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How Much do SIM Cards Cost around the World? (Lookup Tool)

How much does the average local prepaid SIM card cost globally?

It is hard to tell because many countries use their own currency with floating exchange rates.

And some currencies are rather volatile.

But you can expect to spend around 6.50 USD on a SIM card on average globally.

Later this year, I will try to come up with a concrete answer, but I first have to catch up on some 100+ local SIM card reviews.

How many bloggers do you know that buy 100+ SIM cards to test so that you do not have to? 🤪

That is why you are always free to buy me a coffee (or tea), which does not get spent on tea but on SIM cards instead (I do not get them for free, unfortunately).

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Adu's collection of local prepaid SIM cards in 2020
Just a bunch of local SIM cards I have – and I have many more!

Anyway, it is easier to tell you how much SIM cards cost per country because those prices are rather set.

Or change by a few digits in a year, which is often still reasonable.

So, I decided to create this SIM card price lookup tool, where you can quickly see the SIM card prices of all the local mobile operators in the country.

And instead of just mentioning the price, it also tells you the starter perks you get.

Moreover, if data-only SIM cards or tourist SIM cards are available, it will inform you about it too.

The tool will tell you the prices of up to ten mobile operators/Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).

While this is more than sufficient for most countries, it is not enough for some (like in Europe due to the large number of MVNOs).

If some MVNOs have been cut off, their prices will be mentioned underneath the tool.

TIP: use this tool combined with the Best local SIM cards lookup tool.

For up-to-date currency exchange rates (let's say Euro to US Dollars), use the Wise Currency Converter tool.

For convenience, I will also list the SIM card price(s) of the largest mobile operator of each country below.

However, it may not be the best in the country (or, at least, not the one I recommend).

Therefore, if the name of the mobile operator is in bold, then it is (one of) the recommended SIM card.

If not, check the Best local SIM cards lookup tool to find out which one(s) I recommend.

For up-to-date currency exchange rates (let's say Euro to US Dollars), use the Wise Currency Converter tool.

(Note – new countries are added multiple times every week in the tool above and the table above – this tool is rather new, so more/all countries are added shortly. Click on the country name to read the SIM card buying guide of that country)

Last updated (table): 26th of February 2022.

CountryMobile OperatorSIM Card Price
AndorraAndorra Telecom15 EUR with 15 EUR credit OR 30 EUR with 30 EUR credit
AnguillaDigicel Anguilla25 XCD
Antigua & BarbudaDigicel Antigua & Barbuda20 XCD
ArubaSETAR37 AWG + tourist SIM cards: 33 USD with 5.70 USD credit & 1 GB for 1 day | 58 USD with 5.70 USD credit and 7 GB for 7 day
AustriaA1 Austria9.90 EUR with 5000 units for 28 days + data-only SIM card ( Internet Wertkarte): 9.90 EUR with 5000 MB for 28 days
BahamasBTC Bahamas15 BSD
BarbadosDigicel Barbados10 BBD
BermudaDigicel Bermuda20 BMD
BoliviaEntel Bolivia10 BOB
BonaireDigicel Bonaire14 USD + tourist SIM cards: 15 USD with 2 GB and 15 local/international minutes for 1 day | 30 USD with 3.5 GB and 30 local/international minutes for 7 days | 50 USD with 6 GB and 60 local/international minutes for 14 day
BrazilViva Brasil10 BRL
British Virgin Islands Digicel BVI10 USD
BulgariaA1 Bulgaria (formerly Mtel)6 BGN with 150 MB & 30 local/international minutes + 15 GB with 15 GB for 30 days | 25 BGN with 30 GB for 30 days | 40/50 BGN with 50 GB for 30 days 
Cayman IslandsDigicel Cayman10 KYD
ChileEntel Chile3990 CLP
ColombiaClaro Colombia5000 COP with 1000 COP credit
CubaCubacel by ETECSA1000 CUP (can also be rented starting from 475 CUP with a minimum of 3 days) + tourist SIM card (Cubacel Tur): 25 USD with 2.5 GB, 20 local minutes & 20 local SMS for 30 days
CuraçaoDigicel Curaçao25 ANG + tourist SIM cards: 10 USD, 30 USD & 50 USD
Czech RepublicT-Mobile Czech Republic150 CZK with 100 CZK credit, 100 MB, 50 local minutes & 50 local SMS for 1 day (Twist 50 a 50) | 200 CZK with 100 CZK and 3 GB for 30 days (Twist 3 GB Dat) | 469 CZK with 100 CZK credit & 10 GB for 30 days (Twist 10 GB Dat)
DominicaDigicel Dominica20 XCD
Dominican RepublicClaro Dominicana150 DOP
Falkland IslandsSure Falkland Islands (South Atlantic)30 FKP with 10 FKP
FranceOrange France2.99 EUR with unlimited local minutes and unlimited local SMS between 21:00 and 0:00 (Mobicarte Mini) + data-only SIM card (SIM Prépayée Prêt-à-Surfer): 14.90 EUR with 10 GB for 30 days + tourist SIM cards: 14.99 EUR with 100 MB, 120 local/EU minutes & unlimited local/EU minutes for 14 days (Mobicarte Vacances) | 29.99 EUR with 10 GB (also for worldwide use), unlimited local/EU minutes & unlimited local/EU SMS for 14 days (Mobicarte Vacances Monde) | 39.99 EUR with 20 GB, unlimited local/EU minutes, 120 international minutes & unlimited local/EU SMS for 31 days (Orange Holiday)
French GuianaDigicel French Guiana/Guyane10 EUR with 5 EUR credit
GermanyTelekom Germany9.95 EUR with 10 EUR credit
GrenadaDigicel Grenada25 XCD
GuadeloupeDigicel Guadeloupe10 EUR with 5 EUR credit
GuyanaDigicel Guyana2000 GYD
HaitiDigicel Haiti70 HTG
HungaryMagyar Telekom990 HUF with 1 GB, 80 minutes & 5 SMS
ItalyTIM Italy10 EUR with 5 EUR credit OR 25 EUR with 20 EUR credit (depending on the store) + tourist SIM card (TIM Tourist): 20 EUR with 15 GB, unlimited chat data (Facebook Messenger, iMessage, IMO, Skype, Snapchat, Telegram, Viber, WeChat & WhatsApp) & 200 local/international minutes (55+ countries) for 30 days
JamaicaDigicel Jamaica740 JMD
LiechtensteinSwisscom “Liechtenstein”19.90 CHF with 20 CHF credit and 100 MB
MaldivesDhiraagu30 MVR with 20 MVR credit + tourist SIM cards: 11 USD with 100 MVR credit and 50 local SMS for 14 days (Lite Traveler) | 15 USD with 4 GB, 50 local minutes & 50 SMS for 7 days (Traveler Starter) | 20 USD with 17 GB, 300 local minutes & 300 local SMS for 7 days (Traveler Basic) | 35 USD with 6.50 USD credit, 17 GB, 150 local minutes & 150 local SMS for 30 days (Traveler Plus) | 50 USD with 9.50 USD credit, 30 GB, 300 local minutes & 300 local SMS for 30 days (Traveler Premium)
MaltaEpic Malta (formerly Vodafone Malta)10 EUR with 5 GB, 200 local/EU minutes & 200 local/EU SMS for 28 days
MartiniqueDigicel Martinique10 EUR with 5 EUR credit
MoldovaOrange Moldova29 MDL with 29 MDL credit, 10 GB & 250 local minutes for 15 days (if you dial *888*0#)
MontserratDigicel Montserrat20 XCD
ParaguayTigo Paraguay5000 PYG/10 000 PYG
PeruMovistar Perú10 PEN with 3 GB (10 days), unlimited Facebook, Instagram & Movistar Play data (10 days) & unlimited WhatsApp data (30 days)
PortugalMEO (by Altice)2.50 EUR with 2.50 EUR credit for 30 days OR 9.99 EUR with 5 GB and 1000 minutes/SMS for 30 days (Cartão M Móvel Pré-Pago) + data-only SIM cards (Cartão Enjoy Todo o Tráfego Incluído): 14.99 EUR with unlimited data for 15 days OR 30 EUR with unlimited data for 30 days + tourist SIM card (Ready to Enjoy Portugal): 15 EUR/19 USD (via Airalo) with unlimited data for 15 days
Puerto RicoClaro PRFree, but plan purchase/top-up required (min. 19 USD)
RomaniaOrange RomâniaFree, but top-up required within 7 days OR 5 EUR with 5 EUR credit
SabaFlow/Chippie Saba (formerly UTS)17 USD with 11 USD credit
Saint BarthélemyDigicel Saint Barthélemy10 EUR
Saint Kitts & NevisDigicel St Kitts23.40 XCD
Saint LuciaDigicel St. Lucia25 XCD
Saint MartinDigicel Saint Martin10 EUR
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesDigicel SVG15 XCD
Sint EustatiusFlow/Chippie Sint Eustatius (formerly UTS)16.75 USD with 11 USD credit
Sint MaartenFlow/Chippie Sint Maarten (formerly UTS)18 USD with 11 USD credit
SlovakiaSlovak Telekom (formerly T-Mobile)5 EUR with 10 EUR credit, 1 GB & unlimited local minutes
SloveniaTelekom Slovenije (formerly Mobitel Slovenia/Slovenije)8.50 EUR with 5 EUR credit + data-only SIM cards (Predplačniški Mobilni Internet SIM): 9.89 EUR with 1 GB for 1 day OR 29.90 EUR with 15 GB for 100 days
SpainMovistar Spain10 EUR with 10 EUR credit
SurinameTelesur70 SRD with 10 on-net or local minutes
SwedenTelia Sweden59 SEK with 1 GB, unlimited local minutes & unlimited local SMS for 7 days
SwitzerlandSwisscom19.90 CHF with 20 CHF credit and 100 MB
Transnistria (Pridnestrovskaia)Interdnestrcom (IDC)56 RUP
Trinidad & TobagoDigicel Trinidad and Tobago49 TTD
Turks & Caicos IslandsDigicel Turks and Caicos10 USD
UruguayAntel Uruguay65 UYU with 200 call credit and unlimited WhatsApp data
US Virgin IslandsLiberty USVIFree, but plan purchase/top-up required (min. 25 USD)