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eSIM Reviews

I recommend a handful of eSIM providers on Phone Travel Wiz, but you may have found many more online when looking for an eSIM for your trip.

So why do I not mention all of them on the site?

It is because many eSIM providers are resellers of resellers, are criminally expensive, or make misleading claims pretending they are local mobile operators while they are not.

There is no point in my trying or recommending (read: selling) those eSIM providers if they offer the same service at a 50% markup because they can.

I want you to save money on data costs while having a great network experience, not just fill my and their pockets.

In most cases, I pay out of pocket for the eSIMs I test, let alone the local SIM cards.

And trust me, I get many requests and offers to recommend and sell eSIMs from rather suspicious companies.

One such company offered me a commission rate of 50%… but then I realized they copied and pasted Airalo's privacy policy without changing “Airalo” throughout the text 🗿.

And they also claimed that they had more than one million happy customers, even though they launched in September of 2022 (and they emailed me in November 2022).

Anyway, I do not start reviewing and promoting an eSIM provider unless I have tried its eSIMs in at least two countries and four cities.

Often, I want to use eSIMs in even more countries so that I can have a better feel of how they work AND provide feedback to the provider so that they can improve its services when applicable (which will benefit you directly).

For example, it took around four months before I was satisfied that Nomad, a new player back then, was an eSIM provider I wanted to recommend (after testing its eSIMs in ten countries or so).

And that is because I compare new entries with other established eSIM providers AND local SIM cards in terms of price, reception & speeds.

For example, Nomad's Australia eSIM used to be stuck at 3G more often than the network it used (Optus) and other travel eSIMs using the same network back in July 2022.

So I told them (read: complained, lol) – in November 2022, I tried the eSIM again, and the issue seemed to have been fixed.

And one thing I LOVE about Nomad is that it listens AND implements my feedback relatively quickly, including adding data plans with up to 50 GB of data for various Asian destinations upon Phone Travel Wiz readers' request!

While that specific review has yet to be written at the time of writing, I will still mention the slow 3G speeds in the review because that is what I experienced, even though it should not be a problem anymore because that is how reviews should be done (in my opinion).

So yes, while I may not have discount codes for the 100+ eSIM providers out there unlike some other sites, because I do not work with all of them, I do believe you will have a great experience with the providers I do recommend (because I have tested them extensively), while dropping tasty discount codes where applicable 😏.

Anyway, I currently recommend eSIMs from Airalo, Holafly, Nomad, Simify, SimOptions & Ubigi, and I suggest you read my reviews of those providers too!

Airalo eSIM Reviews

  • Global (Discover Global eSIM can be used in 85+ countries, so it will be an ongoing review)
  • Asia (Asialink eSIM can be used in 10+ Asian countries, so it will be an ongoing review)
  • Europe (Eurolink eSIM can be used in 35+ European countries, but I will be trying it out in more countries in 2023 and 2024 – I already did 11, so read ahead!)
  • /—-/
  • Australia (Yes! Go! – coming soon)
  • Canada (Tuque Mobile – coming soon)
  • Hong Kong (Hkmobile)
  • Italy (Eurolink)
  • Japan (Moshi Moshi – coming soon)
  • Netherlands (Hé Hé – coming soon)
  • New Zealand (Nzcom)
  • Portugal (Eurolink)
  • Singapore (Connect Lah! – coming soon)
  • South Korea (LG U+ – coming soon)
  • Spain (Eurolink)
  • Thailand (Dtac – coming soon)
  • United States (Change – coming soon)


  • Australia (being updated to add results of three more cities)
  • Canada (coming soon)
  • Hong Kong (coming soon)
  • New Zealand
  • Netherlands (coming soon)
  • Singapore (coming soon)
  • Thailand (coming soon)
  • United States (coming soon)


  • Europe (regional eSIM covering 11/12 countries)
  • Australia (coming soon)
  • Hong Kong (coming soon)
  • Indonesia (coming soon)
  • Macau (coming soon if entry requirements allow for it)
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore (coming soon)
  • Thailand (coming soon)


  • Canada
  • Hong Kong (coming soon)
  • Indonesia (coming soon)
  • Singapore (coming soon)
  • Thailand (coming soon)
  • United States


  • Australia (coming soon)