2 Best Prepaid SIM Cards in the Isle of Man: Buying Guide

The Isle of Man is home to the Manx cat, which is a unique type of cat with short or no tails. They are quite interesting, I would say.

What can you do in the Isle of Man? There are plenty of castles to explore, like the Peel Castle and Castle Rushen. Snaefell is a mountain that has a cable car to the top, and the Calf of Man is popular for boats. Also, you certainly have to visit the Manx Museum. The Isle of Man is a great adventure destination.

You probably want to share your Isle of Man experiences online, but roaming with your provider can be expensive in many cases. A local SIM card, like a Manx one, can be a cost-effective way to stay connected while in the Isle of Man.

In this article, I will go over everything you need to know about buying a SIM card in the Isle of Man. Let's get started.

Telecom Providers in the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man has 2 telecom providers:

  • Manx Telecom
  • Sure Telecom Isle of Man

Both operators have 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE networks.

Best SIM Card in the Isle of Man

What SIM card should you buy when visiting the Isle of Man? If you want to buy a SIM card in the Isle of Man, I would recommend going with either Manx Telecom or Sure Telecom. Both operators have good coverage throughout the island and offer similar perks for similar prices.

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SIM Card Registration Regulations in the Isle of Man

Like many countries in Western Europe, and Europe in general, you do not have to register yourself when buying a SIM card in the Isle of Man.

Some think the Isle of Man is part of the Channel Islands. That is not the case. Whereas the Channel Islands is in the English Channel, the Isle of Man is in the Irish Sea. Check the Channel Islands SIM card buying guide if you are interested in the Channel Islands.  

The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown dependency. This means that it is not a country, nor is it part of the United Kingdom. However, the island is ruled by the British monarchy.

A special reminder for those from the EU/EEA: The Isle of Man is not part of the EU or EEA, which means that the Roam like Home rule does not apply in the Isle of Man. Therefore, it is recommended that European citizens with EU SIM cards buy a Manx SIM card instead of roaming with their providers. Some providers, however, offer free roaming in the Isle of Man, but this is not the case for all. Be sure to check your provider’s site to learn whether you can roam for free or not.

Manx is the demonym of the Isle of Man. In other words, that is how you refer to people and businesses from the Isle of Man. When I say “Manx SIM card,” I mean the SIM cards of both Manx Telecom and Sure Telecom Isle of Man, not solely Manx Telecom.

Do note that using your Manx SIM card when in the United Kingdom is treated as roaming by both Manx Telecom and Sure Telecom Isle of Man. It is, therefore, recommended to turn off data roaming when in the United Kingdom, and even turn off regular data if not planning on roaming.

The country code in the United Kingdom is +44, which is also used in the Isle of Man. Some phones may consider British networks as a local network while using a Manx SIM card, which could result in roaming charges. That is why it is also recommended to turn off normal mobile data when not planning on roaming with a Manx SIM card.

With that being said, let’s see what Manx Telecom and Sure Telecom Isle of Man have to offer to us.

Video Guide for Buying a SIM Card in the Isle of Man

Are you a visual learner? You can watch this Isle of Man SIM Card Buying Guide! It is recommended to read the remainder of the review after watching this video (I refer to this article a few times throughout the video). Otherwise, you will be missing key elements related to Manx SIM cards. Also, be sure to subscribe to the channel after watching the video!

Manx Telecom

Manx Telecom Logo

Manx TelecomOpens in a new tab. is the largest operator in the Isle of Man. They have good coverage throughout the island.

Manx Telecom Pay-as-you-go SIM cards are sold for 5 GBP, with 5 GBP in credit, in the Manx Telecom store on Strand Street, Douglas. You can also get the SIM card at the information desk at Isle of Man Airport and from other retailers. Ask for their 4G SIM card when planning on using their 4G/LTE network.

Manx Telecom Pay-As-You-Go (prepaid) top-up vouchers are sold for 5 GBP, 10 GBP, and 20 GBP in many stores throughout the Isle of Man. To top-up, dial *142*VoucherCode#. For example, if your voucher code is 123456, then you would dial *142*123456#.

Manx Telecom does not really have data packs. Instead, you get perks for each top-up. The following 3 top-up perks are available:

  • 5 GBP: 5 GB for 7 days, 200 local minutes and SMS for 7 days, and 5 GBP credit for 90 days
  • 10 GBP: 1 GB for 14 days, 1 GB UK roaming for 14 days, 500 local minutes and SMS for 14 days, and 10 GBP credit for 90 days
  • 20 GBP: 20 GB for 30 days, 2 GB UK roaming for 30 days, 10 000 local minutes and SMS for 30 days, and 20 GBP credit for 90 days

Moreover, incoming calls are free when in the Channel Islands, in Ireland, or in the United Kingdom. You also get access to Manx WIFI for free.

Sure Telecom Isle of Man

Sure Telecom Logo

Sure Telecom Isle of ManOpens in a new tab., just Sure Telecom, is Manx Telecom’s rival on the Isle of Man.

Sure Telecom has 2 Pay-As-You-Go (prepaid) SIM cards, which are both sold for 5 GBP in Sure stores (Strand Street, Douglas and Orchard Walk, Port Erin) and at other retailers. Officially, the Sure SIM cards are free, but they require a 5 GBP top up to be activated. The 2 prepaid SIM card variants are:

  • Classic
  • Rewards

The Classic SIM card does not have any (data) bundles and will charge you 0.05 GBP per minute, SMS, or MB (or 51.20 GBP/GB). The Rewards SIM card does come with data packs, which is why I recommend them over the Classic SIM card.

Sure Telecom has 3 bundles with their Rewards plan:

  • 5 GBP: 5 GB, 500 minutes, and 500 SMS for 7 days
  • 10 GBP: 10 GB, 1000 minutes, and 1000 SMS + 1 GB, 100 minutes, and 100 SMS when roaming in Zone 1 destinations for 14 days
  • 20 GBP: 20 GB, 10 000 minutes, and 10 000 SMS + 2 GB, 200 minutes, and 200 SMS when roaming in Zone 1 destinations for 30 days

Zone 1 destinations are: Guernsey, Ireland, Jersey, and the United Kingdom

The Preferred Way to Stay Connected When Traveling in the Isle of Man

Getting a SIM card from either Manx Telecom or Sure Telecom would do you well when considering a Manx SIM card. Be sure to explore the roaming options your provider offers you, as they may offer free or cheap roaming bundles.

You could also consider getting an international SIM card or using a portable hotspot. International SIM cards like OneSimCard, SimOptions, Surfroam, BNESIM, and SimCorner are attractive for those visiting multiple destinations at once or within a year. Portable hotspots like Skyroam, Vision Global Wireless, and Travelwifi will be useful when traveling with multiple people so that not each individual has to get a SIM card but can use the hotspot.

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