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Airalo eSIM Reviews

I have tested and reviewed Airalo travel eSIMs in various countries, especially in Asia, Europe & Oceania.

So far, I have used Airalo travel eSIMs in the following countries:

  • Australia (Yes! Go! + Discover Global)
  • Austria (Eurolink)
  • Belgium (Eurolink)
  • Croatia (Eurolink)
  • Greece (Eurolink)
  • Hong Kong (Hkmobile, Asialink & Discover Global)
  • Hungary (Eurolink)
  • Indonesia (Indotel, Asialink & Discover Global)
  • Macau (Macao Mobile, Asialink & Discover Global)
  • Italy (Eurolink)
  • Malta (Eurolink)
  • Netherlands (Hè Hè)
  • New Zealand (Nzcom & Discover Global)
  • Portugal (Eurolink)
  • Slovakia (Eurolink)
  • Slovenia (Eurolink)
  • Spain (Eurolink)
  • Thailand (Dtac, Asialink & Discover Global)

Click on the countries (links) above to read my reviews, which also include comparisons to the roaming partners.

Also read my Airalo Eurolink Europe travel eSIM review with an overall comparison in the 11/12 countries listed above.

Airalo Eurolink eSIM Review by Phone Travel Wiz