Best Prepaid SIM Card on Ascension Island: Buying Guide

Ascension Island is a volcano island in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is about 1600 kilometers away from mainland Africa and about 2300 kilometers away from South America (specifically Brazil).

Although not the most popular travel destination in neither Africa nor South America, so do like to see the island (every now and then). Others go to Ascension Island as part of their job.

Regardless of your purpose of travel for Ascension Island, you do need to know that everything is expensive here – literally everything.

Then again, it is an extremely remote island.

The last thing you would want to do is roam internationally on Ascension Island. Mostly because most operators do not have roaming agreements with Ascension Island. But also because the roaming rates are basically highway robbery. Or piracy because we are talking about an island.

So how expensive are SIM cards on Ascension Island, and how much will data cost you?

You can get a Sure Ascension Island Pay As You Go SIM card, the only SIM card available here, for 30 GBP (42 USD) with 10 GBP (14 USD) in credit. The largest data package with 250 MB costs 20 GBP (28 USD).

7 Reasons Why You Should Get Local Prepaid SIM Cards When Traveling video

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No, that was not a typo – MB, not GB. The island does not even have a data package with 1 GB for prepaid customers.

Not only that, but speeds are slow here too to add insult to injury.

Even then, you probably want to stay connected while on Ascension Island. Otherwise, you would not be on this guide.

In this guide, I will go over everything you need to know about buying a SIM card on Ascension Island. Let's go.

Buying a SIM Card on Ascension Island Guide (logo of Sure South Atlantic)

Original publication: 17th of July 2020. Last updated: 10th of May 2021.

Table of Contents

Can You Buy a SIM Card on Ascension Island?

Anyone visiting Ascension Island can buy a SIM card from the only mobile operator – Sure Ascension Island (Sure South Atlantic) – without any restrictions.

Do note that your phone needs to support the right frequencies to use it while on Ascension Island.

Where Can You Buy a SIM Card on Ascension Island?

You can get an Ascension Island SIM Card in the official Sure Ascension Island store in Georgetown.

You can expect to pay the following for an Ascension Island SIM card:

Can You Use Your Phone on Ascension Island?

Ascension Island uses GSM technology for mobile communications. CDMA phones will not work on Ascension Island. However, there is a 99/100 chance that your phone supports GSM.

Traditional European frequencies are used on Ascension, which are mostly used in ITU Regions 1 & 3 (Africa, Asia (including the Middle East), Europe & Oceania).

The Americas (North-, Central– & South America + the Caribbean – ITU Region 2) use American Frequencies, which differ from the European ones.

ITU Regions Map
By Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa) – Own work, using this fileOpens in a new tab. by Denelson83, CC BY-SA 2.5Opens in a new tab.

If you bought your phone in Africa, Asia, Europe, or Oceania (ITU regions 1 & 3), you should not experience any issues with using your phone on Ascension Island. Do note that there is no 3G on Ascension Island.

If you purchased your phone in the Americas (ITU Region 2) and have a low/medium-end device (without Tri-Band or Quad-Band) support, then there is a possibility you cannot use your phone when on Ascension Island or can only on 2G.

If you have a medium/high-end device with Tri-Band or Quad-Band support, you can use your phone on Ascension Island.

Mobile Operator, Networks, and Frequencies on Ascension Island

Ascension Island has only one mobile network operator:

The following frequencies are on Ascension Island:

  • 2G: 900 MHz
  • 4G/LTE: 1800 MHz (Band 3)

You can learn more about frequencies in the video below.

Will Your Phone Work Abroad? Mobile Frequencies & ITU Regions Explained video

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To check whether your phone will work on Ascension Island, check out this pageOpens in a new tab. by Will My Phone Work.

Again, make sure your phone is unlocked. Otherwise, you will not be able to use any SIM card except the one from your home operator (meaning you have to roam internationally or buy another unlocked phone that does support the frequencies listed above).

If you want to learn how international roaming works, this guide explains it in-depth. If you wonder why it is often so expensive to roam, this article explains the hidden reason they do not want you to know.

5G on Ascension Island

5G is not available on Ascension Island as of 2021. The local government nor Sure Ascension Island (Sure South Atlantic) have not made plans or statements on when 5G will be rolled out on the island.

Best Prepaid SIM Card on Ascension Island

If you want to buy the best SIM card on Ascension Island, then Sure is your only option. Do note that the price of 1 GB of data will cost you more than 100 GBP.

SIM Card Registration on Ascension Island

SIM card registration, with the use of your passport information, is not necessary nor done on Ascension Island.

Ascension Island Prices & Insights

Flag of Ascension Island

The Ascension Island is a remote island in the South Atlantic Ocean. The island is still thousands of kilometers away from any shore.

Unlike other island nations in Africa that are relatively close to continental Africa (Cape Verde, Comoros, Madagascar, Mayotte, and Réunion), Ascension Island, together with Saint Helena and Tristan da Cunha, are not linked to any submarine cables. As a result, they have to rely on satellite connections, which are much slower than submarine cables and much more expensive.

Even the government of Ascension Island states that the use of the internet is expensive in their information for new Ascension Island Government Staff documentOpens in a new tab. and confirms the satellite use and slowness of the internet.   

To give you an idea of how expensive satellite use is, the largest prepaid data bundle you can get is 250 MB for 20 GBP, which comes down to about 25 USD. So 1 GB would cost you about 100 GBP (125 USD).

(Un)fortunately, Sure Ascension Island does not allow you to purchase multiple data bundles at the same time. So you are either stuck at 250 MB for 20 GBP or use more data at standard data rates upon exhausting your data bundle.

Let’s say you purchase the 250 MB bundles (20 GBP – 25 USD) and use up to 1 GB while you are on the island. The standard data rate is 0.12 GBP/MB. 1024 MB – 250 MB = 774 MB. 0.12 GBP * 774 MB = 92.88 GBP (115.95 USD). 92.88 GBP + 20 GBP = 112.88 GBP (140.90 USD).

1 GB of data on Ascension Island would cost at least 140.90 USD, which is triple the price average price for 1 GB of data in Equatorial Guinea, the most expensive country to get mobile data on mainland Africa.

If you plan on using free WIFI hotspots instead while on Ascension Islands to avoid these high costs, think again. Residential broadband internet packages are priced at 56.98 GBP for 4 GB/month and 139.75 GBP for about 14 GB/month with capped download speeds (1 Mbps and 1.5 Mbps, respectively), according to Sure Ascension IslandOpens in a new tab..

Businesses can get around 67 GB/month for 1448.03 GBP. So do not expect to find (m)any open WIFI connections while on Ascension Island.

There is good news, however. SAEx1, also known as South Atlantic ExpressOpens in a new tab., is a planned submarine cable that wants to link Cape Town, South Africa, to Fortaleza, Brazil. The cable will also have branches to Ascension Island, which will (finally) result in more accessible and affordable internet, as the island territory will not have to depend on satellites anymore.

The SEAx1 cable currently has a Ready For Service date (RFS) in the 3rd quarter of 2021. Hopefully, affordable and fast internet will be a thing on Ascension Island from then on.

Currency on Ascension Island

Ascension Island uses the Pound Sterling, which is also known as the British Pound with the symbol GBP (which will be used throughout this article). Prices on Ascension Island are listed in £. For example, 25 GBP = £25. For reference, below are some exchange rates between GBP and USD (US Dollars – Rounded):

  • 1 GBP = 1.25 USD
  • 10 GBP = 12.30 USD
  • 100 GBP = 123.00 USD

For up-to-date GBP:USD exchange rates, search GBP to USD on Google, or replace USD with the currency you use.

If your credit/debit card charges you foreign exchange fees, get yourself a Wise Borderless Account and Debit Card. Their fees are MUCH lower than banks, and credit card companies charge you (and Wise is transparent about their fees, unlike banks). I have saved literal THOUSANDS of Euros, my main currency, when using Wise abroad when traveling compared to my debit and credit cards. Open a Wise account FREE!

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Ascension Island Prepaid SIM Card

Below, I will guide you through Sure Ascension Island and go through:

  • Background information
  • Mobile coverage
  • SIM card types, prices, and availability
  • Recharge / top-up information
  • Combo plans, data plans, and special packs (such as social media packs) 

With that being said, let’s see what Ascension Island has to offer to us.

Sure Ascension Island

Sure Telecom Logo
© Sure South Atlantic

Sure Ascension IslandOpens in a new tab., just Sure – but officially known as Sure South Atlantic – is the sole operator on Ascension Island. It has a(n expensive) monopoly on the island.

This is what you will learn about Sure:

* Coverage
* How to Get a Sure SIM Card & SIM Card Price
* Topping-Up Options & Methods
* Plans & Packages
* APN/Internet Settings

Click on the links above to jump to the section you are interested in.

Coverage – Sure Ascension Island

Sure has decent coverage throughout Ascension Island.

Ascension Island is, as the name implies, an island. It is mountainous, and the population is concentrated around various spots throughout the island.

Therefore, you will mostly get reception in busy areas (Georgetown) and around the major roads.

The coverage map shown below may not be an accurate representation because of the low number of users that use the Speedtest app for tests (it is simply too expensive to do so). However, it can help you lower your expectations while on the island.

SIM Card Price – Sure Ascension Island

You can buy a Sure SIM card, called Sure Pay As You Go (PAYG), for 30 GBP with 10 GBP in credit in the Sure storeOpens in a new tab. in Georgetown.

You may have to call 453 to activate your Sure PAYG SIM card.

Sure SIM cards become inactive (deactivated) if there has been no activity for 60 days (no top-up, no data used, no call made, or no SMS sent for 60 days).

Top-Up & Recharge – Sure Ascension Island

Sure top-up cards are sold at the Sure storeOpens in a new tab. and other stores, including grocery stores, convenience stores, and gas stations.

To top-up your Sure SIM card, dial *177*VoucherCode*.

For example, if your voucher code is 123456, you would dial *177*123456#.

Dial *178# to check your Sure balance.

Packages, Plans, Bundles & Offers – Sure Ascension Island

Sure has only one data-featured bundle, which are the two data bundles.

The following Data Bundles are available:

10 GBP100 MB30 days*173*100#
20 GBP250 MB30 days*173*250#

These are, indeed, small data bundles. For comparison, the standard data rate is 0.12 GBP/MB, which comes down to about 120 GBP/GB.

APN/Internet Settings – Sure Ascension Island

  • Name: SUREASC

Note: leave anything not mentioned above untouched.

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Is There A Cheaper Way to Get Mobile Data on Ascension Island?

Normally, getting a local prepaid SIM card of the destination you are visiting is the best way to stay connected when traveling. However, you have already learned that SIM cards and mobile data are expensive io Ascension Island.

Reasonably priced mobile hotspots do not work here.

My favorite international SIM card, Surfroam, will charge you 15 EUR/MB or 15 360 EUR/GB. Travel SIM cards covering Ascension islands do not seem to exist (and if you manage to find one, they will charge you outrageous rates.

International roaming is usually expensive, especially compared to local data or combo packages.

Sure Ascension Island has partnered up with several operators abroad, which allow them to roam internationally on Ascension Island, which are:

Roaming PartnerServices AvailableService Type
O2 UKVoice, SMS & DataPrepaid & Postpaid
Vodafone UKVoice & SMSPrepaid & Postpaid
3 AustriaVoice & SMSPrepaid & Postpaid
Sure Falkland IslandsVoice, SMS & DataPostpaid
Ooredoo QatarVoice, SMS & DataPostpaid
Verizon (USA)Voice & SMSPostpaid
SOFTBANK Corp (Japan)Voice & SMSPostpaid
MTN (South Africa)Voice & SMSPrepaid & Postpaid
Telecom Italia (TIM)Voice & SMSPrepaid & Postpaid
Sure – Jersey / Guernsey & Isle of ManVoice & SMSPostpaid
T-Mobile USAVoice & SMSPostpaid
CV Móvel (Cape Verde)Voice & SMSPrepaid & Postpaid
Cell C (South Africa)Voice & SMSPostpaid
Sure St Helena*Voice & SMSPrepaid & Postpaid

* Not officially mentioned on the roaming page of Sure Ascension Island, but Sure St Helena confirms you can roam with a Sure St Helena SIM card on Ascension Island (1 GBP/min – SMS rate is unknown)

That is a relatively small list. Moreover, only three operators can data roam on Ascension Island, which are:

O2 UK Roaming on Ascension Island

O2 UK lists St Helena instead as a destination you can roam with if you have an O2 business/corporate subscription. St Helena, Ascension Island, and Tristan da Cunha are often grouped together, so I assume those rates apply to Ascension Island as well.

With O2 UK’s business roaming, you have two options for roaming on Ascension Island: Rest of World 24 Hour Pass & Rest of the World 30 Pass.

The Rest of the World 24 hour pass costs 7.50 GBP and comes with 5 MB for 24 hours. Moreover, you will be charged 1.20 GBP/min for making a local call or a call back to the UK. Incoming calls are charged at 0.85 GBP/min, and sending an SMS will cost you 0.40 GBP.

The Rest of the World 30 Day Pass costs 99 GBP and comes with 50 MB for 30 days. A local call or a call to the UK will costs you 1.20 GBP/min. Receiving a call costs 0.85 GBP/min, and sending an SMS will cost you 0.40 GBP/SMS.

Ooredoo Qatar Roaming on Ascension Island

Ooredoo Qatar does not list either Ascension Island or St Helena on their roaming pageOpens in a new tab..

Sure Falkland Island Roaming on Ascension Island

Sure Falkland Islands only lists their call and SMS rates. Moreover, Sure Ascension Island is not even mentioned on their preferred roaming partners list.

In short, there does not seem to be a cheaper way to get on the internet while on Ascension Island, unless you are staying there for more than a year. Then you can consider getting a postpaid plan that comes with better benefits, but they require a 12-month commitment, which is not reasonable for short-term visitors.

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