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3 Best Prepaid SIM Cards in Albania: Buying Guide

Albania – the country that has, over the years, become a popular travel destination for travelers of all kinds. Beaches, mountains, architecture – the country has it all.

There is a big chance that you would want to share your Albania experiences online – and I cannot blame you for that. It is truly a remarkable travel destination.

What can also be remarkable, in a bad way, is how expensive international roaming can be in Albania (or in general). Especially data roaming. Watching a YouTube video in full HD can cost you a lot.

Luckily, you can get an Albanian SIM card. That way, you can enjoy local rates.

How expensive are Albanian SIM cards, and how much will data cost you?

Albanian SIM cards are available for as little as 100 ALL (1 USD) to 500 ALL (4.90 USD) in the official stores of the Vodafone Albania, One Telecommunications, and ALBtelecom. You can get 2 GB valid 30 days for as low as 300 ALL (2.95 USD).

To me, this sounds exciting. There are countries out there where data will cost you an arm and a leg (almost literally), so seeing that SIM cards and data are available for reasonable prices are always a good thing.

But how is network coverage throughout the country? Which mobile operator is the best? And what type of packages are available?

In this guide, I will go over everything you need to know about buying a SIM card in Albania. Let's go.

Buying a SIM Card in Albania Guide (logos of Telekom, ALBtelecom & One Communications)

Original publication: 28th of May 2020. Last updated: 25th of October 2021.

Table of Contents

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Can You Buy a SIM Card in Albania?

Anyone can purchase an Albanian SIM card regardless of their visit or stay in Albania.

Do note that you have to go through a SIM card registration process. Moreover, you need to have a device that supports the frequencies used in Albania to use your phone in the country (regardless of wanting to roam or using an Albanian SIM card).

Where Can You Buy a SIM Card in Albania?

You can get an Albanian SIM card in the official stores of Vodafone Albania, One Telecommunications, and ALBtelecom.

You can expect to pay the following for Albanian SIM cards:

  • Vodafone Albania: 500 ALL
  • One Telecommunications: 500 ALL
  • ALBtelecom: 100 ALL or 500 ALL

Can You Use Your Phone in Albania?

Albania uses GSM technology for mobile communications. CDMA phones will not work in Albania. If your phone has a SIM card slot, then it supports GSMA (99% of the phones do support GSM nowadays).

Traditional European frequencies are used in Albania, which are mostly used in ITU Regions 1 & 3 (Africa, Asia (including the Middle East), Europe & Oceania).

The Americas (North-, Central– & South America + the Caribbean – ITU Region 2) use American Frequencies, which differ from the European ones.

ITU Regions Map
By Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) – Own work, using this file by Denelson83, CC BY-SA 2.5

If you bought your phone in Africa, Asia, Europe, or Oceania (ITU regions 1 & 3), you should not experience any issues with using your phone in Albania.

If you purchased your phone in the Americas (ITU Region 2) and have a low/medium-end device (without Tri-Band or Quad-Band) support, then there is a possibility you cannot use your phone when in Albania or can only use slower networks (3G or 2G).

If you have a medium/high-end device with Tri-Band or Quad-Band support, you can use your phone in Albania (to some extent) – also on 4G/LTE.

Mobile Operators, Networks & Frequencies in Albania

Albania has three mobile network operators:

  • Vodafone Albania
  • One Telecommunications (formerly Telekom Albania)
  • ALBtelecom

The following frequencies are used in Albania:

  • 2G: 900 MHz & 1800 MHz
  • 3G: 2100 MHz
  • 4G/LTE: 800 MHz (Band 20), 1800 MHz (Band 3), 2600 MHz (Band 7)
  • 5G NR: 3600 MHz-3700 MHz (n77) – testing only

You can learn more about frequencies in the video below.

To check whether your phone will work in Albania, check out this page by Will My Phone Work (may be outdated or inaccurate at times).

Again, make sure your phone is unlocked. Otherwise, you will not be able to use any SIM card except the one from your home operator (meaning you have to roam internationally or buy another unlocked phone that does support the frequencies listed above).

If you want to learn how international roaming works, this guide explains it in-depth. If you wonder why it is often so expensive to roam, this article explains the hidden reason they do not want you to know.

5G NR in Albania

Vodafone Albania was granted permission to test 5G in the 3600 MHz-3700 MHz frequency range in October 2019 by AKEP – the Albanian Electronic and Postal Communications Authority (or Autoritetit Te Komunikimeve Elektronike Dhe Postare).

At the time of writing, no updates related to the test could be found. Moreover, it is unknown when the Albanian government wants to start its 5G auction.

I do, however, expect that once AKEP starts its auction for 5G licenses, the three operators will place their bids and will install and roll out 5G as soon as possible.

Some countries in Europe have already deployed 5G on 700 MHz (n28), which is slow 5G. Often, a 10% speed increase compared to existing 4G/LTE speeds. However, nationwide coverage on 700 MHz is easier than 3500 MHz (let alone 26 GHz with truly insane internet speeds.

The Netherlands is an example of a European country that uses solely 700 MHz for 5G for the time being because its intelligence agency uses 3500 MHz for intercepting communications.

In Albania, however, 700 MHz is used a lot by TV broadcasters. Deploying 5G on this frequency would result in clashes and interference (just like how the Netherlands has to wait until its intelligence agency moves its stuff abroad, which will happen mid-2022, before the operators can deploy fast 5G on 3500 MHz).

Once the TV broadcasters have moved to a different frequency, 5G on 700 MHz can be deployed in Albania.

Best SIM Card in Albania

If you want to buy a SIM card in Albania, then Vodafone and One Telecommunications (One) have the best prepaid offering. Both operators are good, although Vodafone’s coverage is better, and they are faster than One. On the other hand, One is cheaper than Vodafone.

You should, however, also consider ALBtelecom when staying in cities and large towns. They are the cheapest operator in the country, but their coverage and speeds are not as extensive nor fast as their competitors.

SIM Card Registration in Albania

SIM card registration with your passport information is required in Albania. It will be done at the point of purchase.

Do note that although European Union (EU)/European Economic Area (EEA) -issued IDs are valid travel documents for travel in Albania, some travelers have reported that some shops require your passport to register your SIM card and refuse EU/EEA-issued IDs.

EU Roaming in Albania

Note that Albania is not part of the European Union (EU) nor European Economic Area (EEA), meaning that EU roaming regulations do not apply in Albania. As a result, you should not expect to roam for free if you have an EU/EEA SIM card while traveling in Albania.

Although some European operators may offer free (data) roaming while in Albania, most operators do not. Make sure to explore your roaming options before you roam.

European Union (EU) & European Economic Area (EEA)

Roaming in the EU with Albanian SIM Cards

Albania is not part of the European Union (EU) nor the European Economic Area (EEA). Therefore, the EU roaming regulations do not apply to Albanian SIM cards. As a result, you should expect to roam for free in the EU/EEA with Albanian SIM cards.

However, Albania is a Candidate Country for joining the EU. The country also wants to join the EU/EEA common roaming zone in the near future. To do so, Albania and other Western Balkan countries have decided to cap roaming rates between July 2019 and July 2021. They will entirely scrap roaming rates within the region on the 1st of July 2021. This is because it is apparently a prerequisite to join the EU/EEA common roaming zone.

West Balkan Roaming

Those with SIM cards from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia can roam at reduced rates in Albania, and those with Albanian SIM cards can do the same in the aforementioned countries as part of the Roam Like At Home Plus (RLAH+) scheme agreed to by the six countries since July 2019.

Western Balkans Countries
Western Balkans Countries by Marko7, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Starting from the 1st of July 2019, roaming rates in Western Balkan states have gone down by up to 99% (at least, with some Albanian plans). From the 1st of July 2021, international roaming fees will be abolished in the West Balkans.

Albania and Kosovo made a separate agreement to reduce roaming rates between the two countries. Just like with the other West Balkan countries, roaming rates in Albania and Kovoso with Albanian and Kosovar SIM cards will be something from the past, starting from the 1st of July 2021.

Albania Speeds, Internet Prices & Insights

Flag of Albania

Europe is known for having reasonably priced mobile data rates. At least compared to other countries and regions around the world.

The same applies in Eastern Europe. The cost of 1 GB of data will not break the bank.

But what about Albania specifically? How expensive or cheap is mobile data?

The average price for 1 GB of data in Albania is 2.30 USD, which is slightly more than the European average of 2.50 USD. The world average is 4.07 USD. split Europe into three territories: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Baltics. The Eastern European average cost of 1 GB of data, using's definition, is 2.25 USD, which is around the overall European average.

Now that we know that mobile data is quite affordable, let's talk about speeds. What type of speeds can you expect in Albania?

Albania's average mobile download speed is around 50 Mbps, placing Albania in the top 40 fastest countries in the Global Index.

Although 5G is not a thing in Albania yet, mobile download speeds are fast, especially compared to many other countries worldwide.

With extensive network coverage, cheap data rates, and fast speeds, you should have a pleasant experience with Albanian SIM cards while exploring this country.

Currency in Albania

Albanian Leke 1000 Note

Albania uses the Albanian Lek with the symbol ALL (which will be used throughout this guide). However, prices are often listed as just L. or lek. For example, 25 ALL = L. 25/25 lek. For reference, below are some exchange rates between ALL and USD (US Dollars):

  • 1 ALL = 0.01 USD
  • 10 ALL = 0.10 USD
  • 100 ALL = 1 USD
  • 1000 ALL = 9.75 USD
  • 10 000 ALL = 97.55 USD

For up-to-date ALL:USD exchange rates, search ALL to USD on Google, or replace USD with the currency you use.

If your credit/debit card charges you foreign exchange fees, get yourself a Wise Borderless Account and Debit Card.

Their fees are MUCH lower than banks, and credit card companies charge you (and Wise is transparent about their fees, unlike banks).

I have saved literal THOUSANDS of Euros, my main currency, when using Wise abroad when traveling compared to my debit and credit cards. Open a Wise account FREE!

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Albania Prepaid SIM Cards

Below, I will guide you through Vodafone Albania, One Telecommunications & ALBtelecom, and go through:

  • Background information
  • Mobile coverage
  • SIM card types, prices, and availability
  • Recharge / top-up information
  • Combo plans, data plans, and special packs (such as social media packs) 

With that being said, let’s see what Albania has to offer to us.

Vodafone Albania

Vodafone Logo

Vodafone Albania, just Vodafone, is the largest operator in Albania, with a market share of close to 50%. They are known for having the best coverage and the fastest speeds in the country.

Coverage – Vodafone Albania

Vodafone has the best coverage in Albania.

4G/LTE is widely available with Vodafone throughout the country.

SIM Card Price – Vodafone Albania

Vodafone SIM cards, called Vodafone Club, are sold for 500 ALL with 300 ALL credit and 500 on-net SMS in Vodafone stores.

It is also possible to get the Vodafone tourist SIM card, called Vodafone 3 Weekly Tourist Pack for 1500 ALL featuring 15 GB of data, 5 GB video pass data (YouTube, Twitch & Netflix), 500 local minutes, 10 international minutes, and 100 local/international SMS, all valid for 21 days.

You can reactivate the Vodafone 3 Weekly Tourist Pack multiple times. However, unused units will be lost when you repurchase the bundle without exhausting all allowances.

Topping Up & Recharging – Vodafone Albania

Vodafone recharge cards are sold in Vodafone stores and can also be obtained at many other retailers, including convenience stores, grocery stores, and gas stations.

To recharge, call 141 and follow the instructions. You can also top-up online with (international) debit and credit cards in values between 100 ALL to 10 000 ALL.

To check your balance, access the Vodafone menu by dialing #123#. You can also send a Blank SMS to 131 to get your balance by text.

Plans, Packages, Bundles & Offers – Vodafone Albania

Vodafone has various plans, which are its (combo) Bundles and Add-Ons.

Note that Vodafone used to have a lot of other types of plans. However, they simplified their bundle structure between 2020 and 2021.

Bundles – Vodafone Albania

The Bundles are combo bundles with data, (international) minutes, and (international) SMS. Bundles range from 60 ALL to 2500 ALL.

The following Bundles are available, which can be activated by calling 131.

PricePlanDataPass DataLocal/Off-Net MinutesInternational MinutesOn-Net SMSLocal/Off-Net SMSInternational SMSValidity
60 ALLDaily 100 MB100 MBN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A24 hours 
200 ALLVodafone Weekend3 GBN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A1 weekend (Saturday (00:00) – Sunday (23:59))
300 ALLPaketa 3 Ditore300 MB N/A300 minutesN/A3000 SMS30 SMSN/A3 days 
300 ALL1 GB Weekly 1 GBN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A7 days 
500 ALLVodafone Basic50 MBN/A50 minutesN/AN/A50 SMSN/A30 days 
500 ALLPaketa Mujore Internet 1 GB 1 GBN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A30 days 
600 ALLVodafone 4 Weekends12 GBN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A4 weekends (Saturday (00:00) – Sunday (23:59))
700 ALLGigaMax Paketa 10 Ditore1.5 GBN/A300 minutesN/A3000 SMS30 SMSN/A7 days 
1000 ALLVodafone 4G Start 300 MB N/A300 minutesN/AN/A300 SMSN/A30 days 
1000 ALLPaketa Mujore Internet 3 GB3 GBN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A30 days 
1500 ALLGigaMax15 GB5 GB Video Pass500 minutes10 minutesN/A100 SMS 1N/A7 days 
1600 ALLVodafone 4G Go4.5 GBN/A2500 minutesN/A3000 SMS200 SMSN/A30 days 
2000 ALLVodafone 4G Run8.5 GB10 GB Social Pass3000 minutesN/AN/A500 SMSN/A30 days 
2500 ALLVodafone 4G Fly18 GB N/A3500 minutesN/A4000 SMS400 SMS100 SMS30 days 

1 also for international use
Social pass: WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram & Pinterest
Video pass: YouTube, Twitch & Netflix

Add-Ons – Vodafone Albania

The Add-Ons are data-only add-ons for the Bundles. They cannot be purchased as standalone plans.

The following Add-Ons are available, which can be activated by calling 131.

100 ALL300 MB Internet300 MB7 days 
500 ALL3 GB Internet3 GB30 days 
600 ALL4 GB Internet 4 GB30 days 

APN/Internet Settings – Vodafone Albania

In most cases, your phone will automatically retrieve the correct APN settings for Vodafone. If not, text internet to 136 to download the correct internet settings for your phone.

If that does not work and you need to add the APN settings manually, add the following details in the APN fields:

  • Name: Vodafone Albania
  • APN: vodafoneweb

Note: leave anything not mentioned above untouched.

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One Telecommunications (Formerly Telekom Albania)

One Telecommunications Albania Logo

One Telecommunications (in Albanian), also known as One (Albania) and formerly known as Telekom Albania, is the second-largest operator in Albania with a market share of close to 30%.

Initially, it was known as Albanian Mobile Communications (AMC), then Telekom Albania when Deutsche Telekom bought AMC in 2008 (using the famous T-Mobile/Telekom logo). In 2019, Deutsche Telekom sold the company to Bulgarian Vivacom. In the summer of 2020, the One (Telecommunications) brand was introduced.

Coverage – One Telecommunications

One has extensive coverage throughout Albania.

Almost all of Albania is covered by One, and you can expect 4G/LTE reception almost everywhere.

SIM Card Price – One Telecommunications

You can purchase a One SIM card for 500 ALL in One stores.

It is not uncommon to get a One SIM card for less than 500 ALL or starter benefits (such as data, minutes, or SMS).

Topping Up & Recharging – One Telecommunications

One top-up cards are sold in One stores and many other retailers, such as gas stations, grocery stores, and convenience stores.

To redeem your One recharge card, call 141 and follow the instructions.

Plans, Packages, Bundles & Offers – One Telecommunications

One offers three types of plans, which are:

Click on the links above to jump to the plan you are interested in.

Do note that when One was still Telekom Albania, it had many more types of plans. However, the majority of them have been discontinued or simplified.

Paketa One Unlimited/One Unlimited Packages – One Telecommunications

The Paketa One Unlimited/One Unlimited Packages are combo plans with high-speed data, unlimited slow-speed data after using your high-speed data allowance, (international) minutes, and (international) SMS.

You can get one of the following Paketa One Unlimited/One Unlimited Packages:

PricePlanHigh-Speed DataSlow Data (Upon Depletion)Music Streaming DataLocal MinutesInternational MinutesLocal/International SMSActivation CodeValidity
500 ALLPaketa Unlimited S/Unlimited S Package 100 MBUnlimited @ 64 KbpsN/A100 minutesN/AN/AUS 30 days 
900 ALLPaketa Unlimited M/Unlimited M Package 1 GBUnlimited @ 64 KbpsN/A300 minutesN/AN/AUM30 days 
1200 ALLPaketa Unlimited L/Unlimited L Package 6 GBUnlimited @ 64 Kbps10 GB 2000 minutesN/A200 SMSUL30 days 
1500 ALLPaketa Unlimited Beats/Unlimited Beats Package 20 GBUnlimited @ 64 Kbps10 GB 4000 minutesN/A300 SMSUB30 days 
2000 ALLPaketa Unlimited XL/Unlimited XL Package 30 GBUnlimited @ 64 Kbps10 GB 4000 minutes100 minutes500 SMSUXL30 days 

You can activate a Paketa One Unlimited/One Unlimited by texting the Activation Code to 142.

Package balance can be checked by texting BA to 142.

Paketa Shtesë/Additional Packages (Add-Ons) – One Telecommunications

The Paketa Shtesë/Additional Packages are data, call, and text add-ons for Paketa One Unlimited/One Unlimited Packages. They cannot be purchased as standalone plans.

The following Paketa Shtesë/Additional Packages are available:

PriceAdd-OnDataLocal MinutesInternational MinutesOn-Net SMSLocal/International SMSActivation CodeValidity
200 ALLNderkombetare S+/International S+N/AN/A10 minutesN/AN/AN1030 days
300 ALLM+ Kombëtare/M+ National N/A300 minutesN/AN/AN/AOFA30 days
300 ALLNderkombetare M+/International M+N/AN/A20 minutesN/AN/ANS30 days
300 ALLM+ SMS One/M+ SMS One N/AN/AN/A3000 SMSN/ASMST30 days 
300 ALLM+ SMS Kombëtare/M+ National SMS N/AN/AN/AN/A300 SMSMSMS30 days
500 ALLNderkombetare L+/International L+N/AN/A40 minutesN/AN/ANM30 days
500 ALLInternet Xtreme M3 GBN/AN/AN/AN/AMINT30 days
550 ALLPaketa Social + Chat/Social + Chat Package 10 GB 1N/AN/AN/AN/APSC30 days
600 ALLInternet Xtreme L5 GBN/AN/AN/AN/AMINT130 days
1200 ALLStream On20 GB 2N/AN/AN/AN/AVIDEO30 days 

1 for Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Message+ & Android Messages
2 for YouTube& Netflix

Paketa Shtesë/Additional Packages can be activated by texting the Activation Code to 142.

Package balance can be checked by texting BA to 142.

Paketa Të Tjera/Other Packages – One Telecommunications

The Paketa Të Tjera/Other Packages are combo plans with data, (international) minutes, and (international) SMS.

These Paketa Të Tjera/Other Packages can be activated:

PricePlanDataSocial Media + Chat Data (Chata)Local MinutesMinutes to FIKSInternational MinutesLocal/International SMSActivation CodeValidity
150 ALLPaketa Ditore/Daily Package 350 MB N/A50 minutesN/AN/A150 SMSDitore24 hours
150 ALLInternet Ditore500 MBN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AID1 day
200 ALLGiga Fundjave 1/Giga Weekends 13 GB5 GB 1N/AN/AN/AN/APW48 hours (Saturday 00:01 – Sunday 23:59) 
300 ALLNdërkombëtare S/International SN/AN/AN/AN/A10 minutesN/ANS30 days 
300 ALLInternet Javore/Internet Weekly1 GBN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AIJ7 days 
500 ALLNdërkombëtare M/International MN/AN/AN/AN/A20 minutesN/ANM30 days 
500 ALLJavore/Weekly1 GBN/A300 minutes100 minutesN/A300 SMSJavore7 days 
500 ALLInternet Mujore/Internet Monthly1.5 GBN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AM30 days 
600 ALLGiga Fundjave 4/Giga Weekends 412 GB5 GB 1N/AN/AN/AN/AP4W4 weekends (Saturday 00:01 – Sunday 23:59) 
800 ALLPaketa All Inclusive – 3 Javore/All Includive Package – 3 Weeks 15 GB5 GB 1500 minutesN/A10 minutes50 SMSJavore321 days 
1000 ALLInternet Mujore 1000/Internet Monthly 10004.5 GBN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AM100030 days 

1 for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber & Message+

You can activate a Paketa Të Tjera/Other Package by texting the Activation Code to 142.

Package balance can be checked by texting BA to 142.

International Minutes Countries – One Telecommunications

The international call allowance can be used to call to 30 countries worldwide. Below is a complete overview of countries you can call to:

APN/Internet Settings – One Telecommunications

  • Name: One
  • APN: internet.t

Note: leave anything not mentioned above untouched.

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Albtelecom Logo

ALBtelecom, also known as Albanian Telecom (Telekomi Shqiptar) is the smallest operator in Albania. They are also the cheapest option in the country. However, mobile coverage may not be as extensive with ALBtelecom compared to its competitors.

Coverage – ALBtelecom

ALBtelecom has good coverage throughout Albania.

Although ALBtelecom covers most of Albania, some parts are only covered with 2G or 3G. At the same time, Vodafone Albania and One often offer 4G/LTE reception in the same region.

SIM Card Price – ALBtelecom

You can purchase an ALBtelecom SIM card, called SIM Card Super 100, for 100 ALL in ALBtelecom stores. You can also get SIM Card 500 for 500 ALL with 300 ALL credit and 4 GB of data when you register on Profili im.

ALBtelecom SIM Card Super 100
© ALBtelecom
ALBtelecom SIM Card 500
© ALBtelecom

Topping Up & Recharging – ALBtelecom

ALBtelecom top-up cards are sold in many establishments throughout Albania, such as ALBtelecom stores, grocery stores, and gas stations. You can also recharge online (in Albanian) with (international) debit and credit cards.

To recharge your ALBtelecom SIM card, text RM VoucherCode to 141.

For example, if your voucher code is 123456, you would text RM 123456 to 141.

Text Balance to 130 to check your balance.

Plans, Packages, Bundles & Offers – ALBtelecom

ALBtelecom offers numerous types of combo and data-only packages, such as:

Click on the links above to jump to the plan you are interested in.

Daily & Weekly Packages – ALBtelecom

The Daily & Weekly Packages are combo plans valid for 24 hours or 7 days.

The following Daily & Weekly Packages are available:

PricePlanDataALBtelecom Fixed MinutesLocal MinutesLocal/International SMSActivation CodeValidity
150 ALLDaily Package 100250 MB150 minutes150 minutes150 SMSCP124 hours
500 ALLWeekly Package 5001 GB300 minutes300 minutes300 SMSCP77 days 

You can activate a Daily or Weekly Package by texting the Activation Code to 131.

Super Standard Packages – ALBtelecom

The Super Standard Packages are combo plans with data, (international) minutes, and (international) SMS.

ALBtelecom Super Standard Packages
© ALBtelecom

The following Super Standard Packages are available:

PricePlanDataALBtelecom Fixed MinutesLocal MinutesInternational MinutesOn-Net SMSLocal/International SMSActivation CodeValidity
500 ALLSuper Package 50050 MB100 minutes50 minutesN/AN/A50 SMSP50030 days 
700 ALLSuper Package 700300 MB400 minutes200 minutesN/AN/A500 SMSP70030 days 
1100 ALLSuper Package 11003.5 GB 500 minutes2500 minutesN/A1000 SMS500 SMSP110030 days 
1300 ALLSuper Package 13006 GB3000 minutes3000 minutes30 minutes3000 SMS600 SMSP130030 days 
1300 ALLGigastic Package16 GB500 minutes600 minutesN/AN/A600 SMSGIGA130030 days 
1900 ALLSuper Package 190016 GB3500 minutes3500 minutes120 minutes3000 SMS600 SMSP190030 days 

Super Standard Packages can be activated by texting the Activation Code to 131.

You can use your international minutes to call to the following countries:

Super Unlimited – ALBtelecom

The Super Unlimited Packages are combo plans with high-speed data, unlimited slow-speed data upon depleting your high-speed data allowance, minutes, and (international) SMS.

ALBtelecom Unlimited Super Packages
© ALBtelecom

You can get one of the following Super Unlimited Packages:

PricePlanHigh-Speed DataSlow Data (After Depletion)ALBtelecom Fixed MinutesLocal MinutesOn-Net SMSLocal SMSInternational SMSActivation CodeValidity
400 ALLUnlimited Super 400 Package100 MBUnlimited @ 128 Kbps200 minutes200 minutesN/A100 SMSN/AU40030 days 
700 ALLUnlimited Super 700 Package1 GBUnlimited @ 128 Kbps800 minutes500 minutesN/A500 SMSN/AU70030 days 
1100 ALLUnlimited Super 1100 Package4 GBUnlimited @ 128 Kbps“Unlimited”, 4000 minutes3000 minutes1000 SMS500 SMS 1N/AU110030 days 
1300 ALLUnlimited Super 1300 Package12 GBUnlimited @ 128 Kbps“Unlimited”, 4000 minutes2000 minutesN/A1500 SMSN/AU130030 days 
1900 ALLUnlimited Super 1900 Package18 GBUnlimited @ 128 Kbps“Unlimited”, 4000 minutes“Unlimited”, 4000 minutes“Unlimited”, 4000 SMS1500 SMS 1150 minutesU190030 days 

1 Also for international use

You can activate a Super Unlimited plan by texting the Activation Code to 131.

GigaNatën Packages (Night Packages) – ALBtelecom

The GigaNäten Packages are data-only packages to be used at night between 23:01 and 06:59 for seven or 30 consecutive nights.

The following two GigaNäten Packages are available:

ALBtelecom GigaNatën Packages
© ALBtelecom
PricePlanDataActivation CodeValidity
100 ALLGigaNatën 75 GBN77 nights (23:01-06:59)
300 ALLGigaNatën 3020 GBN3030 nights (23:01-06:59)

GigaNatën Packages can be activated by texting the Activation Code to 138.

Super Weekend Packages – ALBtelecom

The Super Weekend Packages are data-only plans with data for one or four consecutive weekends to be used between Saturday 00:00 and Sunday 23:59.

You can activate one of these two Super Weekend Packages:

ALBtelecom Super Weekend Packages
© ALBtelecom
PricePlanDataActivation CodeValidity
200 ALLSuper Weekend 15 GBW11 weekend (Saturday 00:00 – Sunday 23:59)
600 ALLSuper Weekend 420 GB W44 weekends (Saturday 00:00 – Sunday 23:59)

You can activate a Super Weekend Package by texting the Activation Code to 138.

Internet Packages – ALBtelecom

The Internet Packages are data-only packages with data plans ranging from 0.5 GB for 100 ALL to 40 GB for 3000 ALL.

ALBtelecom Internet Packages
© ALBtelecom

The following Internet Packages can be bought:

PricePlanDataActivation CodeValidity
100 ALLDaily0.5 GBID10024 hours
300 ALLWeekly1 GBIJ3007 days
500 ALLMonthly 5002 GBIM50030 days 
750 ALLMonthly 7504 GBIM75030 days 
1000 ALLMonthly 10006 GBIM100030 days 
1500 ALLMonthly 150020 GBIM150030 days 
3000 ALLMonthly 300040 GBIM300030 days 

Internet Packages can be activated by texting the Activation Code to 138.

4G Internet Packages – ALBtelecom

The 4G Internet Packages are data-only packages with data plans ranging from 1 GB for 100 ALL to 10 GB for 1000 ALL.

The following 4G Internet Packages can be purchased:

PricePlanDataActivation CodeValidity
100 ALLDaily 1001 GBID10024 hours
300 ALLWeekly 3001 GBIJ3007 days 
300 ALLMonthly 3002 GBIM30030 days 
500 ALLMonthly 5004 GBIM50030 days 
600 ALLMonthly 6006 GBIM60030 days 
1000 ALLMonthly 100010 GBIM100030 days 

You can activate a 4G Internet Package by texting the Activation Code to 138.

Extra Packages – ALBtelecom

The Extra Packages are add-ons with (international) minutes and data for any Super Packages (Super Standard, Super Unlimited & Super Weekend). They cannot be purchased as standalone plans.

ALBtelecom Extra Packages
© ALBtelecom

You can get one of the following Extra Packages:

PriceExtra PackageDataLocal MinutesInternational MinutesActivation CodeValidity
100 ALLNational Extra 60 PackageN/A60 minutesN/Aextra6030 days 
250 ALLExtra 1N/AN/A20 minutes25030 days 
400 ALLExtra 2N/AN/A40 minutes40030 days 
400 ALLMonthly Extra Internet 4003 GBN/AN/AIE 40030 days 
500 ALLMonthly Extra Internet 5004 GBN/AN/AIE 50030 days 

International minutes can be used to call to the following destinations:

Depending on what type of extra package you want, the Activation Code has to be texted to different numbers:

  • Activating an Extra Package for local minutes (National Extra 60 Package) can be done by texting the Activation Code to 149
  • Activating an Extra Package for international minutes (Extra 1 & Extra 2) can be done by texting the Activation Code to 55444
  • Activating an Extra Package for data (Monthly Extra Internet 400 & Monthly Extra Internet 500) can be done by texting the Activation Code to 138

APN/Internet Settings – ALBtelecom

  • Name: ALBtelecom
  • APN: internet

Note: leave anything not mentioned above untouched.

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Other Ways to Stay Connected When Traveling in Albania

The cheapest way to get online in Albania is to get a SIM card from one of the three mobile operators. However, local SIM cards are not your only method of staying online when abroad.

Below are some other options to consider.

International Roaming

Roaming is the most convenient way to stay connected. You do not have to buy a new SIM card, and people at home can easily reach you on your current phone number.

However, roaming has many downsides as well. It can be insanely expensive.

Learn more about roaming.

International/Travel SIM Cards

International SIM cards or travel SIM cards are SIM cards made for travelers. The rates charged are often lower than international roaming, but they are almost always higher than what local operators will charge you.

Get to know more about international and travel SIM cards.

Mobile Hotspots (Pocket WIFI)

Mobile hotspots, or pocket WIFI, are small devices that connect to the local operators of the country you are visiting. Mobile hotspots are ideal for families or those traveling in a large group, as they allow you to connect multiple devices to one hotspot without the need of each traveler having to buy a SIM card.

You can either buy a mobile hotspot or rent one.

Free WIFI Networks

Nothing beats free, right? Paying nothing to stay connected may be the best option. Until you remember that free hotspots are not available everywhere (especially when on the move) and that free connections are often extremely slow.

Just make sure to protect your internet traffic with a VPN when connected to open WIFI connections. It is worth it.

The Preferred Way to Stay Connected When Traveling in the Albania

Getting a SIM card from Vodafone or One Telecommunications would do you well when considering an Albanian SIM card.

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