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SIM Cards in Tuvalu: The Best Prepaid Plans | 2024 Guide

Tuvalu is a small island nation in Oceania consisting of 9 islands. Although tiny, it is not a boring destination for those who love beaches, as you will find them anywhere.

While the temperature seems to be stable throughout the year, the rainy season from November to April makes it a relatively seasonal travel destination.

Many travelers prefer to buy local SIM cards because roaming with your provider can be expensive in many cases, including Tuvalu. That is why I will go over everything you need to know about buying a SIM card in Tuvalu so that you can avoid those expensive roaming rates. Let's investigate.

Buying a SIM Card in Tuvalu Guide (logos of Telecom Tuvalu)

Original publication: 30th of January 2020. Last updated: 15th of January 2024.

Table of Contents

Mobile Operators, Networks & Frequencies in Tuvalu

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Tuvalu has 1 telecom provider, which is Tuvalu Telecom Corporation (TTC). TTC runs 3G and 4G/LTE networks on the main islands. Initially, TTC relied on two relatively slow satellite connections for its mobile internet. Nowadays, speeds have significantly improved, but you should not expect insanely fast speeds because Tuvalu still uses satellites instead of submarine cables.

Best SIM Card in Tuvalu

If you want to buy a SIM card in Tuvalu, your only choice would be Tuvalu Telecom Corporation.

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Tuvalu Speeds, Internet Prices & Insights

The main issue with the internet in Tuvalu is bandwidth. The more people who are trying to use the web, the slower the experience will be for everyone else. Bandwidth should be improved over the coming years, but you will not be able to enjoy high-speed 4G/LTE speeds like other nations in Oceania, like Australia.

SIM Card Registration in Tuvalu

Like most nations in Oceania, you do not have to show your passport when buying a SIM card in Tuvalu.

Tuvalu Prepaid SIM Cards

With that said, let’s see what TTC has to offer.

Tuvalu Telecom Corporation (TTC)

Tuvalu Telecom Logo

Tuvalu Telecom Corporation, just TTC, has a monopoly on broadband internet and mobile internet. Coverage can be found on Funafuti, Nukulaelae, and Vaitupu. TTC got rid of its 2G network because of capacity issues.

Right now, their 3G can only handle a handful of current data connections and calls, so do not be surprised when you cannot make calls or use the web. 4G/LTE can only be found in the capital of Tuvalu, Funafuti.

You can buy a TTC SIM card at the main office of Tuvalu Telecom, which is close to close to Funafuti International Airport. Opening hours are 9 AM until 3 PM on weekdays, 10 AM until 1 PM on Saturdays, and 2 PM to 5 PM un Sundays – do not wait too long with buying your SIM card.

SIM Card Price – Tuvalu Telecom

TTC SIM cards cost 10 AUD ($6.70) and come with 5 AUD in credit. Recharge cards can be bought at TTC stores. To redeem your voucher, dial *211*VOUCHER CODE# and your voucher will be activated. For example, if my voucher code is 123456, I would dial *211*123456#. You can check your balance by dialing *767#. Standard Pay As You Go data rates are 0.05 AUD per MB or 51.20 AUD per GB.

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You would be better off buying one of the following monthly data packs:

  • 5 AUD: 250 MB (for 15 days)
  • 10 AUD: 700 MB (for 15 days)
  • 20 AUD: 1 GB
  • 50 AUD: 2.5 GB
  • 100 AUD: 5 GB
  • 200 AUD: 12 GB
  • 300 AUD: 18 GB
  • 500 AUD: 32 GB
  • 750 AUD: 60 GB

As you can see, mobile data is expensive in Tuvalu. You can activate your pack of choice by texting HELP to 123.

If you need to change your TTC APN settings manually, then you need to add the following under APN, username, and password: “ttc”.

TTC’ WIFI hotspots provide faster speeds than mobile data. You can read more about their WIFI hotspots in the Free WIFI connections section of this article.

The Preferred Way to Stay Connected When Traveling in Tuvalu

Getting a SIM card from TTC would be your only choice when considering a Tuvaluan SIM card.

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