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Roaming with Sprint: Everything You Need to Know

If you are planning an international trip later this year and you use Sprint as your cell phone provider, then you are probably wondering about how Sprint handles roaming. If you are not currently using Sprint as your cell phone provider, then you might be wondering about Sprint’s roaming rates anyway since Sprint has done a lot to improve its offerings over the past few years.

How much does it cost to roam with Sprint? If you are traveling in the U.S. or Puerto Rico, you will be able to use the monthly data you usually get with your monthly plan. If you are roaming in Canada or Mexico, the additional cost to travel will be $2 per day or $10 per week. Most international destinations cost $5 per day or $25 per week. A few international destinations will cost $10 a day or $50 per week. 

Roaming with Sprint

During the summer season, I typically see a massive increase in those Americans taking international vacations. However, as you start planning your trip, one significant expense you will need to factor in is your cell phone bill. You will need to figure something out about the costs of international roaming, which can quickly add up if you are not careful while you are on vacation.

No idea how roaming works? I made this comprehensive guide about what roaming is and how it works. It is worth the read – promised!

Some travelers may decide to roam. Others would rather get a local SIM card. Other folk will purchase an international SIM card beforehand. Another group may use a WIFI hotspot, also known as pocket WIFI, to stay connected. Finally, you have those who will opt for using WIFI networks to keep costs low.

So, before you and your family hit the road for that international trip, you will need to start figuring out some cell phone coverage that is affordable.

Any person that travels outside of the United States knows the importance of staying connected with friends and loved ones when traveling outside of the country.

Not only is it vital for you to stay in contact with your loved ones while you travel, but you will also want your phone to map your routes, find the locations of the areas you want to visit, and to have access to information about the country you are visiting. 

One of the reasons Sprint is becoming a popular option for international travelers is the low cost of their coverage rates and the fact that their service is so easy to use. You will not need to pay any surprise charges, buy a SIM card from the country you are visiting, or even call customer support. Here is what you will need to do:

  • Arrive at your destination.
  • Once you arrive, turn on your smartphone.
  • You will receive a few area-specific texts and Welcome Messages from Sprint. They will inform you via text right then and there the available services and rates for your phone usage. 
  • You will not need to worry about a complicated set-up. The text messages come right away, and they provide transparency so you can plan your cell phone usage easily. There is no need to worry about an unexpected bill with Sprint. 
  • After you figure out what you will be paying, you can start using your phone in your new destination. 

Simplicity with Sprint

One of the reasons so many international travelers are now switching to Sprint is because Sprint Global Roaming provides the largest low-cost service area in the industry. Sprint offers affordable rates for 205 destinations. Your phone should continue to work as usual with free text, free primary data, and calls that cost 20 cents per minute.

For those that need high-speed data while taking an international trip, you will have a few options. Sprint offers daily and weekly passes that range based on the destination but are typically priced at about $5 per day or $25 per week.

Signing up for one of Sprint’s daily or weekly passes is very simple, and you can do it anytime you travel right from your phone with just a few easy taps on your screen. You do not need to plan anything huge when you go with Sprint. You will wind up getting to use Sprint’s high-speed data and 4G/LTE easily on your trip.

If you are wondering about the areas that Sprint covers, then know that you are most likely covered. Sprint provides coverage to some of the most popular tourist destinations around the world, including Canada, Mexico, Europe, China, Egypt, and even Africa.

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You will also be covered with Sprint when it comes to domestic roaming, as well. We will take a look at what Sprint has to offer with domestic roaming first, and then we will cover Sprint’s international roaming options in more detail.

Domestic Roaming 

With Sprint, you will want to know about the data limits that apply to you while you are roaming in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Here are a few things you will need to know about your limit:

  • If you are roaming in the U.S. or Puerto Rico with your Sprint device, you can use up to the monthly data roaming allowance that is included with your standard plan.
  • Sprint calculates data usage by the size of the file sent or received. If you want to learn more about how Sprint calculates data usage, you can use their data calculator to help you out. 

If you are not sure you to check your usage, there are a few things you can do.

  • You will need to log-in online to My Sprint, where you can track your online usage.
  • When you take a look at your bill in the My Sprint area, you will notice separate line items for Sprint Network and domestic roaming on all data plans. 
  • The information you will see will display separately for each phone and each mobile broadband card. 
  • Roaming use will be included on roaming networks while the Sprint Network use features Sprint network, Extended LTE, and Extended Coverage Networks. 

There are other ways you will be able to keep track of your plan information if you are roaming domestically. Sprint will keep you informed with notifications.

  • Sprint delivers notifications to the account holder, depending on the preference you have chosen for notifications once you get close to your limit. You will also get a text once you reach your limit. 
  • With domestic data roaming, Sprint will send you notifications about your plan when you hit 75%, 90%, and 100% of your data limit. 
  • If you need to update your notification preferences, you can either contact Sprint to do so or sign in to My Sprint online. 
  • If you update your preferences online, make sure you change your default notification to “Yes.” Then, select text or Email, and you will start receiving notifications. 

When you go over your data roaming service limit, Sprint will suspend your access to data roaming. If you receive a data roaming restriction, it will only limit your access to data while you are roaming. Your voice and text access while roaming will remain available. At the start of your next billing cycle, your data roaming service will restore itself automatically. 

Woman on video call

Mobile Broadband Devices and Roaming

If you are roaming with a mobile broadband device, you will discover that you have additional options with a mobile broadband device that is not typically offered with cell phones. If you have a mobile broadband device and you are roaming.

  • When you hit 100% of your data roaming usage with a mobile broadband device, you can suspend your data roaming service for the month, or you can pay the overage charges and continue to use it. Basically, with a mobile broadband device, you will get a choice.
  • If you decide to pay the overage charges and continue to use your service, you will keep getting text and Email updates at 20% increments of your data usage.
  • If you started your plan after August 8, 2010, data roaming costs 25 cents per MB once you hit your plan’s data roaming limit.
  • For those that signed up or changed their plans after August 8, 2010, that reach their limits, you will be sent to a particular webpage if you want to add more data. Once there, you will click on “Restore Service,” which will allow you to accept all of the overage charges for the rest of your billing cycle.
  • If your plan is older than what we have mentioned here, you will need to contact Sprint to find out if you can change your service to a program that will allow you to accept overage charges.
  • Keep in mind that roaming charges may not show up on your bill for up to 60 days. Your notifications also might be delayed depending on when the roaming partners decide to provide you with your usage details.
  • If you are using a Static IP or DataLink, you will not be sent notifications. However, your service will also not be suspended.

Sprint Global Roaming

Now that we have covered how Sprint works with domestic roaming, it is time to cover Sprint’s international roaming policies. Sprint has a feature called “Sprint Global Roaming,” which allows those that use Sprint to have the following services in specific international destinations:

  • Texting is free
  • Basic data is free
  • If you need fast data, you can upgrade to an affordable package.
  • Global voice calls cost an additional 25 cents per minute. 

If you want faster data, you will not need to make that choice before you set off on your travels with Sprint. Sprint will allow you to opt-in to the high-speed Internet whenever you are traveling by just clicking a few times on your Smartphone. Below are Sprint’s high-speed data pass offerings:

  • Canada and Mexico cost $2 per day or $10 per week for a high-speed data pass.
  • Most destinations cost $5 per day or $25 per week for a high-speed data pass.
  • Other destinations cost $10 per day or $50 per week. 

With Sprint, you will be able to use the text and data you already have in 205 worldwide destinations. Also, Sprint Global Roaming is already included with all Sprint plans and qualifying smartphones. That means you will get access to text, basic data (up to 2G speeds), and calls for only 25 cents per minute in 205 destinations across the globe. 

Want faster speeds but do not want to pay up to $50 per week for it? Consider getting a local sim card and use mobile data like a local at local pricing.

If you are traveling through Canada or Mexico: Buying Guide”>Mexico, Sprint makes sure to provide a premium experience for all of its customers. If you have a qualifying smartphone with Sprint, you will get the following when you travel to Canada or Mexico:

  • 5GB of high-speed data included with Sprint Unlimited Basic
  • 10GB of high-speed data contained with Sprint Unlimited Plus
  • Free access to 4G/LTE high-speed data.
  • You will get free access to calls and texts while traveling in both Canada and Mexico.
  • Sprint Unlimited Premium will give you access to unlimited 4G LTE high-speed data.
  • You will also get free international long-distance calls from the U.S. to Canada and Mexico
  • If you are making international long-distance calls to places besides Canada and Mexico, you can get more information about rates by going here. 
  • The Unlimited plan benefits are compatible with Sprint Global roaming. 

Sprint Global Roaming Destinations

We know that we can use Global Roaming in 205 destinations, but we do not know which ones yet. Below you can see the destinations you can use Global Roam:

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Amsterdam at night

Optional Traveling Services

Sprint also lists two other optional traveling services for your use on your next trip. Those optional services include their Japan Plan and 4G for your tablet/mobile broadband device.

If you are traveling to Japan, you might want to consider Sprint’s Japan Plan. For only $5 more a month, you will get the following features at no extra cost:

  • Free voice calls
  • Free texting
  • Free data roaming featuring high-speed data

With Sprint’s Japan plan, you will get full access to your cell phone for an additional $5/month. That means you will not need to worry about getting a foreign SIM card to use your phone abroad, and you will get consistent and reliable access to your Sprint cell phone.

If you are traveling with a tablet or a mobile broadband device, you can get 4G high-speed data at an affordable price, too. High-speed data is only $0.03/MB for your tablet or mobile broadband device when you travel to over 200 destinations. If you opt to use this plan, you will also get usage notifications at $50 increments.

Common Questions About Roaming with Sprint

If you are new to the concept of data roaming, check out my ultimate guide about everything you need to know about roaming. Below I will cover some common questions people typically have about roaming with Sprint.

How Can You Tell If Your Device Is Roaming?

With Sprint’s services, it is usually straightforward to tell if your device is roaming. Most Sprint devices feature a visual indicator of your roaming status so that you will immediately know if you are traveling. If you are not sure about any of this or you need more details, you can check your device’s operating instructions or the user guide. Just go to and select your device to get a user guide. 

What Are the Data Limits When Roaming with Sprint? 

When you are roaming with Sprint, you will encounter limits to the amount of data you can use. Here is the breakdown:

  • Depending on the plan you have with Sprint, you will most likely have restrictions on the amount of data you can use while roaming.
  • If you are using the Sprint network, Extended Coverage, and Extended LTE networks, then you are using the time that is on your plan’s allowance.
  • When you are roaming, you will be accessing roaming networks, although not all services are available in all areas. If you want to know more about Sprint’s coverage, go to anytime you wish to monitor your roaming usage, you can do so by signing in to My Sprint. Then, go to the “My Account” tab, select the phone you want to see the usage for, and click to see the “all usage” link. 
  • Once you click the all usage link, you will see all of the usage you have accumulated for your current billing cycle. 

Should You Report Roaming Incidents that Ask for a Credit Card? 

If you are traveling with Spring, you should be covered. That is because Sprint has roaming agreements that cover almost all areas of the United States and Puerto Rico. So, while you are roaming, you should not be prompted for your credit card.

However, just because you should not be prompted for your credit card while you are roaming doesn’t mean you might not get the question. If you are prompted for a credit card while traveling, you need to report the incident to Sprint by calling 888-211-4727.

Can You Use Sprint Global Roaming with Any Device?

You can only use Sprint Global Roaming on available LTE/GSM capable smartphones.

How Can You Sign Up for Sprint Global Roaming?

One of the best features of Sprint Global Roaming is that you will never encounter a traditional “sign-up” process with Sprint Global Roaming when traveling abroad unless you already use a different international roaming offer. So, you will never need to plan or worry about informing Sprint before you leave. You will also never need to worry about purchasing a foreign SIM card to save money again.

Once you arrive at your destination, you will automatically be prompted with text messages informing you of any additional rates and charges you will incur. That is because Sprint Global Roaming is already enabled on your Sprint LTE/GSM capable Smartphone. So, unless you have a different international roaming offer, you are already set-up and ready to go.

After you have arrived at your destination, you will be informed about any additional fees to use your phone. Depending on where you are, those fees will probably be affordable with Sprint, and you will get plenty of transparency because of the text messages. You will not need to worry about a surprise bill or a large number of charges on your statement.

Woman on phone

Can You Use Sprint Global Roaming in Combination with Other International Plans?

If you opt to use Sprint Global Roaming, then you are not eligible to use any of the other international roaming plans offered by Sprint. So as long as you have no other international roaming plans included on your account, Sprint Global Roaming is already enabled for you on your capable smartphone device anywhere you travel.

Remember, you get access to Sprint Global Roaming with no additional cost. You will only be paying for the services you are using above and beyond what is already included at no extra charge.

If you already have an existing International Roaming Add-on, you will need to remove those add-ons before you enable Sprint Global Roaming. You may wind up getting prorated on charges for the current roaming add-ons one you remove them from your plan.

Remember to double-check your travel plans and cell phone usage necessities before you cancel any International Roaming Add-on. That is because some of the International Roaming Add-Ons you may have been using may no longer be available. If you cancel an International Roaming Add-On that is no longer available, you will not be able to add that back to your plan later.

How Does Data Work While Traveling In a Sprint Global Roaming Country?

With Sprint Global Roaming, you will get access to data with speeds of up to 2G for free. However, some people need faster access to data when they travel. Depending on what you need, you may want to pay for additional data with a high-speed data pass.

With a high-speed data pass, you will get data up to LTE speeds, and you will not incur any overage charges. Many destinations included in the Sprint network allow you to purchase a one-day or seven-day pass. Once your data pass expires, you will revert to the basic data roaming 2G speed.

What Happens When You Travel Outside Low-Cost Destinations?

If you travel outside the low-cost destinations, you will still be able to use your voice and text services without doing anything. However, if you want to use data services, you will need to opt-in to enable them. If you are going to find out more about the countries that are outside the low-cost destination list, you can go to for a full list of the rates per country. 


What Do You Do If You Have Issues While Roaming?

While you are traveling and roaming, you do have access to help when you need it. If you are having any problems, you have a few places to go where you can get help.

  • If you are having issues with domestic roaming, you can call 1-888-211-4727. You will need to call if you are currently roaming. Once you are traveling, you cannot contact Sprint Customer Care by dialing *2 Talk. 
  • If you need help with international roaming, you can either call or chat with Sprint Worldwide Care. To chat with Sprint Worldwide Care, go to Then, click on “chat with us.” To call Sprint Worldwide Care, call 1-817-698-4199 and select option 3. 

Where Can You Go to Find More Information?

If you are looking for more information from Sprint, there are a few places you can go to for help.

  • You can get more information by looking over Sprint’s terms and conditions, which are outlined in their Service Plans Guide. Also, at any Sprint store, you can ask for an informational brochure covering this information.
  • Remember that there is specific terms and conditions set-up for both roaming and the amount of data used. Once you sign-up with Sprint, they can limit speeds or the amount of data transferred. They can also deny, terminate, modify, disconnect, or suspend services anytime usage goes over a certain data amount while you are off-network roaming.
  • If you want to learn more about the terms and conditions involved with roaming, you can go to

Final Thoughts

With Sprint offering such low-cost options for both domestic and international roaming, we feel Sprint’s Global Roaming feature is one of the most affordable cell phone service options around for people that often travel internationally. Sprint has done such an excellent job of making both domestic and international roaming rates available to people worldwide, that they are quickly attracting customers that often travel globally.

Since other American cell phone carriers tend to charge about $10/day for what Sprint offers for free with their Sprint Global Roaming Plan, using the Sprint Global Roaming plan is the way to go if you travel outside of the United States frequently. With Sprint’s Global Roaming plan, you will only need to pay an additional 25 cents per minute for voice calls, and an additional surcharge if you want data that is faster than 2G.

The additional surcharges on Sprint’s Global Roaming Plan are typical $2 to $5 per day for faster data, which is significantly lower than the $10 most other carriers charge. Also, since high-speed data is optional, you may not have to pay anything additional if you travel internationally and use Sprint.

We also like that the Sprint Global Roaming Plan goes into effect automatically once you reach your destination. With text message alerts that let you know about your fees, you will not need to worry about a large cell phone bill related to roaming once you return to the States.

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