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6 Best Prepaid SIM Cards in Estonia: Buying Guide

Estonia is one of the 3 countries that make up the Baltic states together with Latvia and Lithuania. It is also regarded as a digital nation because a lot of governmental services are offered online nowadays.

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is known for its cozy Old Town and has plenty of churches to see, like the St. Nicholas church. You can also go to Tartu where you can see the Kissing Students fountain. The Lahemaa National Park is certainly a must-see attraction, and you can find more castles and lighthouses in Kuressaare. You will not be bored in Estonia.

What may not be fun is getting a high bill from your operator because you decided to roam with your provider (unless you are from the European Union/EEA – then you can roam for free in Estonia with certain conditions). Roaming can be expensive in many cases, which is why many travelers prefer to buy a local SIM card in Estonia.

In this article, I will go over everything you need to know about buying a SIM card in Estonia. Let's get started.

Telecom Providers in Estonia

Estonia has 3 telecom providers: Telia Estonia, Elisa Estonia, and Tele2 Estonia. All operators have 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE networks.

Estonia is a digital nation, which can be noticed when comparing the coverage of the three operators. Coverage and speeds are about the same with all operators. Of course, one operator may be a bit faster than the other in certain places, but you do not have to worry about coverage unless you go to extremely rural Estonia. Then, you may notice that only 1 or 2 operators are active in that region. Luckily, the chance of you experiencing this is low.

Also, each operator has 2 prepaid brands. The differences between the two are usually the price of the SIM card and the prices you pay for the packages.

Best SIM Card in Estonia

If you want to buy a SIM card in Estonia, I would recommend going with any operator because all of them offer low prices and have good coverage throughout the country.

However, to get the most out of €1, you can get a Super SIM card (by Telia) for €1 that comes with 50 MB and will get you 1 GB for free if you confirm your email address through the Super app. The €1 can be used for 200 MB, meaning that the max. amount of data you can get for €1 is 50 MB + 1 GB + 200 MB = 1250 MB.

SIM cards are called Kõnekaart and are available in official stores, R-Kiosks, and supermarkets.

Like some countries in Europe, you do not need to show your passport when buying an Estonian SIM card.

You will notice that data rates in Estonia are low (like all Baltic states and some countries in Eastern Europe). Estonia is part of the European Union. As of June 2017, a new regulation has been enforced, which is known as roam at like home, meaning that those with a European Union (or EEA) SIM card should be allowed to use (some) of their data allowance in other EU/EEA countries without a surcharge.

Because domestic data rates are so low in Estonia, the Estonian operators have opted-out from this regulation, meaning that they are not required to give those with an Estonian SIM card free roaming allowance. Instead, some operators have a Fair-use data roaming policy, sell roaming packages, or allow you to roam for relatively low rates.

Normally, I do not recommend buying SIM cards at airports because they charge you a tourist premium. In the case of Estonia, however, I would recommend getting a SIM card at the airport (if flying into Tallinn Airport). None of the operators have stores at Tallinn Airport, but there is an R-Kiosk that sells SIM cards. They sell them at standard prices, so there is no need to wait until you get to town to buy an Estonian SIM card.

With that being said, let’s see what Estonia has to offer to us.

Telia Estonia (Super & Simpel)

Telia Logo
Super by Telia Estonia Logo
Simpel by Telia Estonia Logo

Telia Estonia, just Telia, is a popular operator in Estonia, together with Tele2. To be fair, all operators are popular in this country because the subscriber numbers are almost the same with each operator.

Telia has 2 prepaid brands: Super & Simpel. Remember, the difference between the two brands is mainly the names, prices for the SIM cards, and the prices for the data packs.

You can get Super and Simpel SIM cards in Telia stores, R-Kiosks, and many supermarkets. It is better to buy a SIM card or get a top-up voucher from an R-Kiosk or supermarket because Telia charges a €1 administration fee per top-up. When I tried buying a Super SIM card in the Viru Mall in Tallinn, the salesperson told me to get my SIM card and recharge voucher from the R-Kiosk across the store because the kiosk does not charge you a fee.

Initially, I thought the salesperson could not be bothered to help me out and wanted me gone. However, I later learned that they were trying to save me money (even though it is just €1). So yeah, I was not annoyed anymore.


Super by Telia Estonia Logo

A Super SIM card is sold for €1 in various stores and comes with €1 in credit. You can also order it online, although that has to be a SEPA transfer (transfer from within the European Union). Since these SIM cards are so accessible, I would not bother ordering your SIM card online. There are so many R-Kiosks in Estonia, so why wait for the delivery?

As mentioned earlier, the SIM card comes with €1 in credit. €1 is enough for 200 MB (standard data rates). However, for a few euros more, you can get more data.

Do note that if you download the Super app and confirm your email address, you will get 1 GB for free. That, together with the initial 50 MB and 200 MB you can use with the starter credit, you can get 1250 MB with Super for €1, which is the best deal you can get for 1 GB in Estonia. 

Before you can use your SIM card, you need to make a call to an Estonian number. I would recommend calling Telia customer service at 7010 1104 for free so that you can keep the €1.

The Super app on Android is sleek. As I do not have an iPhone, I have no idea if it is any good on iOS, but I assume it is too.

The following Super combo packs are available. The data allowance can only be used in Estonia. All plans are valid for 30 days:

  • €2: 2 GB, unlimited calls to Super numbers, and 100 SMS. Activation: Super App
  • €3: 5 GB, 130 minutes, and 500 SMS. Activation: Top up at least €3 (auto-activation)
  • €6: 4 GB, unlimited calls to Super numbers, 75 minutes to other Estonian numbers, and 200 SMS. Activation: Super App
  • €8: 5 GB, 130 minutes, and 500 SMS. Activation: Top up at least €8 (auto-activation)
  • €12: 5 GB, unlimited calls to Super numbers, 200 minutes to other Estonian numbers, and 600 SMS. Activation: Super App

There is also the Super X plan. Super X is advertised as the plan for travelers. It costs €3 and comes with unlimited calls and messages in Estonia and the EU. For data, you will pay €0.002 per MB and €1 per 500 MB. After that, you will not pay anything more for the remainder of the day. Not a bad deal, I would say.

You can check your balance in the Super app, which I highly recommend you to download when getting a Super SIM card. You do not even have to create an account to use the app. The only thing you need to get started is your Super phone number. Else, you can dial *123# to see your data consumption or *143# to see your general balance. You will, however, be charged €0.06 for this service.

If you only want data, then you can get one of the following monthly Telia data packs:

  • €1: 250 MB. Activation: dial *147*250#
  • €2: 1 GB. Activation: dial *147*1#
  • €3: 3 GB. Activation: dial *147*3#
  • €5: 5 GB. Activation: dial *147*5#
  • €8: 10 GB. Activation: dial *147*10#

RELATED: If you are interested in getting a Super SIM card, do not do so yet without reading my Super review. I tried Super out when I was in Tallinn for a few days. I had a pleasant experience, but the question is how good is Super? You will find out after reading my Super review.


Simpel by Telia Estonia Logo

Simpel is the other prepaid brand of Telia. A Simple SIM card costs €2.95 and comes with €2.95 in credit and 50 MB. The standard data rate is €1 per GB, which is also your daily Pay-As-You-Go data limit. But you can get another GB by texting DATA to 9123.

The following Simpel combo packs are available. They do come with an EU data allowance, which will be mentioned clearly. All packs are valid for 30 days:

  • €4: 1 GB, max. 1 GB EU cap, 3000 minutes/SMS to Telia numbers (including Super). Activation: dial *599*4#
  • €9: 4 GB, max. 3.34 GB EU cap, unlimited calls to Telia numbers, 600 minutes to other Estonian numbers, and 600 SMS to all Estonian numbers. Activation: dial *599*9#

If you solely want data, then you can add one of the Telia data packs. You will notice that the allowances and prices are the same offered to Super. The difference between the Super and Simple data packs is that Simple offers an EU cap, while Super does not:

  • €1: 250 MB (max. 250 MB EU data). Activation: dial *147*250#
  • €2: 1 GB (max. 0.8 GB EU data). Activation: dial *147*1#
  • €3: 3 GB (max. 1.5 GB EU data). Activation: dial *147*3#
  • €5: 5 GB (max. 1.9 GB EU data). Activation: dial *147*5#
  • €8: 10 GB (max. 3 GB EU data). Activation: dial *147*10#

Elisa Estonia (+ Zen)

Elisa Logo

Elisa Estonia, just Elisa, is originally from Finland but is also active in Estonia. Elisa also has a prepaid direct to the youth called Zen. The main difference between Elisa and Zen are the prices and allowances.


Elisa Logo

Elisa SIM cards are sold in official Elisa stores, R-Kiosks, and many supermarkets for €1. The SIM card comes with €1 in credit as well. Top-up cards are sold in many stores too, including the post office (Eesti Post). You activate the credit by dialing *135*VOUCHER CODE#. If your activation code is 123456, you would dial *135*123456#. You can check your balance by dialing *135*1#. Dial *135*923# first to change the system messages from Estonian to English.

The following Elisa combo packs are available:

  • €3: Unlimited calls to Elisa numbers and 3 hours to Telia and Tele2 numbers (note: no data or SMS). Activation: call 95003
  • €6: 1 GB, unlimited calls to Elisa numbers, 6 hours to Telia and Tele2 numbers, and 100 SMS. Activation: call 95006
  • €9: 5 GB, Unlimited calls to Elisa numbers, 9 hours to Telia and Tele2 numbers, 1 hour to EU nation numbers and Russian numbers, and 100 local SMS. Activation: call 95009

If you only need data, then the following Elisa data packs may be of interest:

  • €1: 500 MB for 1 day. Activation: text NET4G1 to 95000
  • €5: 2 GB for 7 days. Activation: text NET4G7 to 95000
  • €7: 8 GB for 30 days. Activation: text NET4G30 to 95000
  • €7: 15 GB (at 2 Mbps) for 30 days. Activation: text NET4G30L to 95000
  • €10: 12 GB for 30 days. Activation: text NET30 to 95000
  • €20: 25 GB for 30 days. Activation: text NET4G30XL to 95000

Officially, none of these data packs include an EU roaming allowance. However, when I tried using my Elisa SIM card in the Netherlands as a test, I was actually able to roam with Elisa, even though I was not supposed to. The standard roaming rate is €0.72 per MB or €7.24 per GB, but I used more than 1 MB when trying the SIM card in the Netherlands (I still had my €1 initial credit, so I was not consuming that).

Either way, I would not count on roaming to work every time, but you can always give it a shot.


Zen by Elisa Logo

Zen is the youth brand of Elisa. You can get a Zen SIM in many stores, including Elisa stores and R-Kiosks, for €3, and you get €3 in credit as well.

As mentioned before, the main difference between an Elisa or a Zen SIM card is the price for the SIM cards and some of the packages. Zen has different combo packs than Elisa, but you can buy the same data packs as Elisa customers. You can find the Elisa data packs in the section above.

The following monthly Zen combo packs are available for purchase. All plans come with unlimited calls to other Zen numbers

  • €4: 250 MB and 400 minutes. Activation: call 95004
  • €5: 1 GB, 500 minutes, and 300 SMS. Activation: call 95005
  • €8: 5 GB, 600 minutes, and 600 SMS. Activation: call 95008
  • €15: 15 GB, unlimited calls, and 600 SMS. Activation: call 95015

If you are only interested in speeds, then the Zen internet passes are available:

  • €1: 500 MB for 1 day. Activation: text NET4G1 to 95000
  • €5: 2 GB for 7 days. Activation: text NET4G7 to 95000
  • €7: 8 GB for 30 days. Activation: text NET4G30to 95000
  • €7: 15 GB (throttled to 2 Mbps) for 30 days. Activation: text NET10 to 15300
  • €10: 12 GB for 30 days. Activation: text NET4G30L to 95000
  • €20: 25 GB for 30 days. Activation: text NET4G30XL to 95000

Zen has different roaming packages for those who wish to roam within the EU or to other countries.

Tele2 Estonia (+ Smart)

Smart by Tele2 Estonia Logo

Tele 2 Estonia, just Tele2, is the last operator in Estonia. It launched another prepaid brand called Smart in addition to its regular prepaid brand called Tele2. Recharge cards are sold in many stores. Change the operator messages from Estonian to English by dialing *109*2#. To check your balance, dial *245# (€0.05 fee applies).


A Tele2 SIM card is sold for €4 in Tele2 stores, R-kiosks, and many supermarkets. The starter pack comes with 3 GB, 300 minutes, and 30 SMS. You can add one of these three combo packs:

  • €4: 3 GB, 300 minutes, and 300 SMS. Activation: text KH395 to 95002
  • €7: 6 GB, 1000 minutes, and 1000 SMS. Activation: text KH695 to 95002
  • €10:  12 GB, 1000 minutes, and 1000 SMS. Activation: text KH995 to 95002

You send the activation code to 95002 for €0.05 per text to activate your plan of choice.

Tele2 charges you €0.05 per text for activating a data pack through SMS. If you would like the combo pack to auto-renew, remove H from the activation code. For example, if I wanted the €7 pack to auto-renew, I would text K695 to 05002 instead of KH695.

Only need data? Then these Tele2 data packs may be for you:

  • €2: 1 GB. Activation: text D195 to 95002
  • €5: 5 GB. Activation: text D495 to 95002
  • €8: 7 GB. Activation: text D795 to 95002
  • €20: Unlimited data. Activation: text DALL to 95002

You activate your plan by sending the activation code to 95002 for €0.05 per text.

None of these plans have an EU cap. You will pay €0.005 per MB or €5 per GB if you decide to roam within the EU/EEA with Tele2.

You can also get a Tele2 data-only SIM card, Prepaid Internet, for €4 that comes with 5 GB for a week in Tele2 stores. The standard rate is €1 per day, up to 1 GB. The following data packs can be added to Tele2’s prepaid internet SIM card:

  • €3.50: 5 GB for 7 days. Activation: text DATA5 to 95002
  • €9.50: 15 GB for 30 days. Activation: text DATA15 to 95002
  • €15: 30 GB for 30 days. Activation: text DATAXL to 95002

As you already know, you send the activation code to 95002 (€0.05 fee per text).


Smart by Tele2 Estonia Logo

Smart SIM cards are sold for €1 in various stores and come with €1 in credit and 250 MB to be used within 30 days. You can add regular Tele2 data packs to your Smart SIM card, which have been listed in the section above.

Which Estonian SIM Card is the Best?

Now that you know everything you need to know about telecom providers in Estonia, you may be wondering which SIM card is the best for you. I made an Estonian SIM Card comparison article where I go through Elisa, Telia, and Tele2 more in-depth, comparing their packages, speeds, and coverage.

It is a good read where I take certain scenarios into account that may apply to you (such as spending a certain amount on data packages like €5, €10 and €20, wanting to roam within the EU, and speeds).

Be sure sure to check out the Best Estonian SIM Card comparison post.

Other Ways to Stay Connected When Traveling in Estonia

Being redone.

The Best Way to Stay Connected When Traveling in Estonia

Getting a SIM card from Elisa, Telia, or Tele2 would do you well when considering an Estonian SIM card.

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