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Northern Cyprus: Best Tourist eSIMs Reviewed (2024)

Northern Cyprus, so not “real” Cyprus, is probably not the most popular travel destination in the Middle East, but it still has a much offer.

But it still has a lot to offer and is one of the cheaper destinations in the Middle East.

Be careful with with international roaming though – International roaming can be expensive, which is why using local and travel eSIMs is recommended to save money.

Not only will you save a lot of money by doing so, you do not have to deal with SIM card registration laws, which are often invasive (which includes Northern Cyprus).

How much will a local or travel eSIM for Northern Cyprus cost you?

You can get an eSIM for Northern Cyprus for 36 USD from SimCorner.

I will also introduce you to a few global eSIMs that be used in Northern Cyprus and 80+ other countries, including Northern Cyprus' neighbors, for competitive rates.

Buying an eSIM for Northern Cyprus Guide (Simcorner)

Original publication: 13th of October 2022. Last updated: 15th of January 2024.

Table of Contents

Local Northern Cypriot eSIM for Prepaid Customers

If you want the best and full network experience, including being able to call and text, you want to get a local eSIM.

You have two mobile operators in Northern Cyprus: KKTC Turkcel and KKTC Telsim.

Currently, no Northern Cypriot mobile operator offers eSIMs to prepaid customers

For more information about the plans offered by the Northern Cypriots, check out my North Cypriot SIM card buying guide.

International eSIM for Northern Cyprus & More Countries

Okay, I went over the Northern Cyprus travel eSIM options offered by SimCorner.

As expected, these eSIMs can only be used in Northern Cyprus and not in neighboring Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, or Turkey.

So what if you plan on visiting any of those countries, or you are on a world tour and wish to use one eSIM in multiple countries – do you have any other options?

Yes, you do. SimCorner has international eSIMs covering at least 80 countries; including Northern Cyprus too.

So let's see which multi-country eSIMs can be used in Northern Cyprus and other countries, including Northern Cyprus' neighbors.

Overview of the Best eSIMs for Northern Cyprus (SimCorner)

In this guide, I went over SimCorner Northern Cyprus as the only (reasonably priced) eSIM for Northern Cyprus.

I recognize that there are other eSIM providers that do offer services for Northern Cyprus.

But they are either crazy expensive or the quality of service is whack (based on my experience or the experiences of other Phone Travel Wiz readers).

But you are free to try them out and let me know if they were any good 😀.

Buying a SIM Card in Northern Cyprus

Want to just use a SIM card but not your current one because roaming will be criminally expensive?

Consider getting a Northern Cypriot SIM card instead – local SIM cards are the cheapest way to stay connected abroad.

Or you can get the SimCorner Northern Cyprus SIM card, which will be delivered to your home before going to Northern Cyprus – convenient 😏.