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Roaming with Yomojo: All You Need to Know

Traveling from Australia to other destinations can already be considered too expensive. We do not want to add costly phone bills to that. Is it possible to roam cheaply with Yomojo? I decided to find out. Let’s get started.

Can I roam with Yomojo?

Yomojo customers can roam internationally in 131 destinations. You can call, send text messages, and data roam in those destinations. You do have to activate roaming on your Yomojo Dashboard or Yomojo app before leaving the destination. On your dashboard, go to the SIM settings where you can then enable international roaming.

No idea how roaming works? I made this comprehensive guide about what roaming is and how it works. It is worth the read – promised!

Where can I roam with Yomojo?

Yomojo allows you to roam in 131 destinations around the world. These destinations are split into three zones. Making voice calls (within the destination you are in and international calls) start at $1.00/min (Australian Dollars), and sending text messages start at $0.50/text.

Yomojo zone 1 includes 82 destinations, and zone 2 has 43 destinations. Zone 3 does not include any destinations but refers to roaming on a mode of transportation such as on planes, ships, or cruises. With those, the list of destinations grows to 140.

Country flags

Yomojo Roaming Zone 1

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Yomojo Roaming Zone 2

Yomojo Roaming Zone 3

  • Aeroplane
  • Aerospace
  • Airplane
  • Airspace
  • Cruise
  • Inflight
  • Maritime
  • Sea
  • Ship
Cargo ship

What are the roaming rates with Yomojo?

Below is a table with all Yomojo international roaming rates. All prices are in Australian dollars per minute or text.

ActionZone 1Zone 2Zone 3
Call within destination1.002.004.00
Make international call1.002.004.00
Receive call1.002.004.00
Voicemail deposit1.002.004.00
Send SMS or MMS0.501.001.00
Data Roaming (per 10 KB)0.0050.010.155

Can I roam on planes with Yomojo?

In-flight roaming is available to Yomojo customers. Roaming onboard is charged at zone 3 rates, which is $4/min for all types of calls, $1/SMS or MMS, and $0.155 per 10 KB.

Can I roam on cruise ships with Yomojo?

Maritime roaming is available to Yomojo customers. Maritime roaming is charged at zone 3 rates, which is $4/min for all types of calls, $1/SMS or MMS, and $0.155 per 10 KB.

Is it worth to roam with Yomojo?

International roaming with Yomojo can be worth it depending on how much you intend to be roaming while traveling and in what zone.

For example, you want to call a local Singaporean number when in Singapore. The call last seven minutes, so you would have to pay $7 for a seven-minute phone call. That could be considered cheap or expensive, depending on how deep your pockets are.

Another example, while in St Lucia (zone 2), you decide to make an international call to Ghana for 15 minutes. That is $30 for a single phone call. You would be better off waiting until you are back to Australia where international calls to Ghana are $0.80/min (so $12 in this example – saving you 60%).

In terms of Data Roaming, I discourage users from data roaming if it is not included for free or if you do not get several MB/GB per day at a set price or free of charge.

If you are already on a low data cap plan at home, then you have realized how quickly data vanishes while browsing the web. The same will happen when traveling, although it will be much more expensive.

As Yomojo charges you per MB, I would not recommend to data roam while abroad and connect to WIFI hotspots. Even paid hotspots may be cheaper than international data roaming in most cases.

In short, roaming with Yomojo can be worth it if you use it in moderation. Else you will be better off getting a local SIM card, international SIM card like OneSimCard, SimOptions, Surfroam, BNESIM, or SimCorner, or using WIFI connections when you can.

Free WiFi sign

Can I call and text internationally from Australia with Yomojo?

Yomojo customers can call and text to 234 destinations from Australia. International calls are available to both fixed-line phones and mobile phones. There is nothing you need to do to activate international texting or calling, as they are enabled by default.

What are Yomojo’s international call and text rates?

International call rates with Yomojo range from $0.20/min to 5.49/min depending on the destination. Sending international text messages costs 0.35c/SMS, and MMS messages cost $0.90/MMS. International video calls cost a whopping $2.50/min.

Below are the tables with all Yomojo international call rates. All prices are in Australian dollars per minute.

Yomojo international call rates – Afghanistan-Liechtenstein

Note: The tables may be best viewed in landscape mode or desktop view (when on mobile)

Destination Rate Destination Rate
Afghanistan1.00El Salvador0.60
Albania1.50Equatorial Guinea1.89
America Samoa0.30Estonia1.50
Angola0.40Faeroe Islands 0.80
Anguilla0.80Falkland Islands 3.00
Antarctica5.49 Fiji 1.50
Antigua & Barbuda0.50 Finland 0.40
Argentina0.50 France 0.40
Armenia0.60 French Polynesia 1.50
Aruba1.00 FYR (North) Macedonia 2.00
Ascension Island5.49 Gabon 2.00
Austria0.99 Gambia 2.00
Azerbaijan1.50 Georgia 0.99
Bahamas0.80 Germany 0.40
Bahrain0.30 Ghana 0.80
Bermuda0.30Guantanamo Bay2.00
Bolivia0.40Guiana French0.50
Bosnia & Herzegovina0.60Guinea Bissau2.00
Botswana1.00Guinea Republic2.00
Burkina Faso1.50Hong Kong0.20
Cape Verde1.50Iran0.40
Cayman Islands0.60Iraq0.50
Central African Republic1.50Ireland0.50
China0.20Ivory Coast1.50
Comoros Island2.00Japan0.60
Cook Islands3.00Kazakhstan0.40
Costa Rica0.30Kenya0.40
Cuba3.00Korea (North Korea)2.00
Cyprus0.30Korea (South Korea)0.30
Czech Republic0.40Kuwait0.30
Diego Garcia3.00Laos0.20
Dominica Islands0.80Lebanon0.60
Dominican Republic0.40Lesotho1.00
East Timor2.00Liberia2.00
Location logo on tablet

Yomojo international call rates – Lithuania-Senegal

DestinationRate DestinationRate
Lithuania1.89New Caledonia0.60
Luxembourg0.80New Zealand0.30
Malaysia0.20Niue Island5.49
Maldives2.00Norfolk Island3.00
Mariana Island0.20Pakistan0.20
Marshall Islands1.00Palau1.89
Mauritius0.50Papua New Guinea2.00
Montenegro1.50Puerto Rico0.20
Morocco2.00Republic of Moldova0.80
Nauru3.00San Marino3.69
Nepal0.50Sao Tome & Principe5.49
Netherlands0.40Saudi Arabia0.50
Netherlands Antilles0.50Senegal2.00

Yomojo international call rates – Seychelles-Zimbabwe

DestinationRate Destination Rate
Sierra Leone2.00Trinidad & Tobago0.60
Solomon Islands3.00Turks & Caicos Islands1.00
South Africa0.50Uganda0.99
South Sudan2.00United Kingdom0.30
Sri Lanka0.50United Arab Emirates0.80
St Helena3.00Uruguay0.60
St Kitts & Nevis0.80United States0.20
St Lucia1.00Uzbekistan0.30
St Piere & Miquelon1.89Vatican City0.50
St Vincent & Bequia0.99Vanuatu2.00
Swaziland0.60Virgin Islands (UK)1.98
Sweden0.30Virgin Islands (US)0.20
Switzerland1.00Wallis & Futuna2.00
Syria0.60Western Samoa2.00
Taiwan0.40Yemen 0.60
Tajikistan0.50Yugoslavia (Serbia)1.50
Togolese Republic (Togo)2.00

Is it worth to call internationally with Yomojo?

Depending on the destination you wish to call to, international phone calls can be cheap ($0.20) if done in moderation. However, if you decide to call to the more expensive destinations, be prepared to be charged a maximum of $5.49/min.

For example, you wish to call your friend in Sweden. You call for half an hour because you like to catch up every now and then, and this friend has no smartphone, computer or laptop, so you cannot use an internet-based app to call (odd scenario, I know, but bear with me).

Calls to Sweden cost $0.30, so you would be charged $9 for this phone call. You would probably spend more on lunch with this friend if you met in person, so this $9 call could be worth it.

However, the said friend is looking for polar bears in Antarctica ($5.49), and you are calling for half an hour again. This same call would cost you $164.70. The call has better been worth it!

So, it depends on to what destinations you wish to call to, how often, and the duration of the calls. In most cases, international calls with Yomojo are worth it if done in moderation.

Woman video calling

Can I get voice packs at Yomojo?

Yomojo offers voice packs to calls to 32 destinations (both fixed-line and mobile numbers) starting from $5 for 50 minutes up to $30 for 300 minutes ($0.10/min). Voice packs are worth it if you will be calling to these 32 destinations frequently or for at least 30 minutes (does not have to be in one session), as the cheapest As-You-Go international call rate starts at $0.20.

  • For $5, you get 50 international minutes
  • For $10, you get 100 international minutes
  • For $20, you get 200 international minutes
  • For $30, you get 300 international minutes

Included Yomojo voice pack destinations:

What is next?

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Enjoy your trip!

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