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SIM Cards in Greenland: The Best Prepaid Plans | 2024 Guide

Greenland is the largest country in the world. However, it is also a sparsely populated country, mainly due to the majority of the country is covered by snow.

Even then, Greenland can be a fun travel destination for those who like the cold. Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, has the Nuuk Art Museum, the Katuaq cultural center, and whales swimming around.

Fjords can be found all over the country. The same can be said for glaciers and auroras. Polar bears wander around in Kulusuk, Ittoqqortootmiit, and Tasiilaq – those are some hard names to pronounce and spell!

What will also be a challenge is dealing with an expensive roaming bill you may get from roaming with your provider in Greenland. Roaming can be expensive in many cases, which is why many travelers prefer to buy local SIM cards, like a Greenlandic one.

Because Greenland is rather isolated in the Atlantic, mobile data is quite expensive. But it is still cheaper than roaming in many cases.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about buying a SIM card in Greenland. Let's go.

Buying a SIM Card in Greenland Guide (logos of Tusass)

Original publication: 23rd of May 2020. Last updated: 15th of January 2024.

Table of Contents

Telecom Provider in Greenland

Greenland has 1 telecom operator:

  • TELE Post (Tusass)

They are the national post office. Their internet brand (mobile and broadband) is called Tusass. Tussas has 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE networks.

Best SIM Card in Greenland

If you want to buy a SIM card in Greenland, then TELE Post would be your only choice.

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SIM Card Registration Regulations in Greenland

Like many countries in Northern Europe, the Nordic countries, and Europe in general, you do not have to register yourself when buying a SIM card in Greenland.

Greenland is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark. Denmark itself is part of the European Union (EU). However, Greenland left the EU in 1985.

As of June 2017, a new regulation has been enforced, which is known as roam like at home, meaning that those with a European Union (or EEA) SIM card should be allowed to use (some) of their data allowance in other EU/EEA countries without a surcharge.

As Greenland is not part of the EU/EEA, the Roam Like at Home regulation does not apply to Greenland. Therefore, it is recommended that European citizens with EU SIM cards buy a Greenlandic SIM card instead of roaming with their providers. Some providers, however, offer free roaming in Greenland, but this is not the case for all. Be sure to check your provider’s site to learn whether you can roam for free or not.

Moreover, Greenland is sparsely populated, which means that there is no nationwide coverage as you would expect in many countries (in fact, less than 10% of the country is covered).

Instead, every settlement with at least 70 inhabitants is covered by 2G, which is too slow for modern web browsing. But more than 90% of the population is covered by TELE Post’s 4G/LTE network.

If you are in a populated area, then you should not experience coverage issues. For a coverage map, see this.

With that being said, let’s see what TELE Post has to offer to us.

Tusass by TELE Post

TELE Post Logo

TELE POST, with the mobile brand called Tusass, is the sole operator in Greenland.

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SIM Card Price – Tusass

You can get Tusass prepaid SIM card for 400 DKK ($48.05), which comes with 200 DKK in credit, and it can be bought in every post office.

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Do note that the prepaid SIM card does not have any packages. Instead, you will pay the following rates:

  • Call charge: 0.15 DKK
  • Local calls: 1.20 DKK/min
  • SMS: 0.15 DKK/SMS
  • Data: 0.80 DKK/MB

This means that if you want to use 1 GB of data, you will have to pay 0.80 DKK * 1024 MB = 819.20 DKK, which is extremely expensive and should be avoided if possible. However, that is your only option with Tusass prepaid.

There is also Tusass mobile, which is an actual subscription. Luckily, this plan does not have a long-term commitment and can be canceled whenever, as long if it is done before the 20th of the month (if not canceled before the 20th, then you will be charged for the next month).

Although Tusass mobile plans seem to be available to travelers as well, Tusass may ask for a CPR number (Centrale Personsregister – Personal Number), which you will not get if you do not live in Greenland. At this point in time, it is unclear whether CPR registration is necessary.

All of the Tusass monthly subscriptions come with unlimited calls and SMS. The following 5 out of 6 plans include data:

  • 249 DKK: 1 GB
  • 349 DKK: 3 GB
  • 449 DKK: 5 GB
  • 499 DKK: 12 GB
  • 699 DKK: 20 GB

The Best Way to Stay Connected When Traveling in Greenland

Getting a SIM card from TELE Post/Tusass would be your only option when considering a Greenlandic SIM card.