice – monopoly30 ETB80 ETBQuality of service is poor 
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)Sure Falkland IslandsOnly option – monopoly30 FKP15 FKPData is expensive in the Falkland Islands because they use satellites. The most expensive data pack costs 15 FKP and comes with 400 MB for 30 days 
Faroe IslandsFøroya TeleBest coverage 97 FOK50 FOKVodafone has only 1 data pack (5 GB and 250 FOK credit) for 230 FOK 
FijiVodafone FijiBest overall Free, but top-up or plan purchase may be required7 FJDDigicel sells tourists SIM cards starting from 29 FJD
FinlandDNAFastest speeds. Allows for proper EU/EEA roaming. Offers unlimited data plans 4.90 EUR7.90 EURTelia Finland is also great and offers unlimited data plans too. However, they are rather restrictive in terms of EU roaming
FranceOrange France Best coverage and fastest speeds Variable 10 EUR N/A
French GuianaOrange CaraïbeFastest speeds15 EUR15 EURAll mobile operators allow for free roaming in the French West Indies (French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Barthélemy & Saint Martin)
French PolynesiaViniBest coverage but no 4G/LTE850 XPFSee notesWith Vini, get its tourist SIM card (Vini Travel Card: 4000/8000 XPF). Regular SIM cards do not have reasonable data plans, while the travel cards too (4000 XPF – 3 GB; 8000 XPF: 10 GB). With Vodafone, get the data only SIM card (1800 XPF with 5 GB for 30 days) or the Travel SIM (5000 XPF with 5 GB for 30 days)
GabonGabon TelecomBetter than Airtel Gabon (only competitor) in every regard, sometimes even cheaper than Airtel Gabon1000 CFA4500 CFAN/A
GambiaAfricell GambiaBest coverage and high speeds but sometimes slow because of overcrowding Free!250 GMDN/A
GeorgiaMagtiComBest overall3 GEL5 GELN/A
GermanyTelekomBest overall 10 EUR 10 EUR N/A
GhanaMTN Ghana Best coverage and fastest speeds 2 GHS10 GHSN/A
GibraltarGibtelecomOnly choice – monopoly25 GBP 10 GBPSpanish mobile operator provide coverage in upper Gibraltar – you may not even need to get a local SIM card if you have a Spanish SIM card or a SIM card from the EU/EEA.
GreeceCOSMOTEBest overall 5 EUR 8.50 EURA tax is charged upon every top-up. If you top-up 10 EUR, you will only get 9.52 EUR (12% tax). Do not buy a SIM card from a salesperson on the streets. They will activate useless services that will lower your top-up amounts even more
Greenland N/ACheck notesN/AN/ATusass uses to sell prepaid SIM cards, charging you 800 DKK (over 100 USD) for 1 GB of data. Nowadays, only subscriptions can be purchased, whihc you need to be a local for. If your phone supports eSIM, get the Nuuk Mobile eSIM from Airalo costing 9 USD for 1 GB of data (7 days). I do not know of any travel SIM with reasonable rates for Greenland.
GrenadaDigicel GrenadaBest overall25 XCD25 XCDN/A
GuadeloupeOrange CaraïbeFastest speeds15 EUR15 EURAll mobile operators allow for free roaming in the French West Indies (French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Barthélemy & Saint Martin)
GuamDoCoMo PacificBest coverage (also in the Northern Mariana Islands)20 USD19 USDN/A
GuatemalaTigo Guatemala Best overall, but the most expensive (but just slightly)10 GTQ30 GTQN/A
GuineaOrange GuineaBest in all regards and also offers 4G/LTE5000 GNF31 000 GNFN/A
Guinea-BissauOrange BissauBest overall 1000 CFA4000 CFAN/A
GuyanaDigicel GuyanaGood overall2000 GYD1600 GYDSpeeds are embarrassingly slow in Guyana. Moreover, coverage is only in populated areas (so more than half of the country is not covered)
HaitiDigicel HaitiGood overall70 HTG550 HTGNetworks are unreliable in Haiti. It shuts down every now and then because of power blackouts and hurricanes
HondurasTigo HondurasBest overall50 HNL100 HNL4G/LTE coverage is lacking in Honduras
Hong Kongcls.Best overallVariable68 HKDN/A
HungaryMagyar TelekomBest overall 900 HUF1420 HUFN/A
IcelandSíminnBest overall 2900 ISK 1700 ISK If flying with Icelandair, you can get your SIM card onboard 
IndiaJioBest overall but difficult to get a SIM card from due to high demand 150 INR100 INRN/A
IndonesiaTelkomselBest overall VariableVariableSalespeople may charge you more than the “official” prices because you are a tourist. It is something you cannot do anything about. However, if you are using AUD, EUR, GBP, NZD, or USD, we are often talking about less than 1 AUD/EUR/GBP/NZD/USD
IranIrancell Best packages and easiest to get as a traveler 100 000 IRR80 000 IRRN/A
IrelandVodafone IrelandBest coverageFree, but top-up or plan purchase may be required20 EUR N/A
Isle of Man Manx TelecomBest overall 5 GBP5 GBPN/A
IsraelPelephoneGenerous data allowances, 5G NR for prepaid customers, best coverage & fastest speeds40 ILS59 NISIsrael has the lowest cost of 1 GB of data worldwide
ItalyTIM ItalyBest coverage 10 EUR 15 EUR Both operators have cheaper plans available for those under 30 and those older than 60
JamaicaDigicel JamaicaBest overall850 JMD740 JMDNetwork quality has improved over the years
JapanMobalNTT DoCoMo MVNO (best coverage) with unlimited data plans Variable Variable NTT DoCoMo has a prepaid SIM card called NTT Communications, but it comes with 100 MB of high-speed data per day. After than, speeds will be reduced to 200 Kbps – extremely slow 
JordanUmnaihFastest1 JOD2 JODN/A
KazakhstanKcell/ActivBest coverage (2G & 3G)500 KZT400 KZTIMEI registration, in addition to SIM card registration, is mandatory in Kazakhstan. However, it does not cost anything and is rather effortless (unlike some other countries)
KenyaSafaricomBest operator in general but can be slow due to overcrowding100 KES250 KESAirtel Kenya and Telkom will be merging in the coming few years 
KiribatiATHKLOnly choice – monopoly5 AUD7 AUDNew submarine cable, called Southern Cross Next Cable, should be active in 2020. Expect faster speeds and lower prices from then on
KosovoValaBest overall3 EUR1.50 EUR N/A
KuwaitZain KuwaitBest overall6 KWD5 KWDIn the top 10 countries with the fastest mobile download speedss (150 Mbps +)
KyrgyzstanMegaCom Kyrgyzstan Best overall 10 KGS180 KGSBuying your SIM card at the airport will not be more expensive than buying it in town 
LaosUnitelBest overall 10 000 LAK 15 000 LAK N/A
LatviaLMTBest coverage 3 EUR1.50 EUR N/A
LebanonAlfaCheaper than Touch. More packages and and worse coverage than Touch3 USD7 USDData is expensive for Middle Eastern standards
LesothoVodacom LesothoBest overall 30 LSL37 LSLN/A
LiberiaLoneStar Cell MTN50/50 market share and coverage is about the same as Orange Liberia1 USD2 USDN/A
LibyaLibyanaAs good as Almadar Aljadid5 LYD8 LYDThe chairman of Almadar Aljadid claimed that it is too dangerous to set up a network in southern Libya. Expect only coverage in the north, like in Libya and Benghazi
LiechtensteinSwisscomBest overall 20 CHF25 CHFLiechtenstein shares a common market with Switzerland. SIM cards sold in Liechtenstein are still considered Swiss, meaning that you CANNOT roam for free in the EU/EEA
LithuaniaTelia Extra by Telia LithuaniaBest coverage together with Tele2 Lithuania 2 EUR 2.45 EUR N/A
LuxembourgPost Telecom LuxembourgBest coverage5 EUR – 100 EUR10 EUR Also consider Orange Luxembourg too. It is the cheapest option in the country while offering great service too
Macau/MacaoCTMBest overall together with Three MacauVariable Variable Each operator has dedicated 3G SIM cards for their 3G network, and 4G/LTE SIM cards for their 4G/LTE networks. 4G/LTE SIM cards and packages are a but more expensive than 3G SIM cards and plans, but are significantly faster 
MadagascarAirtel MadagascarReliable coverage 2000 MGA30 000 MGACoverage in rural Madagascar can be patchy at times 
MalawiAirtel MalawiGood coverage and cheaper than TNM (only competitor) 500 MWK1800 MWKConnection may be unreliable throughout Malawi 
MalaysiaDigiFastest speeds 8 MYR10 MYRConsider the MVNOs (speakOUT, redONE, Tune Talk & Yoodo) for great network performance at (slightly) lower prices (especially speakOUT's tourist SIM cards with 100 GB). Yoodo is the only (prepaid) MVNO allowing you to fully customize your plan
MaldivesDhiraaguBest overall30 MVR90 MVRBe aware of the 6% GST. If you buy anything, including top-ups, in a “tourist establishment”, the GST rate is 12% instead
MaliOrange MaliBest overall 500 CFA7500 CFAFast speeds can only be found in the regional capitals in Mali 
MaltaEpic Malta (formerly Vodafone Malta)Best overall 10 EUR 5.99 EURN/A
Marshall IslandsNTAOnly option – monopoly15 USD40 USDMobile data is EXPENSIVE on the Marshall Islands. Using NTA's WIFI hotspots will cost you 15 USD/month for phones and 35 USD/month for other type of devices 
MartiniqueOrange CaraïbeFastest speeds15 EUR15 EURAll mobile operators allow for free roaming in the French West Indies (French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Barthélemy & Saint Martin)
MauritaniaMauritelBest overall 2000 MURComplicated Connection quality is bad throughout Mauritania. It took until 2020 for the country to get 4G/LTE
Mauritiusmy.tBest overall100 MUR95 MURN/A
MayotteOrange MayotteCheaper than SFR Mayotte while having good coverage 5 EUR 4 EUR N/A
MexicoTelcelBest coverage but most expensive79 MXN80 MXNMovistar Mexico and AT&T Mexico are slightly cheaper than Telcel. Some MVNOs, Oui Móvil, OXXO Cel, Unefon & weex, are worth considering too. MVNOs not listed here are not worth it
MicronesiaFSM Telecom (FSMTC)Only choice – monopoly10 USD30 USDN/A
MoldovaMoldcell Good coverage and most affordable 50 MDL25 MDLN/A
MonacoOrange France See FranceSee FranceSee FranceMonaco Telecom does not offer prepaid service (anymore)
MongoliaUnitelGreat coverage and cheaper than MobiCom (only competitor) 3000 MNT10 000 MNTN/A
MontenegroCrnogorski TelekomBest overall 5 EUR 3.50 EURN/A
MontserratDigicel MontserratBest plans (with dedicated data allowances for TikTok and YouTube (up to 30 GB))20 XCD35 XCDThe lower half of the island has no coverage because of a volcanic eruption many years ago. Speeds on Montserrat are slower than many neighboring Caribbean nations
MoroccoMaroc Telecom Best coverage and fastest speeds 30 MAD 20 MADQuite fast speeds. Only behind South Africa and Mali on a continental level 
MozambiqueVodacom MozambiqueBest overall25 MZN120 MZNN/A
Myanmar / BurmaMPTBest overall1500 MMK1500 MMKN/A
Nagorno-KarabakhKarabakh TelecomOnly option – monopoly1200 AMD6500 AMDN/A
NamibiaMTCBest coverage 7 NAD235 NADN/A
NauruDigicel NauruOnly choice – monopoly10 AUD16 AUDN/A
NepalNcellBest overall 100 NPR345 NPR N/A
Netherlands/HollandT-Mobile NLFastest speeds and extensive coverage 10 EUR 10 EUR Avoid KPN and KPN MVNOs if you care about speeds. KPN throttles all prepaid speeds to 25 Mbps/10 Mbps. T-Mobile's limit is 100 Mbps/50 Mbps.
New CaledoniaMobilis by OPT-NCOnly choice – monopoly3180 XPF1500 XPFMobile data is expensive and slow in New Caledonia 
New ZealandVodafone New Zealand Fastest and 5G NR for prepaid customers5 NZD14 NZDN/A
NicaraguaTigo NicaraguaBest coverage50 NIO70 NIO4G/LTE is still lacking in Nicaragua with both operators. CooTel is not an operator I would recommend to travelers 
NigerAirtel NigerBest overall 1000 CFA2000 CFAQuality of service is bad in Niger
NigeriaMTN NigeriaBest overall – “most” expensive, but the prices are still low (from a global perspective)400 NGN500 NGNGlo Mobile used to be my second recommendation. However, it has been slacking over the years. Poorer network performance. Airtel, on the other hand, has improved a lot
NiueTelecom NiueOnly choice – monopoly10 NZD12 NZDN/A
Norfolk IslandGlonetOnly option – Norfolk Telecom does not offer data 50 AUDSee notesNo data packs are sold. The starter pack comes with 3 GB, which is expensive. 
North Korea KoryolinkOnly option for travelers Variable 205 USDNo data packages with Koryolink. You will pay 0.20 USD per MB. Data is CRAZY EXPENSIVE in North Korea
North MacedoniaA1 Macedonia Great coverage and no throttled speeds for prepaid 299 MKD 79 MKDN/A
Northern CyprusKKTC Turkcell Best overall 15 TRY45 TRY Both SIM cards can roam for free in Turkey, but not in Cyprus 
Northern Mariana IslandsDoCoMo PacificBest overall 20 USD19 USDN/A
NorwayTelia Norway Best overall when ignoring Telenor Norway (see notes)29 NOK99 NOKBuy your Telia SIM card from any store except for Telia stores. They charge 99 NOK insead of 29 NOK | Telenor Norway has no prepaid plans. After using 1 GB through Pay As You G pricing (20 NOK/day), speeds will be throttled to 128 Kbps for the remainder of the month.
OmanOoredoo Oman (Slightly) cheaper than Omantel with better coverage and (sometimes) faster speeds2 OMR5 OMRBe aware of the new VAT of 5%. Vodafone is entering the market “soon”
PakistanJazzBest overall300 PKR89 PKRSIM card registration can be a HASSLE in Pakistan
PalauPalauCelOnly choice – monopoly10 USD8 USDNew submarine cable allows for faster speeds and cheaper data 
PalestineJawwalBest coverage 30 NIS 18 NIS 2G speeds in the Gaza strip. Using an Israeli SIM card, bought in Israel, can significantly improve speeds 
Panama+móvilBest overall Up to 15 PAB5 PABPanama has the slowest speeds in Central America
Papua New Guinea (PNG)Digicel PNGBest overall Variable 42 PGKN/A
ParaguayTigo ParaguayBest overall5000 PYG or 10 000 PYG10 000 PYGN/A
PeruMovistar PeruBest overall10 PEN7 PENN/A
PhilippinesSmart!Get a SIM card from both operators because only one operator may be active in the area you are at40 PHP100 PHPThe service with both operators is embarrassing at times  
PolandOrange PolandBest overall5 PLN7 PLNConsider Nju Mobile for even more savings. It is an Orange sub-brand targeting the youth (but anyone can get this SIM card) and has full access to the Orange network
PortugalMEO (by Altice Portugal)Best coverage 2.50 EUR 3.50 EUR The data-only SIM cards include plans with unlimited data (for local use only) for as little as 5 EUR for 5 days
Puerto RicoClaro Puerto RicoGreat overall and cheaper than Liberty PRFree, but plan purchase requiredN/A
QatarOoredoo QatarBest coverageFree, but a top-up of at least 10 QAR required20 QARN/A
Réunion/ReunionOrange Réunion Good coverage and cheaper than SFR Réunion10 EUR 15 EURN/A
RomaniaOrange Romania Good coverage and the network is shared with Telekom Romania Variable 5 EUR N/A
RussiaMTS Best coverage and good speeds VariableVariablePrices for Russian SIM cards and data packages change depending on the region you buy your SIM card in
RwandaAirtel RwandaGreat coverage and cheaper than MTN Rwanda500 RWF1000 RWFN/A
SabaFlow/Chippie (formerly UTS Saba)Best 4G/LTE, fastest & free roaming in Chippieland (Bonaire, Curaçao, Sint Eustatius,  Saint Martin & Sint Maarten)17 USD12 USDN/A
Saint Barthélemy (St Barts)Orange CaraïbeFastest speeds15 EUR15 EURAll mobile operators allow for free roaming in the French West Indies (French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Barthélemy & Saint Martin). UTS/Flow/Chippie Saint Barthélemy left the market in 2021
Saint HelenaSure Saint Helena Only choice – monopoly16.50 GBP20 GBPSpeeds are slow on Saint Helena because Sure uses satellites. Submarine cable is coming in 2020. Until then, data is expensive and slow 
Saint Kitts and NevisDigicel Saint Kitts and NevisBest overall23.40 XCD35 XCDN/A
Saint LuciaDigicel St. LuciaBest coverage and attractive plans 15 XCD26.50 XCDN/A
Saint MartinFlow/Chippie Saint MartinFree roaming in Chippieland (Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Eustatius & Sint Maarten)10 EUR 9 EUR N/A
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesDigicel St. Vincent Best plans (with dedicated data allowances for TikTok and YouTube (up to 30 GB))15 XCD30 XCDCoverage with both operators is patchy in Grenadines
SamoaVodafone Samoa (formerly BlueSky Samoe)Best coverage 10 WST11 WSTN/A
San MarinoSee ItalySee ItalySee ItalySee ItalyThe sole operator in San Marino, Prima, suspended their services in 2016. Italian providers cover San Marino instead 
São Tomé and PríncipeUnitelNo speeds restrictions but worse coverage 80 STD110 STDN/A
Saudi Arabia (KSA)STC Saudi ArabiaBest overall34.50 SAR15 SARSix operators – all of them offer a lot of options. Tourist, Hajj & Umrah SIM card offers can be useful (or the only option depending on the policy of the operator)
SenegalOrange Senegal Best overall 1000 CFA 1500 CFA Coverage throughout Senegal is subpar
SerbiaTelenor SerbiaBest overall300 RSD/500 RSD399 RSDN/A
SeychellesAirtel SeychellesFastest100 SCR299 SCRN/A
Sierra LeoneAfricell Sierra LeoneBest (3G) coverage20 000 SLL9000 SLLQcell Sierra Leone is the cheapest operator, but their coverage is limited compared to the other two. 
SingaporeSingtelSee notesSee notesSee notesI highly recommend any of the tourist SIM cards in Singapore. For as little as 12 SGD, you get 100 GB (not a type, 100 GB) for at least 7 days (all operators). A better deal than anything else you can get in Singapore 
Sint EustatiusFlow/Chippie Sint Eustatius(formerly UTS Sint Eustatius)Best 4G/LTE, fastest & free roaming in Chippieland (Bonaire, Curaçao, Sint Eustatius,  Saint Martin & Sint Maarten)17 USD12 USDN/A
Sint MaartenFlow/Chippie Sint Maarten (formerly UTS Sint Maarten)Great overall. Also free roaming in various Caribbean nations 18 USD10 USDSlow speeds in Sint Maarten
SlovakiaOrange Slovakia Best overall 3 EUR 4 EUR N/A
SloveniaTelekom SlovenijeBest overall 8.50 EUR 7 EUR N/A
Solomon IslandsOur TelekomBest coverage20 SBD100 SBDAlthough the Solomon Islands has 1 submarine cable, speeds are still slow. The outer islands still use satellites
South AfricaVodacom South AfricaBest coverage and fastest speeds 5 ZAR80 ZARMobile coverage is amazing in South Africa. The country also has the fastest mobile internet speeds in Africa. Getting RICA'ed can be a hassle 
South KoreaSK TelecomKorea SIM Orange comes with unlimited data VariableVariableRegular SIM cards are available too in Korea 
South OssetiaMegaFon South OssetiaOnly option – monopolyTBATBAN/A
SpainVodafone SpainBest network and fastest speedsVariable Variable N/A
Sri LankaDialogGreat overall150 LKR119 LKRBe aware that data plans are split into anytime allowance (to used whenever), daytime allowance (to be used during the day), and nighttime allowance (at night only). 1 GB may mean 512 MB during the day and 512 MB at night 
SudanZain Sudan Best overall Variable 30.5 SDG4G/LTE coverage is limited. Sudani operators have 3G packs for their 3G networks and 4G/LTE packs for their 4G/LTE networks.
SurinameTelesurBest overall70 SRD156 SRDCoverage can only be found in the northern part of Suriname. Telesur offers 5G NR already 
SwedenTelia Sweden Best coverage 100 SEK 150 SEK N/A
SwitzerlandSwisscomBest overall 20 CHF25 CHFSwitzerland shares a common market with Liechtenstein. Swisscom SIM cards issued in Switzerland are NOT bound to the EU Roam Like at Home regulation
SyriaMTN SyriaOnly option – monopoly250 SYP4000 SYPSyriatel is no more after a disagreement between the CEO of the company and the current ruling government
TaiwanChunghwa Telecom Best coverage 300 NTDVariable Taiwanese operators sell Airport/Tourist plans that come with TRULY unlimited data from 3 days to 365 days (300 NTD – 3199 NTD). Regular SIM cards are available too for 300/500 NTD, but they are HARD to get.
TajikistanTcellBest coverage 20 TJS 38 TJS N/A
TanzaniaVodacom Tanzania Best coverage Variable10 000 TSHN/A
ThailandAIS (1-2 Call)Best overall 52.5 THB100 THBN/A
TogoTogocel Best overall 2500 CFA5000 CFAN/A
TongaDigicel TongaHighest speeds but limited coverage 5 TOP10 TOPN/A
TransnistriaInterdnestrcomOnly option – monopoly56 RUP22.4 RUPN/A
Trinidad and TobagobmobileUnlimited data plans without a “high-speed” allowance like Digicel Trinidad and Tobago and unlimited international SMS56.25 TTD111.37 TTDN/A
TunisiaOoredoo Tunisia Good coverage and fastest speeds 10 TND5 TNDN/A
TurkeyTurkcellBest overallVariable 15 TRYData is INSANELY cheap in Turkey. As a tourist, you will be overcharged for SIM cards – you may want to shop around for a good deal 
TurkmenistanTM CellOnly choice (GSM). Ay Nazar uses CMDA (incompatible with most phones) 10 TMT55 TMTN/A
Turks and Caicos IslandsFlow Turks and Caicos Good coverage and cheaper than Digicel Turks and Caicos5 USD30 USDN/A
TuvaluTuvalu TelecomOnly choice – monopoly10 AUD20 AUDTuvalu still uses satellites for internet. Therefore, mobile data is slow and expensive 
UgandaMTN UgandaBest coverage 2000 UGX20 000 UGXIf you want to use social media in Uganda, you have to pay a Social Media tax of 200 UGX. Unfortunately, this applies to VPN use because Ugandans used VPNs to access social media without paying the tax
UkraineKyivstarBest coverage 25 UAH75 UAHN/A
United Arab Emirates (UAE)Etisalat UAEBest overall and the world's fastest mobile operator57.75 AED50 AEDSpeeds are incredibly fast in the UAE. But prices are on the higher end (for local and global standards)
United Kingdom (UK)EEBest overall 0.99 GBP5 GBPConsider Three/3 UK if you want to use/test 5G NR – it has the fastest speeds. Besides that, it is the worst Main Operator
United States (USA)T-Mobile USBest 5G NR coverage and fastest 5G NR speeds. Its prepaid options are limited (only 5)9.99 USD15 USDAlso consider Google Fi, Metro by T-Mobile, Mint Mobile or Ultra Mobile
US Virgin IslandsLiberty USVI (formerly AT&T)Great overall and offers 5G NR to prepaid customers alreadyFree, but plan purchase required25 USDN/A
UruguayAntel UruguayBest overall 65 UYU180 UYUN/A
UzbekistanUcellBest overall Variable 42 100 UZSN/A
VanuatuDigicel VanuatuBest overall 1000 VUV1000 VUVN/A
Vatican CitySee ItalySee ItalySee ItalySee ItalyThe Vatican City does not have any operators. Italian operators cover the Vatican City instead 
VenezuelaSee notesSee notesSee notesSee notesYou cannot buy a Venezuelan SIM card unless you have the right to live there (citizen or resident) 
VietnamViettelBest coverage. Best for going to rural Vietnam 50 000 VND70 000 VNDN/A
Wallis and FutunaManuiaOnly option – monopoly5000 XPF5000 XPFData is CRAZY EXPENSIVE in Wallis and Futuna. 10 000 XPF is about 86 USD!
ZambiaMTN Zambia Best overall 5 ZMK50 ZMK0.30 ZMK daily tax if planning on using VoIP services 
ZimbabweEconet ZimbabweBest overall 5 USD35 USDMobile data is expensive for African standards