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Morocco: 2 Best eSIMs Compared + Discounts (2023)

Morocco – also known as Al Maghreb, is known for its culture, deserts & beaches.

The country is also home to ski resorts… which may not be the first thing you think of when you think about Morocco.

At least… I did not 😳.

Together with Algeria, whom Morocco has a colorful relationship with, Morocco has the largest Berber community.

But what can you do in Morocco? A lot.

You should undoubtedly visit the Jardin Majorelle-Yves Saint Laurent Mansion garden.

Do not forget about Bahia Palace.

And, of course, you can enjoy many of the Moroccan beaches, such as Plage d'Agadir.

You will certainly want to share your experiences online.

But before you share your colorful Morocco experiences online, be aware that international roaming can be expensive.

Travel eSIMs can be a much more affordable way to stay connected, even in Morocco.

How much will a travel eSIM for Morocco cost?

You can get a travel eSIM for Morocco for as little as 9.50 USD, with 1 GB for 7 days, up to 47 USD, for 7.5 GB, from Airalo & Holafly.

While this may sound a bit pricey but international roaming will be even more expensive.

So yeah, these travel eSIMs can be worth it.

In this guide, I will go over the travel eSIM options offered by Airalo & Holafly. Let's go.

Buying an eSIM for Morocco Guide (Airalo, Holafly, Simcorner & Choukran)

Original publication: 28th of September 2022. Last updated: 29th of November 2022.

Table of Contents

eSIMs offered by the Moroccan Mobile Operators

Suppose you want to get the best service and reception available in Morocco.

In that case, it is better to get a SIM card or travel eSIM from the local mobile operators, which in this case would be the Moroccan ones.

Not only will you not have to deal with latency, but you also get a higher priority on the network because you are a direct customer of the mobile operator instead of a roamer.

And with most travel eSIMs, you are roaming on the network(s) of the local mobile operator(s).

But that is not always the case – the slow speeds part, that is.

Some mobile operators throttle the speeds of prepaid customers because they want more people to get a postpaid plan.

Unfortunately, travelers cannot get postpaid plans – so one way to avoid throttling is by using a travel eSIM.

Yes – travel eSIMs sometimes have faster speeds than native prepaid customers because of throttling.

You have two options for getting an eSIM for your trip to Morocco: Airalo (with Choukran) & Holafly.

One of the main advantages of getting a travel eSIM for Morocco is that you can set up the eSIM before arriving in Morocco and activate it upon landing.

I have to mention that travel eSIMs will be more expensive than local eSIMs and SIM cards, but they are more convenient.

Moreover, I have plenty of experience with the eSIMs from Airalo & Holafly, so I can vouch for them – so can many Phone Travel Wiz readers!

Phone Travel Wiz Approved Seal

So let's go over what the travel eSIMs offer for Morocco!

Airalo eSIMs for Morocco (Choukran)

Morocco Choukran eSIM Airalo
© Airalo

If you have read any of my eSIM or SIM card buying guides before, then you know I am a big fan of Airalo.

Not only does Airalo have eSIMs for most countries (around 190 countries) of any eSIM platform, but they are also often one of the cheapest while offering fantastic service in terms of speeds and reception.

That is because Airalo usually partners up with the mobile operator with the best coverage, the fastest speeds, both, or even multiple operators.

That way, you get the best bang for your buck, I have to say.

In the case of Morocco, the Choukran uses the Maroc Telecom network – the mobile operator with the best coverage and speeds.

Maroc Telecom Morocco Logo
© Maroc Telecom Morocco

So, which Morocco Choukran eSIMs are available? You have this one option:

  1. Morocco/Choukran 1 GB eSIM for 7 days, costing 9.50 USD
Morocco Choukran eSIM Airalo (with Prices)

Now, you may think this is a sad selection or that 1 GB of data is insufficient.

Both points are true… I agree – but you can make unlimited top-ups with the Choukran eSIM through the Airalo website or apps.

So if you need 5 GB of data, you can purchase the Choukran 1 GB eSIM and get four 1 GB top-ups.

Yes, it is a bit inconvenient for now; Airalo may offer 3 GB, 5 GB & 10 GB plans with a 30-day validity for Morocco soon, as it did for many other countries it supports.

The Airalo links will automatically get you the available Phone Travel Wiz exclusive offers – a code is unnecessary.

Airalo Choukran eSIM Pros

Are there any (more) reasons why you should get the Choukran eSIM? Yes, there are:

  • You can activate your Choukran eSIM as soon as you land in Morocco
  • You get full (up to 4G/LTE) access to Maroc Telecom's network – the best in Morocco
  • Choukran eSIMs are affordable (especially compared to roaming)
  • SIM card registration is not a thing you have to worry about with the Choukran eSIM, saving you time
  • Multiple top-ups can be purchased when you are out of data or when your initial plan expires easily on the Airalo site or apps

I could list many more pros, but these are the major ones.

Unfortunately, there are some cons to be aware of.

Airalo Choukran eSIM Cons

Why should you not get the Choukran eSIM?

  • The Moroccan mobile operators, including Maroc Telecom itself, have much more generous data allowances
  • There is only one plan available, the 1 GB one, meaning you have to keep topping up when you are out of data instead of buying a larger data plan from the start
  • While you get access to Maroc Telecom's network, your speeds may not be as fast as going with Maroc Telecom itself because you will be roaming on their networks (and not be a native customer)
  • There is no 5G NR access with the Choukran eSIM (yet)
  • You cannot call or text with the Choukran eSIM (nor can you receive them – you get no (local) phone number)

Airalo Choukran eSIM Overall Thoughts

The Choukran eSIM is a convenient eSIM that can be purchased before going to Morocco and can be activated upon arriving.

You get access to one of Morocco's best networks with the Choukran eSIM.

The main flaw, for now, is that you have to purchase multiple top-ups if you need more data than just 1 GB.

While getting a top-up is straightforward, some tourists, like myself, prefer to just buy one big data plan so that you do not have to worry about data allowances.

But besides that flaw, the Choukran eSIM is fine.

Remember, you cannot call or text with the Choukran eSIM, as it is a data-only eSIM.

Consider a Moroccan SIM card if calling and texting is important, but you have to deal with the (e)SIM (card) registration laws.

Holafly eSIMs for Morocco

Holafly Logo
© Holafly

My relationship with Holafly is quite funny.

I knew they existed when they offered travel SIM cards for the Spanish market only.

Then they pivoted to the global market, still offering travel SIM cards.

Eventually, they started offering travel eSIMs for the Spanish market only again before going global.

There are many travel eSIM providers nowadays – new ones pop up every week like mushrooms, so I did not bat an eye.

Until they did something revolutionary.

In 2022, Holafly started offering unlimited data plans for its eSIMs.

Phone Travel Wiz x Holafly Banner

And these unlimited data eSIMs can be used in various Asian countries, almost all European Union member states (except for Liechtenstein) & a few other countries, like Canada and the United States.

Unfortunately, unlimited data eSIMs are not available in Morocco… yet.

I say yet because Holafly's goal is to offer unlimited data plans for every country it covers: 100+ countries.

And I can tell you that I get positive emails multiple times a week from Phone Travel Wiz readers that have used the unlimited data plans in East- and Southeast Asia, Europe & North America; they love these eSIMs.

For now, you have four Holafly Morocco eSIM (which uses the Orange Morocco network – the mobile operator with the best 4G availability and Inwi network, which has the best coverage by the way):

Orange Logo
© Orange
Inwi Morocco Logo
© Inwi Morocco
Morocco eSIMs Holafly

Even better, you can get 5% off each and any Holafly purchase (so it does not have to be the Morocco eSIM) when you use code PHONETRAVELWIZ – fantastic, right?

Holafly Travel eSIM Reviews by Phone Travel Wiz

Holafly Morocco eSIM Pros

So, why should you get the Holafly Morocco eSIM? Well, because of the following:

  • Holafly Morocco eSIMs are affordable compared to roaming
  • You get full (up to 4G/LTE) access to Orange Morocco & Inwi's networks – the best in Morocco
  • Unlike going with Orange Morocco & Inwi directly, you do not have to worry about SIM card registration because it is unnecessary
  • You can activate your Holafly Morocco eSIM as soon as you land in Morocco
  • The Holafly Morocco eSIM offers the most data

Holafly Morocco eSIM Cons

Why should you not get the Holafly Morocco eSIM?

  • You cannot call or text with the Holafly Morocco eSIM (nor can you receive them – you get no (local) phone number)
  • Moroccan mobile operators, including Orange Morocco & Inwi, have much more generous data allowances
  • While you get full (4G/LTE) access to Orange Morocco & Inwi's network, your speeds may not be as fast as going with Orange Morocco & Inwi directly because you will be roaming on their networks (and not be a native customer)
  • You cannot top up your Holafly Morocco eSIM – you would have to buy another eSIM if you need more data
  • There is no 5G NR access with the Holafly Morocco eSIM (yet)

Holafly Morocco eSIM Overall Thoughts

Overall, the Holafly Morocco eSIM is an excellent eSIM with a lot of options to choose from.

You get fast speeds and access to the Orange Morocco & Inwi networks.

However, Holafly is the most expensive option in this guide and may not be the best for budget travelers.

Overview of the Best eSIMs for Morocco (Airalo vs. Holafly)

In this guide, I went over various eSIMs Morocco.

Below is an overview of my recommendation order:

  • Airalo's Morocco Choukran eSIM (cheapest)
  • Holafly Morocco eSIM (most generous data plan)

Remember to use code PHONETRAVELWIZ for Holafly eSIMs – a code is not necessary for Airalo eSIM purchases.

Buying a SIM Card in Morocco

Do these eSIMs not sound appealing to you, or does your phone not support eSIMs (but still thought this guide was insightful enough that you read it until the end)?

Consider getting a Moroccan SIM card instead – that linked guide is the most extensive SIM card buying guide for Morocco on the web, packed with insightful information and tips.

Buying a SIM Card in Morocco Guide (logos of Orange, Inwi, Maroc Telecom)

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