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2 Best Prepaid SIM Cards in Brunei: Buying Guide

This guide be is being updated on the 24th of December. Information may seem to be missing or out of place in the meantime.

Original publication: 16th of December 2019. Last updated: 24th of December 2020.

Table of Contents

Mobile Operators, Networks & Frequencies in Brunei

Brunei is a relatively small country in Southeast Asia. With a population of more than 400000, you should not expect that much choice in terms of telecom providers. DST and Progresif have a duopoly in Brunei. DST has the most subscribers and best coverage in the country but has the highest rates. Progresif has a decent 3G network (while DST has 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE networks).

Best SIM Card Brunei

If you want to buy a SIM card in Brunei, I would recommend going with DST. As they have the best coverage and multiple networks, you will experience good service with them. Progresif should only be considered if knowing you will stay in one area where they have coverage. Else you will experience patchy service.

SIM Card Registration in Brunei

SIM cards can be bought in the official stores. Be sure to bring your passport with you to register the SIM card. If you, for some reason, manage to get an unregistered SIM card, service will stop working after a week.

Annual License Fee (Scrapped)

Every SIM card will be charged a yearly license fee of BND 25 to the government. If you are opting in for a tourist SIM card, you will pay less.


DST Logo

DST is the largest operator in Brunei. They are also regarded as the best operator, but you pay a premium for its high quality of service.

This is what you will learn about DST:

* Coverage
* How to Get DST SIM Cards (Regular + Tourist) & SIM Card Prices
* SIM Card Activation
* Topping-Up Options & Methods
* Plans, Packages & Bundles
* APN Settings

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Coverage – DST

DST has the best coverage in Brunei.

Coverage will be great in places close to the roads. Reception in the mountains or forests will be poor to non-existent.

DST Coverage Map

SIM Card Prices (Easi & Easi Tourist) – DST

DST prepaid SIM card packs, called Easi SIM Packs, are available at DST branches across Brunei. The SIM cards are officially free, but you need to recharge at least 20 BND to activate them.

You can also get the Easi Tourist SIM, which is DST's SIM card aimed at short-term visitors. The Tourist SIM costs 15 BND and features 3 GB and 3 BND in credit for 7 days.

DST Easi SIM Card

The SIM card itself is valid for 30 days, which cannot be extended, but it can be topped up with Easi Recharge Cards, and regular Easi Add Ons can be added when the Tourist Plan expires.

The Easi Tourist SIM is available at Brunei International Airport and several other branches in Brunei:

  • DST Airport Branch
  • DST Yayasan Branch
  • DST Rimba Branch
  • DST Incomm The Mall Branch
  • DST Incomm Samsung Experience Store
  • DST Incomm Seria

It is possible to purchase a regular DST SIM card at Brunei International Airport. However, that is at the discretion of the salesperson you are dealing with.

SIM Card Activation – DST

Both the regular Easi SIM card and Easi Tourist SIM card have to be activated by making a call or by sending a text message before use.

I recommend calling DST Care at 151. Once you make your activation call, you will be prompted to select your preferred language (English or Malay).

Top-Ups & Recharges – DST

Top-up cards for the Easi SIM card, called Easi Recharge Cards, are available in DST branches and authorized DST dealers. They are sold in values between 2 BND to 100 BND.

Recharge AmountBonus CreditValidity
2 BNDN/A2 days 
5 BND 0.80 BND7 days 
10 BND 2 BND15 days 
20 BND 5 BND 35 days 
40 BND 12 BND 75 days 
100 BND 32 BND 300 days 

To activate your Easi Recharge Card, dial *103*VoucherCode#.

Dial *102# to check your balance, and *106# to check your bonus balance.

Plans, Packages, Bundles & Offers – DST

DST offers several types of bundles, also known as Easi Add-Ons, which are the Combo Add-Ons with internet, minutes & SMS, and the Data Add-Ons with just internet.

Easi Combo Add-Ons – DST

The Combo Add-Ons are combo bundles with data, minutes, and SMS.

The following Combo Add-Ons are available, which can be purchased by dialing *133#:

PricePlanDataLocal MinutesLocal SMSValidity
8 BNDCombo 81 GB60 minutes60 SMS7 days 
22 BND Combo 223 GB 200 minutes120 minutes30 days 

Dial *133# to check your Combo Add-On balance.

Easi Data Add-Ons – DST

The Data Add-Ons are data-only bundles.

The following Data Add-Ons can be purchased by dialing *133#:

3 BND 1 GB1 day 
5 BND 1.5 GB3 days 
10 BND2 GB30 days 
10 BND 3 GB7 days 
16 BND 5 GB7 days 
20 BND 7 GB30 days 
20 BND 9 GB 7 days 
40 BND 10 GB30 days 
60 BND 20 GB 30 days 

Dial *133# to check your Data Add-On balance.

APN Settings – DST

  • Name: DSTCom
  • APN: dst.internet

Note: leave anything not mentioned above untouched


Progresif Logo

Progresif is the second-largest operator in Brunei. They are know for having competitive rates.

Coverage – Progresif

Progresif Coverage Map

SIM Card Price – Progresif

Top-Ups & Recharges – Imagine

Plans, Packages, Bundles & Offers – Progresif

APN Settings – Progresif

  • Name: Progresif
  • APN: pcsbwap

Note: leave anything not mentioned above untouched


Imagine Logo

Coverage – Imagine

Imagine Coverage Map

SIM Card Price (Wish SIM Cards) – Imagine

Imagine SIM card starter packs, called Wish Starter, are sold for 15 BND in Imagine Centers.

Top-Up & Recharges – Imagine

Top UpBonus DataBonus Data ValidityValidity Extension
5 BND 0.5 GB7 days90 days 
10 BND 0.5 GB7 days90 days 
25 BND1 GB14 days 180 days 
55 BND 1 GB 14 days 180 days 

Plans, Packages, Bundles & Offers – Imagine

Combo Boosters
PriceBoosterDataLocal MinutesLocal SMSValidity
7 BNDCombo 11 GB30 minutes120 minutes 30 days 
15 BND Combo 25 GB 120 minutes120 SMS30 days 
Data Boosters
3 BND 1 GB7 days between 12:00-18:00
4 BND1 GB30 days 
6 BND2 GB for social media 7 days
7 BND 3 GB for video streaming7 days
9 BND3 GB30 days 
12 BND5 GB30 days 

APN Settings – Imagine

Other Ways to Stay Connected When Traveling in Brunei

Being redone.

The Preferred Way to Stay Connected When Traveling in Brunei

Getting a SIM card from DST would do you well when considering a Brunei SIM card.