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Airalo eSIM Reviews by Phone Travel Wiz

I have tested and reviewed Airalo eSIMs, which are my favorite, in various countries, especially in Asia, Europe & Oceania.

So far, I have used, or will be using (planned trips), Airalo eSIMs in the following countries:

  • Australia (Yes! Go! & Discover Global in Australia) 1
  • Austria (Eurolink in Austria)
  • Belgium (Eurolink in Belgium)
  • Canada (Tuque Mobile & Discover Global in Canada
  • Croatia (Eurolink in Croatia)
  • France (Bonbon Mobile, Eurolink in France & Discover Global in France)
  • Germany (Hallo! Mobil, Eurolink in Germany & Discover Global in Germany)
  • Greece (Eurolink in Greece)
  • Hong Kong (Hkmobile, Asialink in Hong Kong & Discover Global in Hong Kong)
  • Hungary (Eurolink in Hungary)
  • Japan (Moshi Moshi, Asialink in Japan & Discover Global in Japan)
  • Ireland (Fáilte, Eurolink in Ireland & Discover Global in Poland)
  • Italy (Eurolink in Italy)
  • Malta (Eurolink in Malta)
  • Netherlands (Hè Hè, Eurolink in the Netherlands & Discover Global in the Netherlands)
  • New Zealand (Nzcom & Discover Global in New Zealand)
  • Portugal (Eurolink in Portugal)
  • Singapore (Connect Lah!, Asialink in Singapore & Discover Global in Singapore)
  • Slovakia (Eurolink in Slovakia)
  • Slovenia (Eurolink in Slovenia)
  • South Korea (LG U+, Asialink in South Korea & Discover Global in South Korea
  • Spain (Eurolink in Spain)
  • Thailand (Dtac, Asialink in Thailand & Discover Global in Thailand)
  • United Kingdom (Uki Mobile, Eurolink in United Kingdom & Discover Global in the United Kingdom)
  • United States (Change & Discover Global in the United States

1 the reviews are currently being written so the links will result in a page not found until I publish them. Worry not, they will be live soon!

Click on the countries (links) above to read my reviews, which also include comparisons to the roaming partners (if there is no link – do not worry, the review is coming, so stay tuned!).

Also read my Airalo Eurolink eSIM review which I used in 11/12 countries (but can be used in 39).

Airalo Eurolink eSIM Review by Phone Travel Wiz

Or my Airalo Asialink eSIM review which I aim to use in all 14 Asian countries it can be used it.

Airalo Asialink eSIM Review by Phone Travel Wiz

Or my ongoing Airalo Discover Global eSIM review that I aim to use in all 85+ countries it can be used in!

Airalo Discover Global eSIM Review by Phone Travel Wiz