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Super by Telia Estonia Review: Estonia’s Cheapest SIM Card? (+Speedtests)

Estonia is a Baltic state country, which consists of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Estonia has also been part of the European Union (EU) since May 2004, when more than 67% of the Estonian population voted yes to joining the EU in September 2003.

Estonia is a relatively small country. However, it is bigger than most people think (like me).

Estonia has a landmass of 45 000 km2, which is larger than Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark.

Estonia is, however, the 8th smallest country in the EU, so you could easily drive through it if you wanted to.

Estonia is considered to be a truly digital nation. Estonians vote online, which can even be done with their smartphones, with their digital ID cards.

Besides voting online with their ID cards, Estonians can sign contracts with their ID cards (business contracts or contracts for consumers).

Moreover, almost all government related services can be done through Estonia’s e-services.

The same can be said for mobile data. The Baltic states, Estonia included, have one of the lowest data prices in the EU.

The prices are so low that you may think the prices are full of typos if you compare them to other European nations. The same can be said about Telia Estonia..

When I was traveling in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, I decided to test multiple Estonian prepaid SIM cards to see which one was the best.

I tested out Tele2 Estonia, Elisa Estonia, and Super by Telia.

In this review, I will go over everything you need to know about Super by Telia and see whether you should consider buying their SIM card or not. Let’s get started.

Super by Telia Estonia Review (logos of Super)

Original publication: 26th of February 2020. Last updated: 15th of January 2024.

Table of Contents

Telecom Providers in Estonia

Before I can tell you more about Super by Telia, I need to let you know about the telecom situation in Estonia.

If you have read Buying a SIM Card in Estonia Guide, then you know that Estonia has 3 telecom providers: Tele2 Estonia, Elisa Estonia, and Telia Estonia.

Every operator has 2 prepaid brands. In the case of Telia Estonia, just Telia from now on, they have Super and Simpel.

The main differences between the Super and Simpel brands are the prices for the SIM cards, the pricing for their packages, and, of course, the names.

Both brands use the Telia network, meaning that speeds and coverage are practically the same with both providers.

As a result, both Super and Simple cannot be classified as Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).

Instead, they are different brands targeting different target groups, although I am not aware of what the target groups are for both brands.

Because of this, I decided to only review Super and not Simpel because there was no point in testing out two SIM cards from basically the same company.

I would have if one of the brands was an MVNO, but that was not the case.

Let’s see how Super did when I was in Tallinn.

Telia Logo
© Telia

Telia is the largest operator in Estonia in terms of subscribers, but the other operators are catching up quickly.

Often, the largest operator also has the best coverage and speeds in a country (and is usually the most expensive option too).

However, in the case of Estonia, it does not matter with which operator you go with because the coverage with all operators is and pricing almost the same.

As mentioned earlier, Telia has two prepaid brands. Super and Simpel. In this article, I will only talk about Super, as that is the SIM card I tried when I was in Tallinn.

Super by Telia Estonia Logo

My Airbnb host, Edvard, told me that, unless you go to extremely rural Estonia, you will have a connection with all operators.

In some remote places, only one or two operators may be active, but you will most likely not go there as a traveler.

How Do I Buy a Super Prepaid SIM Card?

You can buy a Super SIM card in official Telia stores, from authorized resellers, in plenty of supermarkets, and Estonian kiosks called R-Kiosk.

When you go to Estonia, especially Tallinn, you will find R-Kiosks EVERYWHERE. I would almost assume there is one R-Kiosk for each Estonian citizen.

Okay, there are not that many kiosks, but there are plenty. Therefore, you will be better off buying your SIM card at an R-Kiosk.

Estonians call SIM cards Kõnekaart. If that is too hard to say, you can just say SIM card, as practically everyone in Estonia speaks English (to some extent) or show the photo below.

Super by Telia SIM Card starter pack

Unlike most countries in Europe, but like every other Baltic state, you do not have to show your passport when buying an Estonian SIM card, so you can buy your SIM card from the kiosk, activate it, and can get started.

You can also buy your Super SIM card at Tallinn Airport too. There is no Telia store at the airport, but they have an R-Kiosk there.

I decided to buy my SIM card at an official Telia store to get the complete experience, but there is no other reason for doing so.

When I tried buying my Super SIM card at the Telia store in the Viru mall, the salesperson told me to buy the SIM card at the R-Kiosk across the store.

She did not explain why, so I thought she could not be bothered to help me.

Later, I found out that Telia charges customers an administration fee of €1 for buying a SIM card at a Telia store or topping up at a Telia store.

No other Estonian operator does this, but it was good to know that the salesperson was trying to save me money (although it would have been nice if she explained this to me instead of directing me to somewhere else).

Anyway, I went to the R-Kiosk across the Telia store and bought my Super SIM card for €1. The SIM card also comes with €1 in credit and 50 MB to start with.

You will notice that SIM card and data package prices in Estonia are dirty cheap. If only that was the case around the world.

The salesperson from the R-Kiosk also asked me whether I wanted to buy credit. I did and asked for a voucher for €3. If this sounds like it is not enough to even buy 100 MB of data, you would wrong.

€3 is enough for 1 GB, 50 minutes, and 200 SMS, all valid for 30 days. This deal is also advertised at the back of the SIM card starter pack (which is one of the coolest starter packs I have bought so far).

The back of a Super by Telia SIM card starter pack

I have to say you have got to love Estonian data prices. More about Super data packs later. First, we need to know…

How Do I Activate My Super SIM Card?

You can activate your Super SIM card by calling any (Estonian) number.

The R-Kiosk salesperson recommended me to dial the Telia customer service number at 7010 1104, but you can also call the Super information line at 123.

When I called, I heard something in Estonian, which I assume was a robot telling me that my SIM card has been activated.

Now, I had successfully activated my Super SIM card. Now it was time to top-up my card.

Super by Telia information booklet
The front of a Super by Telia SIM Card holder
The back of a Super by Telia SIM Card holder

How and Where Can I Top Up My Super SIM Card?

Super top-up vouchers are sold in Telia stores (where you have to pay a €1 administration fee), in supermarkets, in various other stores, and, of course, in R-Kiosks.

As I bought my Super SIM card at an R-Kiosk, I decided to buy my voucher there. You can also top-up with a SEPA transfer (not recommended for most travelers), on the Super website, or on the Super app.

Top-up voucher for Super by Telia

However, both the Super app and website may not be a good option because it requires you to top-up with an Estonian bank account (Swedbank, SEB Pank, Luminor Bank, or LHV).

You most likely will not have an Estonian bank account when visiting Estonia, so this option is out of the question.

On the Super app, you can add a voucher code and activate the voucher from there.

Because you already have to buy the voucher store in a store, you would be better off using the USSD method of topping up, which is shown on your receipt, instead of using the Super app. It would be unnecessary.

What Prepaid Packages Does Super Offer?

The cheapest Super data pack costs €3 and comes with 1 GB, 50 minutes, and 200 SMS.

You can activate this data pack by topping up €3.

The most expensive data pack costs €12 and comes with 5 GB, unlimited minutes to Super numbers, 200 minutes to other Estonian numbers, and 600 SMS, which can only be activated through the Super app.

All Super data packs are valid for 30 days.

However, there is a way to get at least 1 GB of data for free with Super.

Remember, you get €1 in credit when you buy a Super SIM card and 50 MB. €1 at standard data rates is enough for 200 MB for one day (which gets throttled to 32 Kbps for the remainder of the day after using more than 200 MB).

So, right of the bat, you can get 250 MB. But there is more.

Super by Telia Pay As You Go Priceplan

If you download the Super app, which you should, and confirm your email address through the app, you will get 1 GB for free.

So, you can get 1250 MB of data with Super for just €1, which is the best way to spend €1 in Estonia on SIM cards and data packages.

The following Super combo packs are available:

  • €2: 2 GB, unlimited calls to Super numbers, and 100 SMS. Activation: Super App
  • €3: 3 GB, 50 minutes, and 200 SMS. Activation: Top up at least €3 (auto-activation)
  • €6: 4 GB, unlimited calls to Super numbers, 75 minutes to other Estonian numbers, and 200 SMS. Activation: Super App
  • €8: 5 GB, 130 minutes, and 500 SMS. Activation: Top up at least €8 (auto-activation)
  • €12: 5 GB, unlimited calls to Super numbers, 200 minutes to other Estonian numbers, and 600 SMS. Activation: Super App

If you are (almost) out of data, then you can get one of the following monthly Telia (yes, Telia) data packs:

  • €1: 250 MB. Activation: dial *147*250#
  • €2: 1 GB. Activation: dial *147*1#
  • €3: 3 GB. Activation: dial *147*3#
  • €5: 5 GB. Activation: dial *147*5#
  • €8: 10 GB. Activation: dial *147*10#

There is also the Super X plan. Super X is advertised as the plan for travelers. It costs €3 and comes with unlimited calls and messages in Estonia and the EU.

For data, you will pay €0.002 per MB and €1 per 500 MB. After that, you will not pay anything more for the remainder of the day.

Not a bad deal, I would say.

Super X information in the Super by Telia booklet

How do I activate a Super data plan?

In the previous section, I have already stated how you can activate a data plan.

Sometimes, topping up a certain value will be enough, some plans require you to use the Super app, while other plans need to be activated by dialing a USSD code.

When I bought my Super SIM card, I already knew that I wanted the €3 data plan (1 GB, 50 minutes, and 200 SMS), so I asked the R-Kiosk salesperson for a €3 voucher, which she gave me.

The salesperson highlighted the voucher activation code for me, which was appreciated.

In my case, my code was 333984536375.

You have to insert your voucher code after *142*. In this case, *142*333984536375#.

I got a USSD alert saying that my top up was successful in Estonian. I showed the message to the salesperson to confirm because, well… I do not speak Estonian, and she said it was fine.

Unfortunately, I did not take a screenshot of that alert, but you can do what I did and show the alert to the salesperson, and they can tell you if the activation was successful or not.

You can also use the Super app to activate a data plan for the app-only plans. Below are the steps you have to take.

First, you need to create a Super account. If I recall correctly, the app only asks for your Super phone number and may send a One-Time Password through text. After that, you will see your home screen.

Homepage of the Super by Telia App

From there, you click on services. On this page, you click on Buy data plan.

Purchase page of the Super by Telia app

Choose the data plan you would like to get and click on Select Payment Method.

Data selection page of the Super by Telia app

Then tap on Use the account balance, and you have successfully activated a data plan!

Purchase page of the Super by Telia app

Remember, you need to have credit on your account before you can choose any of these packages. Online top-ups can only be done with an Estonian bank account, which you most likely will not have.

If, for any reason, you cannot connect to the Super/Telia 4G/LTE network, check whether your device is compatible with the frequencies and bands they use in Estonia (and most of Europe).

This site will allow you to find out quickly, but Super/Telia uses the following frequencies and bands:

  • 2G: 900 MHz and 1800 MHz
  • 3G: 900 MHz and 2100 MHz
  • 4G/LTE: 800 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 2600 MHz on Bands 3, 7, and 20

How Does the Super App Look Like?

Below are a few screenshots of the Super app.

What about Simpel? What Do I Need to Know about Simpel?

I discuss Simpel in my Estonian SIM card buying guide. The main takeaway is that they have different packages than Super.

Can I Roam for Free with Super in the EU?

Be aware that none of Super’s standard prepaid packages can be used outside of Estonia.

As of 2017, the roam like at home regulation became effective, meaning that operators in the European Union cannot charge roaming rates anymore or are required to give an EU roaming allowance.

Because data rates are so low in Estonia, Estonian operators were given the option to opt-out from this scheme.

Telia did so with Super, meaning that you cannot use your cheap allowances in other EU nations (for free). But there is a way.

Remember Super X I mentioned earlier? The plan for travelers? Well, that is the only Super plan that can be used abroad in the EU.

You will pay €0.0052 per MB and €1 per 500 MB, which is quite a good deal, I would say.

However, the counter resets daily, so be aware of that. If you go over 500 MB, then extra fees will apply.

What Speeds Will I Get with Super in Estonia?

I did 3 speed tests in Tallinn: One at my Airbnb, one at the Viru mall where I bought my Super SIM card, and one at the airport. You can see the results below:

Super by Telia speed test result in the Old Town of Tallinn
Super by Telia speed test result in the Viru Mall in Tallinn
Super by Telia speed test result at Tallinn Airport

As you can see, speeds fluctuate depending on where you are. I was pleasantly surprised by the good speeds I got with Super.

Close to 100 Mbps at my Airbnb in the Old Town of Tallinn and Tallinn Airport. Decent speeds inside Viru Mall.

I was not expecting the highest speeds there because the mall is a multi-level mall, and I had many people around me.

Do I Recommend Super to Travelers Visiting Estonia?

I would recommend Super to those traveling to Estonia. In fact, and that is a secret between you and me, I would recommend any Estonian operator because they are all similar in terms of coverage and speed.

Speeds are affected by many factors, but Super did well in all settings.

Sure, I stayed in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, meaning that my coverage and speeds will be much better than in rural Estonia, but many who visit Estonia go to Tallinn anyway (or any of the other bigger cities or towns), so your experience should be similar. Check out my Elisa and Tele2 reviews as well!

Either way, I have got to love the speeds, coverage, and low data plans Estonian providers have to offer, including Super. Therefore, you should have a good experience with Super.

How does Telia Compare with Elisa and Tele2?

Now that you know everything you need to know about Super, you may be wondering whether Super is the best for you or not.

I made an Estonian SIM Card comparison article where I go through Elisa, Telia, and Tele2 more in-depth, comparing their packages, speeds, and coverage.

It is a good read where I take certain scenarios into account that may apply to you (such as spending a certain amount on data packages like €5, €10 and €20, wanting to roam within the EU, and speeds).

Be sure sure to check out the Best Estonian SIM Card comparison post.

The video above is a long video that goes over everything covered in the Best Estonian SIM Card comparison post.

If you do not have that much time right now, add the video in your Watch Later playlist.

For now, watch this video below that briefly introduces you to Elisa, Telia, and Tele2, and I do a speed test with them at the end.