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Casablanca-Mohammed V Airport (CMN) SIM Card Buying Guide

Casablanca – known for its port (Port of Casablanca), mosques & architecture.

While it is the country's largest city, it is not the capital. That is Rabat.

And I found out… when I was already in the country 🗿.

Hey, do not judge me. If I were to ask you what the capital is of Australia, you would most likely say Melbourne or Sydney. It is neither – it is Canberra 🤪.

Anyway, the city is home to the the country's largest airport – Casablanca-Mohammed V International Airport (CMN), the sixth-busiest airport in Africa (behind the ones of Cairo, two in South Africa & two Spanish territories).

Writing a list of all the cool things to do in Casablanca would require another blog post (or a dedicated Casablanca blog), so I will save you from that because you want to know what SIM card options are available at the airport.

And honestly, my friend and I had more fun in Marrakesh and Rabat than in Casablanca. Do with this information as you wish 🗿.

Anyway, which SIM cards are available at the airport?

You can get a Maroc Telecom, Orange Morocco, or Inwi SIM card for between 200 MAD (19.70 USD) and 1000 MAD (98.50 USD) at Casablanca-Mohammed V International Airport (CMN).

Worry not; the 1000 MAD SIM card will give you up to 150 GB of data.

If you do not need that much, cheaper plans are available.

Let's review all your options and see if getting a SIM card at Casablanca Airport is even worth it.

Buying a SIM Card at Casablanca- Mohammed V International Airport Guide

Original publication: 11th of December 2023. Last updated: 14th of January 2024.

Table of Contents

Mobile Operators in Morocco

Before I tell you about the SIM card and eSIM options you have at Casablanca-Mohammed V International Airport (CMN), you first need to know about all the mobile operators in Morocco.

Saudi Arabia has three mobile operators offering prepaid services easily accessible to travelers:

  • Maroc Telecom
  • Orange Morocco
  • Inwi
    Cellular Connectivity Illustration by Phone Travel Wiz

All the Moroccan mobile operators sell SIM cards at the airport, giving you plenty of choice.

Where to Buy a SIM Card at Casablanca-Mohammed V International Airport

Maroc Telecom, Orange Morocco & Inwi SIM cards are sold in the arrivals hall of Terminals 1 and Terminal 2 at Casablanca-Mohammed V International Airport (CMN).

It does not matter which terminal you arrive at because both terminals are linked and accessible upon arrival.

Moreover, the arrivals exit of Terminal 2 was closed off (due to renovations, I assume), so you will have to use the one of Terminal 1 anyway.

After customs, you will see the booths of the three mobile operators next to each other in front of you.

But you must pass the wall of taxi drivers offering their services first 🙄.

If the booths are too crowded for your liking, turn right and walk towards Terminal 2 (no need to exit Terminal 1 first).

Halfway towards Terminal 2, you will see another set of booths selling SIM cards.

You cannot miss them… the ladies working there will yell at you for your attention (even worse, whistle).

Note that you can only pay by cash in Moroccan Dirham (MAD) and Euro (EUR).

I do not recommend paying in EUR because you will be charged a 10% premium if you do so.

With that out, let's review each mobile operator to see what they offer us at the airport.

What SIM Cards & Plans Does Maroc Telecom Sell at Casablanca-Mohammed V International Airport (+Prices)?

Maroc Telecom Morocco Logo
© Maroc Telecom

Maroc Telecom (اتصالات المغرب), also known as Ittisalat Al Maghrib (IAM), is the largest mobile operator in Morocco.

It is also the best-performing mobile operator in the country.

Maroc Telecom has booths at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

The stalls towards Terminal 2 are usually less crowded than the one at Terminal 1.

Maroc Telecom is the only mobile operator with a paper with all its plans offered at the airport.

Orange Morocco and Inwi are secretive.

You have to tell them how long you will stay and they will suggest a plan or two that may be enough for you.

Maroc Telecom sells two types of SIM cards: combo plans with data and minutes and data-only plans.

The following nine Maroc Telecom Internet + Calls SIM cards are sold at Casablanca Airport:

PriceDataLocal Minutes
200 MAD20 GB180 minutes
300 MAD35 GB180 minutes
400 MAD50 GB180 minutes
500 MAD65 GB180 minutes
600 MAD80 GB180 minutes
700 MAD95 GB180 minutes
800 MAD110 GB180 minutes
900 MAD125 GB180 minutes
1000 MAD140 GB180 minutes

Here are the nine data-only SIM cards by Maroc Telecom:

200 MAD30 GB
300 MAD45 GB
400 MAD60 GB
500 MAD75 GB
600 MAD90 GB
700 MAD105 GB
800 MAD120 GB
900 MAD135 GB
1000 MAD150 GB

I suspect the plans up to 600 MAD are valid for 30 days.

I am unsure if the ones between 700 MAD and 1000 MAD have the same validity.

They would be expensive options if that were to be the case.

Yes, I could have asked when I was at the airport… but I forgot 🗿 and it was hella crowded and busy.

I paid 200 MAD for my SIM card.

I do not recall whether it was the 20 GB with 180 minutes or the 30 GB one because no receipt was given, and I had to pay in cash.

Yes, only cash is accepted – no card. And you can pay in MAD or EUR.

Note that if you pay in EUR, you will pay a premium of around 10%, depending on the currency exchange rate.

So I suggest paying in MAD if you can.

Surprisingly, there is an ATM on the right of the currency exchange counter (diagonally on the right after customers) that did not charge me any fees.

Before getting my SIM card, I had to hand over my passport, per Morocco's SIM card registration laws.

SIM Card Registration Worldwide Tool by Phone Travel Wiz

After the salesperson activated the SIM card, my phone was returned, and I was connected.

And that was it – that is how I got my Maroc Telecom SIM card at Casablanca Airport.

One thing the Maroc Telecom store at the airport, or anywhere else, cannot do for you is give you Maroc eSIMs (because no mobile operator currently offers eSIMs).

Fortunately, travel eSIMs for Morocco are available for reasonable prices.

Even unlimited data options are available.

Another perk with them is that you do not have to deal with Morocco's SIM card registration.

SIM Card Registration Worldwide Tool by Phone Travel Wiz

I write about the best travel eSIMs for Morocco in my Best Morocco eSIM buying guide.

Buying an eSIM for Morocco Guide (logos of SimOptions, Nomad, Holafly, Menalink, Choukran, Alosim & Airalo)

I even tried many of them extensively for my Moroccan eSIM review series.

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What SIM Cards & Plans Does Orange Morocco Sell at Casablanca-Mohammed V International Airport (+Prices)?

Orange Logo
© Orange

Being written.

What SIM Cards & Plans Does Inwi Sell at Casablanca-Mohammed V International Airport (+Prices)?

Inwi Morocco Logo
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