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Saint Martin: Best Tourist eSIMs Reviewed (2024)

This guide is about the French side of the island called Saint Martin (St. Martin). If you plan on visiting Sint Maarten instead, read my Sint Maarten eSIM buying guide.

Saint Martin (St Martin) – known for its beaches, unique clothing & outdoor markets.

The local tourist office refers to Saint Martin as The Friendly Island.

What is not friendly is the cost of travel in Saint Martin – it is not cheap at all.

One thing to be wary of is the international roaming rates mobile operators can charge you – international roaming can be expensive.

That is why you can be better off with a travel eSIM to save on data costs abroad.

How much will you pay for a travel eSIM for Saint Martin?

You can get an eSIM for Saint Martin for 9.50 USD from Airalo (Marnet).

I will also introduce you to a few global eSIMs that can be used in Saint Martin and 110+ other countries, including Saint Martin's (indirect) neighbors, for competitive rates.

Buying an eSIM for Saint Martin Guide (logo of Airalo)

Original publication: 19th of January 2023. Last updated: 8th of March 2024.

Table of Contents

Airalo Marnet eSIM for Saint Martin

Airalo Logo
© Airalo

If you have looked for travel eSIMs before, you have undoubtedly read or heard of Airalo – the largest, oldest & most popular eSIM platform out there, covering around 190 countries (more than any other eSIM platform out there).

Airalo is so popular and loved, even by myself, because Airalo's eSIMs are often the most affordable while using (one of) the best local networks while also offering plenty of data options so that you can pick the one that suits your needs.

The latter does not really apply to Saint Martin or the Caribbean in general, but let's not get ahead of ourselves 😏.

Anyway, the Airalo eSIM for Saint Martin is called Marnet and uses the Dauphin Telecom Saint Martin and Orange Saint Martin networks (on 4G/LTE – no 5G NR because there is no 5G NR in Saint Martin yet 🗿).

Saint Martin Marnet eSIM Airalo
© Airalo

Wait… why does the Marnet eSIM use the Orange Dauphin Telecom Saint Martin and the Orange Saint Martin networks?

Dauphin Telecom Saint Martin & Saint Barthélemy Logo
© Dauphin Telecom
Orange Logo
© Orange

Travel eSIM providers like Airalo set up roaming agreements with local mobile operators.

And that is not an Airalo-specific thing – basically all mobile operators do, allowing their customers can still stay connected when abroad (at high prices).

Otherwise, they would need to build their own networks in 190 countries, which is $$$.

For example, 2degrees in New Zealand claims it spent more than a billion (New Zealand) dollars on its network, and New Zealand is not even that big.

Imagine how much it would cost to build your own network in every country out there 😳.

Anyway, you may have been distracted by the term roaming because you may have read stories of travelers going back home facing a 7000 USD roaming bill or something.

Worry not; that will not happen when you use the Marnet eSIM (or any other travel eSIM mentioned in this guide), as long as you make sure to turn data roaming off on your main SIM card.

Okay, that is enough background information – let's check what Airalo's options are in Saint Martin.

  1. Saint Martin/Marnet 1 GB eSIM for 7 days, costing 9.50 USD
  2. Saint Martin/Marnet 2 GB eSIM for 15 days, costing 17.50 USD
  3. Saint Martin/Marnet 3 GB eSIM for 30 days, costing 25 USD
  4. Saint Martin/Marnet 5 GB eSIM for 30 days, costing 39 USD
Airalo Saint Martin (French Part) Marnet eSIM with Prices
See the list above for up-to-date prices and allowances. The figures in this image may be outdated.

Now, you may think this is a sad selection or that 1 GB of data is insufficient.

Both points are true… I agree – but you can make unlimited top-ups with the Marnet eSIM through the Airalo website or apps.

So if you need 5 GB of data, you can purchase the Marnet 1 GB eSIM and get four 1 GB top-ups.

Yes, it is a bit inconvenient for now; Airalo may offer 3 GB, 5 GB & 10 GB plans with a 30-day validity for Saint Martin soon, as it did for many other countries it supports.

Be aware: most travel eSIMs, including Airalo's Saint Martin Marnet eSIM, are data-only eSIMs, so you cannot call or text with them (nor can you receive any calls or SMS).

Hopefully, that is not a dealbreaker because the Marnet eSIM is the cheapest eSIM mentioned in this guide.

The main issue with the Marnet eSIM is that it has only one option: 1 GB for 7 days.

But you can make unlimited top-ups with the Marnet eSIM through the Airalo website or apps.

So if you need 5 GB of data, you can purchase the Marnet 1 GB eSIM and get four 1 GB top-ups.

Yes, it is a bit inconvenient for now; Airalo may offer 3 GB, 5 GB & 10 GB plans with a 30-day validity for Saint Martin soon, but we have to be patient now.

And you know that I would purchase multiple top-ups because I use a lot of data when traveling and testing eSIMs 🤪.

But… do I not often say that local SIM cards or eSIMs are cheaper than any other option, including travel eSIMs?

Yep, that is true (and you have a good memory!) – but you will have to deal with Saint-Martinoise SIM card registration laws.

(Why does this matter? Because hackers can steal your (critical) personal data if the mobile operator does not secure your data properly, like what happened in Australia (10 million Optus customers were affected, where info, like passport numbers, were stolen (including mine – luckily not my passport number but my boyfriend was not as lucky) or Indonesia (1.3 billion SIM card-related data was hacked)).

  • Find out which countries have SIM card registration regulations and what is required from you (lookup tool)
SIM Card Registration Worldwide Tool by Phone Travel Wiz

Anyway, the Airalo Saint Martin Marnet eSIM is an affordable option to stay connected in the country.

International eSIM for Saint Martin & More Caribbean Countries

Okay, I went over the Saint Martin travel eSIM options offered by Airalo.

As expected, these eSIMs can only be used in Saint Martin and not in neighboring Sint Maarten.

So what if you plan on visiting Sint Maarten, or you are on a world tour and wish to use one eSIM in multiple countries – do you have any other options?

Yes, you do. Airalo, Holafly, Nomad, SimCorner & Simify have regional, global & international eSIMs covering at least 80 countries; some include Saint Martin too.

If you see names that you do not recognize because they have not been mentioned in this guide, it is because they either do not cover Saint Martin or the prices are criminal – I want you to save money, not get robbed 🗿.

So let's see which multi-country eSIMs can be used in Saint Martin and other countries, including Saint Martin's neighbors.

Airalo Island Hopper eSIM for Saint Martin

Island Hopper Caribbean eSIM Airalo
© Airalo

Airalo also has the Island Hopper eSIM covering 24 countries with 1 GB of data for 7 days, costing 15 USD.

The Island Hopper eSIM can be used in the following 24 Caribbean countries:

  • Aruba
  • Anguilla
  • Antigua & Barbuda
  • Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Bonaire
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Cayman Islands
  • Curaçao
  • Dominica
  • French Guiana 1
  • Grenada 2
  • Guadeloupe
  • Haiti
  • Jamaica
  • Martinique
  • Montserrat 2
  • Panama
  • Puerto Rico
  • Saint Kitts & Nevis
  • Saint Lucia
  • Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Turks & Caicos Islands

1 the Latamlink eSIM covers French Guiana too – it has better options than Island Hopper (1 GB/7 days, 2 GB/15 days, 3 GB/30 days & 5 GB/30 days) in Central- and South America. However, if you do not visit those regions and stay in the Caribbean only, then stick with the Island Hopper eSIM instead
2 on 3G only

Airalo Island Hopper Caribbean eSIM Eligible Countries Map Infographic by Phone Travel Wiz (October 2023 Version)

Like the Marnet eSIM, top-ups are available if you need more data.

The Island Hopper eSIM is not as valuable as other Airalo regional eSIMs (like Asialink for Asia, Eurolink for Europe, Latamlink for Latin America & Menalink for the Middle East).

This is why I recommend the Holafly Caribbean eSIM over the Island Hopper one because you get much more data for the same money.

However, the Holafly eSIM does not cover as many countries as the Island Hopper eSIM.

I am working with Airalo to turn the Island Hopper into a -link eSIM so that it offers you better value (the -link eSIMs have at least four variants, up to 100 GB of data for 180 days, making top-ups often unnecessary).

But do not get the Island Hopper eSIM just for Saint Martin because the Marnet eSIM is more than half the price of Island Hopper.

For now, you still have an eSIM covering almost all of the Caribbean, which is neat :).

As you can see, the Island Hopper eSIM cannot be used in Saint Martin (yet).

However, as many who visit – do not just stay in – (they often go to (two nearby countries there the eSIM can be used) as well), you can consider it.

Overview of the Best eSIMs for Saint Martin (Airalo)

In this guide, I went over Airalo's Marnet as the only (reasonably priced) eSIM for Saint Martin.

I recognize that there are other eSIM providers that do offer services for Saint Martin.

But they are either crazy expensive or the quality of service is whack (based on my experience or the experiences of other Phone Travel Wiz readers).

But you are free to try them out and let me know if they were any good 😀.

Buying a SIM Card in Saint Martin

Want to just use a SIM card but not your current one because roaming will be criminally expensive?

Consider getting a Saint Martin SIM card instead – local SIM cards are the cheapest way to stay connected abroad.

Buying a SIM Card in Saint Martin Guide (logos of Orange, Dauphin Telecom, Digicel & Flow)