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SIM Cards in Singapore: The Best Prepaid Plans | 2024 Guide

The fresh and clean air of Singapore begs every traveler to come for a visit and enjoy what this island country has to offer. From the delicious food that tells a story with each bite to the people to the beautiful city that captivates and begs to be explored, Singapore is one of the most popular destinations in Asia. However, the city is so big, you will always need the internet to navigate around, and of course, let us not forget, staying in touch with your family back home.

That is right, in Singapore, staying connected is key, and finding the ideal SIM card can make all the difference for travelers. 

You need fast, reliable service at a good price, and I am here to help.

I will give you a no-nonsense run-through, ensuring you can focus on enjoying your trip, not sorting out your phone. I will offer you my expertise in SIM cards in Singapore, and you will be well-equipped to make the right choice.

Singapore's Top Mobile Operators for Prepaid SIM Cards

Now let us be real. Singapore is one of the more expensive countries to visit. And if you want to cram a lot more experiences, you should better manage your money wisely. On that note, the wisest thing you can do is get a local SIM.

The primary mobile operators offering prepaid SIM cards are:

  • Singtel
  • StarHub
  • M1 Singapore

Each of these is known for excellent 4G/LTE network coverage and quality service for subscribers. 

Regardless of whether you are marveling at the iconic Marina Bay Sands, enjoying the maze-like hawker centers, or traveling to neighboring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, or South Korea, these operators ensure you remain connected.

Among them, I really recommend opting for Singtel. It is probably the best SIM card in Singapore as it is renowned for its exceptional speed and extensive network coverage. 

This tourist SIM card for 100 GB of data for as low as 12 SGD (it also applies to M1).

But do not worry, I will give you enough info to make your own decision.

7 Reasons to Get a Local SIM Card 

You might be wondering why you should get a local SIM card in Singapore. I am here to explain! My video guide outlines seven compelling reasons. Click here to watch it.

Or if you already have your reading glasses on, stick with me!

First off, imagine having 100GB of local data at your fingertips, starting as low as 16 SGD—the deal of the century, if you ask me. 

That is enough to stream your favorite shows, navigate the city, or video call home without worrying about running out of data.

Plus, these local SIM cards offer the following benefits:

  • Bundled roaming data for use in multiple nearby countries, so you do not have to juggle multiple SIM cards on your trip
  • Feel like a local and even enjoy some savings
  • Always be connected and enjoy quality service across the local area
  • The package includes voice calls, roaming services, and IDD calls to 20 destinations, all without incurring roaming charges

With award-winning network coverage, you are guaranteed reliable connectivity for video calling and streaming. 

Additionally, while I generally don not advise getting tourist SIMs, in Singapore, they offer great value, so you can also choose that option. There are tourist SIM cards with 100 GB of data are sold for 12 SGD to 50 SGD. SIM cards are also sold at Singapore Changi Airport (SIN).

You can get SIM cards for between 8 SGD and 38 SGD from Singtel, 8 SGD to 50 SGD from StarHub, 10 SGD from SIMBA & 14 SGD to 27 SGD from M1. 

Be aware that SIM cards sold at airports can be more expensive than the prices mentioned earlier.

Use the Wise Currency Converter tool (free) for up-to-date SGD (Singapore Dollar) to your currency (let us say MYR – Malaysian Ringgit) exchange rates.

The Cost of SIM Cards and Their Value

Now that we have explored the benefits of a local SIM card, it is time to discuss the cost aspect. After all, as travelers, we are always seeking value. 

Prepaid SIM cards in Singapore range from 8 SGD to 50 SGD.

For as low as 12 SGD, you can snatch a tourist SIM card that provides up to 100 GB of data and includes additional benefits like local and international minutes and SMS. 

The question is, which operator offers the best bang for your buck? The answer lies in the details of each provider’s offerings.


Holding a solid 50% market share, Singtel is a major player, both locally and internationally, with significant investments in Australia (Optus), India (Bharti Airtel), Indonesia (Telkomsel), and the Philippines.

Coverage – Singtel

Singtel's coverage is stellar throughout Singapore, a feat that not only sets them apart from competitors but also underlines their market dominance. 

Here is a Speedtest-generated coverage map.

How to Get a Singtel SIM Card & SIM Card Price

In my experience, obtaining a Singtel Singapore SIM card is straightforward. The hi!Card is available in denominations of 8 SGD, 15 SGD, and 38 SGD at official Singtel shops, convenience stores like 7-Eleven or Cheers, and Singapore Changi Airport. Each price point offers varying data, credit, and validity:

  • 8 SGD: 1.5 GB data for 30 days, 10 SGD credit, 90 days validity.
  • 15 SGD: 3 GB data for 120 days + an extra 5 GB for 30 days, 15 SGD credit.
  • 38 SGD: 11 GB data for 30 days, with 3 GB usable in Malaysia, 180 days validity.

Top Up Options & Methods + Balance Check

Topping up is made easy with vouchers available at Singtel stores, supermarkets, and electronics shops. You can top up by calling 9676 7777 or online with international debit and credit cards. To check your balance, simply dial 100# or use the Singtel Prepaid hi!App.

Plans & Packages

Singtel caters to various needs with their prepaid plans:

  • Monthly Plans: These combo bundles include data (with 5G NR access), minutes, and SMS. Prices and benefits scale from 15 SGD for 20 GB to up to 40 SGD for 180 GB, with various combinations of local and international minutes and SMS, all valid for 30 days.
  • Data Plans: These are purely data offerings, starting from 10 SGD for 1 GB up to 30 SGD for 80 GB, all valid for 28 days.
  • SG•M'sia Data Pass: Specifically beneficial for travel between Singapore and Malaysia, this plan offers 1 GB for 10 SGD valid for 28 days.

APN/Internet Settings – Singtel

Name: Singtel

APN: hicard

My Take on Singtel

Having used Singtel myself, I find their service reliable whether I am streaming videos or navigating the city. It is safe to say that its consistent quality keeps Singtel as a top choice for locals and travelers alike.

APN/Internet Settings

  • Name: Singtel
  • APN: hicard


When I visited Singapore, I got the chance to use StarHub as well, the country's second-largest SIM card provider. 

Although it is often neck and neck with M1 Singapore in terms of subscriber numbers, StarHub consistently ranks as one of the best alongside Singtel. Despite not being the fastest according to Opensignal, I found their service reliable; Speedtest by Ookla suggests that Singtel might have an edge due to more extensive data collection.

Coverage – StarHub

Throughout my stay, I experienced excellent coverage with StarHub, a common feature across all Singaporean mobile operators, but still impressive.

How to Get a StarHub SIM Card & SIM Card Price

Getting a StarHub SIM card was easy. You can pick up one directly from StarHub stores, convenience stores like 7-Eleven or Cheers, and even at the airport. 

They offer SIM cards at three price points:

  • 8 SGD with 10 SGD credit, 1 GB of data for 30 days, and a 90-day validity.
  • 15 SGD with 15 SGD credit, 8 GB + 120 GB of social data (unlimited for Line, WeChat, and WhatsApp), 5000 local minutes, and 200 local SMS for 180 days.
  • 50 SGD with 50 SGD credit, 120 GB of data, 5 GB of roaming data in Happy Roam countries, and a 180-day validity.

Top Up Options & Methods + Balance Check

I topped up my StarHub SIM card at local grocery stores, electronics shops, and directly from StarHub stores. 

The process is straightforward—dial *123# and follow the instructions. Online recharge with international credit or debit cards is also available.

Plans & Packages

StarHub offers various plans which are easy to activate by dialing *123#:

  • Happy Data 30: For 30 SGD, you get 3 GB of data, 150 local minutes, and 1000 local SMS, valid for 30 days across multiple international locations including the US, UK, China, and more.
  • WOW Data Plans: Starting from 3 SGD for 1 GB valid for a day up to 25 SGD for 4 GB + extra data on Sundays, valid for 28 days.
  • Line & WeChat Plans: At 6 SGD, you get unlimited data for these apps, valid for 30 days.

Review – StarHub

From my experience, StarHub provided a dependable service that significantly enhanced my travel experience in Singapore. They offer comprehensive plans that cater well to both tourists and locals.

APN/Internet Settings – StarHub

For those who need to manually set up their internet, the APN settings for StarHub are straightforward:

  • Name: SH Data Prepaid
  • APN: shppd

M1 Singapore

While M1 Singapore often toggles between being the second and third-largest mobile operator in the country, it is a strong contender in the telecom space, providing robust services across the nation.

Coverage – M1 Singapore

M1 boasts excellent coverage across Singapore, a standard yet impressive feature shared among local operators. The coverage effectiveness is visually confirmed by Speedtest's coverage maps.

How to Get an M1 SIM Card & SIM Card Price

Acquiring an M1 SIM card, known as the M Card, was straightforward. Available for 14 SGD, 25 SGD, and 27 SGD, these can be purchased at M1 official stores or convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Cheers, and even at the airport. The cards come with varying data, minutes, and SMS allowances:

  • 14 SGD M Card: 4 GB data for 120 days, 14 SGD credit, 180 days validity.
  • 25 SGD M Card: 2 GB/day (totaling 56 GB), 5000 local minutes, 1000 local SMS, 28 days validity.
  • 27 SGD M Card: 3 GB/day (totaling 84 GB) plus an additional 16 GB, 5000 local minutes, 6000 local SMS, 28 days validity.

Top Up Options & Methods + Balance Check

M1 offers a variety of top-up options tailored to different needs, making it easy to stay connected whether you are focusing on local or international communications. Here is a detailed look at these options:

Stay Connected The Way You Want Top-Ups:

  • 10 SGD: Provides a credit of 10 SGD, valid for 120 days.
  • 18 SGD: Includes an 18 SGD credit plus a bonus 3 SGD credit valid for 30 days, with 1 GB of data, over 180 days.
  • 20 SGD: This top-up comes with 20 SGD credit, an additional 3 SGD bonus valid for 30 days, 2 GB of data valid for 7 days, and 60 SMS, over 180 days.

All-in-One Top-Ups:

  • 11 SGD: Offers 1 GB of data per day for 7 days, 100 local minutes, and 100 local SMS.
  • 16 SGD: Provides 1 GB of data per day for 14 days, 500 local minutes, and 500 local SMS.
  • 24 SGD: Includes 2 GB of data per day for 28 days, 5000 local minutes, and 1000 local SMS.
  • 26 SGD: Comes with 4 GB of data per day for 28 days, 5000 local minutes, and 1600 local SMS.
  • 58 SGD: Provides 2 GB of data per day for 84 days, 5000 local minutes every 28 days (totaling 15,000 minutes), and 1000 local SMS every 28 days (totaling 3000 SMS).

Power Up On Data and Voice:

  • 19 SGD: This plan includes 5 SGD of international credit, 2.5 GB of data, 1000 local minutes, and 500 local SMS, valid for 30 days.
  • 30 SGD: Offers 10 SGD of international credit, 5 GB of data, 1000 local minutes, and 1000 local SMS, valid for 30 days.

Additionally, M1 provides specific international minutes with some top-ups, such as 400 minutes to Bangladesh, 1000 minutes to China, 1000 minutes to India, 200 minutes to Indonesia, 500 minutes to Malaysia, and 80 minutes to the Philippines, enhancing the value for those needing to stay in touch across borders.

Also, topping up your  M1 SIM card is possible at various outlets including M1 stores and grocery stores. Dial #1001VoucherCode# to top up, or check your balance by dialing 10011# or 10021#. 

You can recharge online options are also available, supporting international credit or debit cards.

Online recharges are best done via their official app which you can download.

Plans & Packages

M1 offers diverse plans tailored to different needs:

  • Data Packs: Ranging from 2 SGD for 100 MB over three days up to 33 SGD for 150 GB over 30 days.
  • M1 Prepaid Tourist SIM Card Top Up: Specifically for tourists, this plan includes 300 MB data, 60 local minutes, 5 international minutes, and 100 local SMS for 1 day.
  • Social Packs: For social media enthusiasts, packages for WeChat, WhatsApp, or Facebook are available, such as 30 GB for 5 SGD valid for 30 days.

Review – M1 Singapore

My experience with M1 was quite satisfactory, providing consistent and reliable service throughout my visit. It is a solid choice for both short-term visitors with their tourist SIM options and locals needing robust mobile services.

APN/Internet Settings – M1 Singapore

For those setting up their devices manually, the required APN settings for M1 are simple:

  • Name: M1 
  • APN: sunsurf


Formerly known as TPG Mobile Singapore, SIMBA is the smallest mobile network operator in Singapore. The company, which began its telecom operations in 2020, received a telecom license in 2016 and commenced network construction in 2017.

Despite being the newest entrant in the Singapore telecom market, SIMBA is known for its postpaid plans, but it still has a single and very valuable prepaid plan that is worth looking into.

Coverage – SIMBA

SIMBA's network coverage is excellent across Singapore, a common trait among Singaporean mobile operators but still noteworthy. This extensive coverage ensures that connectivity issues are seldom a concern.

How to Get a SIMBA Mobile SIM Card & SIM Card Price

Purchasing a SIMBA SIM card is straightforward but bear in mind that they are not available at Singapore Changi Airport. The SIM card costs 10 SGD and comes loaded with 50 GB of data, 1 GB of roaming data applicable in several Asian countries, unlimited on-net calls, and 30 local SMS, all valid for 30 days. This makes it an attractive option for both residents and visitors.

Top Up Options & Methods + Balance Check

Top-ups for SIMBA are exclusively digital, aligning with modern conveniences. You can easily recharge your SIM and check your balance through the My SIMBA app which you can download on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or online, without the need to purchase physical top-up vouchers.

Plans & Packages

SIMBA keeps its offerings simple with one comprehensive prepaid plan:

  • Prepaid Plan: For 10 SGD, this plan provides 50 GB of data (100 GB during promotions), 1 GB of roaming data in select countries, unlimited on-net minutes, and 30 local SMS, valid for 30 days. This plan renews automatically, which can be managed online or via the app.
  • SIMBA supports Voice over LTE (VoLTE) for enhanced call quality. However, it does not provide Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi), which might be a drawback for users who rely on WiFi calling.

APN/Internet Settings – SIMBA (formerly TPG Mobile Singapore)

For those configuring their devices manually, here are the APN settings for SIMBA:

  • Name: SIMBA
  • APN: TPG

Where to Buy Prepaid SIM Cards in Singapore

Having a better grasp of what each provider offers, we will now discuss where to purchase your prepaid SIM card in Singapore. You can buy one at Changi International Airport or from official retail stores of mobile operators such as Singtel, StarHub, M1 Singapore, and SIMBA. While purchasing a prepaid SIM card at Changi Airport is convenient and available 24/7, it is generally more expensive compared to buying from official retail stores located in shopping malls. Therefore, if you are looking for the most cost-effective options for prepaid SIM cards in Singapore, the city center’s phone stores are your best bet.

Convenience Stores: Accessible and Varied Options

If you would rather purchase your prepaid SIM card once in the city, convenience stores spread across Singapore might be a feasible choice. These stores offer travelers the ease of purchasing local prepaid SIM cards. However, there is a catch. When buying a prepaid SIM card from convenience stores, you are required to undertake the self-registration and activation process. So while the purchase is straightforward, the set-up might require a bit more effort.

Mobile Operator Shops: Official Stores and Best Deals

To secure the best deals on prepaid SIM cards, consider visiting the official retail stores of mobile internet operators. These stores are located in the city center and bigger shopping malls in Singapore. It is recommended to buy a prepaid SIM card for Singapore in the city center for better deals.

In fact, as of February 2024, the best prepaid SIM card deals are available at:

Registration and Activation Process for Prepaid SIM Cards

When traveling to Singapore, opting for a prepaid SIM card plan can greatly enhance your connectivity and convenience. These plans typically offer unlimited incoming calls, allowing you to receive calls from anywhere without incurring additional charges. Additionally, you will be able to make local outgoing calls, making it easy to make reservations, book taxis, or simply stay in touch with fellow travelers or locals.

Here is a guide to help you get started with a prepaid SIM card in Singapore:

  1. Choose your plan: Look for prepaid SIM card plans that include unlimited incoming calls and an allowance for local outgoing calls. These features are ideal for travelers who need reliable communication without the worry of excessive fees.
  2. Registration and activation process: To activate your prepaid SIM card, you will need to undergo a simple registration process. Present your passport or a copy of it as the required documentation. This step ensures that your service is activated promptly and securely.
  3. Eligibility and restrictions: It is important to note that you must be at least 15 years old to purchase a prepaid SIM card in Singapore. Each traveler is allowed to have up to three active SIM cards at any one time. For those under 15, a parent can register the SIM card on their behalf.

With these steps, you will be well-equipped to stay connected during your visit to Singapore, enjoying both the convenience of unlimited incoming calls and the utility of local outgoing calls through your prepaid SIM plan.

So what About eSIMs?

For those who prefer the convenience of eSIM cards, head to my 2024 eSIM Singapore guide and check out the best options on the market.